• weiwere4年前#9618735Ooo thanks.
    My favourite LL char is Umi but sadly there isn't any nice figure of her...
    Next will be Eri; there are quite a few nice ones but expensive though.

    I know what you mean! I am really looking forward to this Eri ITEM #361437 I think she's gonna be beautiful, but I probably won't get the chance to own her :/
    Thank you very much, and yes Kotori is my favourite LL character! I'm actually going to cosplay as her at the end of the month at London Comic Con (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). Nice collection by the way!
    Oh like the anime conventions over there right? Yeah we have one around here called Anime Expo and it usually occurs around the beginning-mid of July. I just want to go to Singapore to visit all the nice tourist locations, haha. I especially want to swim on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. That place looks awesome!
    weiwere4年前#4485711Ok done. :)
    Actually my name is Sen.
    Adana means nickname in Japanese.
    The summer looks equally impressive too!
    You really got a talent for capturing the season's mood.

    Thanks Sen! I also have met another friend here from Singapore :). I would like to visit there someday!

    Ah thank you for the comment, it means a lot! I'm working really hard on Spring and Winter at the moment, and I can't wait till everyone sees it :)

    As for the ending of Your Lie in April, I understand where you are coming from. I think everyone wants a joyful ending, but in a deeper level, Your Lie in April provides an insight on what happens in real life. People do enter our lives for a reason, whether it be good or bad. Your Lie in April does a good job of viewing both the negative and positive things in life, as well as revealing the truth about life: That some things aren't just meant to be. I truly love the anime :).
    Thanks for the comment Adana! Although, would you mind editing your comment? I don't want people to know how the series ended! It can be a spoiler that's why!

    Again, thanks for the birthday greeting! Oh and if you didn't know, my Summer theme is complete. If you would like, you can check it out :)

    BLOG #21064
    weiwere5年前#3437452Nice collection!
    yours are nicer bruh \^_^/
    weiwere5年前#3063200Wow your profile page is so lovely!
    I am very impressed.
    Great collection too!

    Why thankyou i spent more time than I should have on it :3

    You have a very nice collection yourself!
    weiwere5年前#2940791Thanks for accepting my FR.
    You have a very impressive and great collection!

    thanks ( ゚∀゚ ) nice to meet you
    import from kino? you mean they bring in tony artbook to their store? or do we have to make personal order?
    weiwere5年前#2857167Thanks for the FR acceptance!

    no problem :D seems like few of our interests intersect. I like tony taka too but only own a tony luka figure recently haha..

    is it safe to import tony artbook here @_@
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