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    justi-phis (4年前) #2313520Hey! It's been a bit, how have you been? You haven't been posting (or I haven't seen anything) on tumblr lately, I haven't been on there much except to post a few things myself.
    Gotten anything good lately? I've been kind of paring down my collection, but I've had some car issues that haven't helped that!

    Hi! Sorry about the late reply, I've been logging on here for only like ten seconds at a time because of grad school being crazy, so I didn't see your message. I haven't had time to post on Tumblr lately--my Ph.D. advisor went a bit nuts over the summer and had me going out to a lab that's 3 hours away from my apartment, multiple times a week, so I basically spent most of my time at home sleeping, LOL. (But I changed advisors yesterday.)

    I've fallen even more down the slippery slope of Myth Cloths. It doesn't help that my brother, who hasn't really been into action figures since we were in middle school, finds them awesome and is always like "YOU NEED TO GET THIS ONE" when I send him a picture of one I'm considering. And Sailor Saturn's SH Figuarts literally just arrived a couple minutes ago, so I'm super excited for that!!

    Hopefully your car troubles get better soon. That's really too bad...
    justi-phis (5年前) #1835065I forgot to say, but, Happy Belated Birthday! :D Get anything fun? Have a good time?
    I look forward to your pics, I put a couple of my desk up on tumblr a couple days ago. :)
    I don't really know actually, as far as Deltof (Detlof?) shelves go, if it is hard or easy or what to get figures out of. I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to ask around though.
    And as far as the Renewal Figuarts go, there's only one released so far, and that's Black. Black RX isn't even announced, officially, and Kabuto doesn't come out until March, and isn't up for preorder yet anywhere. But, Black is really nice, he has shoulder joints that do what regular Figuarts do, move around a lot, and they also pull out if that makes sense.
    I think he mostly has prog rock / classic rock, and modern (at least with Part VIII, I don't think there are any modern music Stands in anything before that) music / pop music Stands. Who knows what the future holds?

    Thanks! I did get a Lum figma, because I managed to find one for cheap, but I'm waiting to open that until the weekend. Other than that, my birthday was pretty low-key, I had to teach that day and then get up really early the next day, so I couldn't do anything too wild. :)

    Oh, neat, I have to go back on Tumblr! I haven't been on there in way too long.

    Realistic articulation is so great... I think I know what you're talking about as far as the "pulling-out" shoulder joints, and if I'm thinking of the right thing, that's really cool.

    Maybe he'll do some more Japanese music Stands. He did a couple back in Part 7. Or 70s/80s stuff. But yeah, I have no idea what kind of names he'll choose next!
    justi-phis (5年前) #1827620Awww! I'd still like to see what you've got on display, mine is just Figuarts and SAS (and a Skeletor) on my desk. I don't know that, even though they look nice, I could put my figures in Detolfs, though, because I'd want to mess with them. Even though I don't mess with the ones I have now that much.
    Wow, that's pretty awesome that they're that far along. I don't know if you're that familiar with the Kamen Rider Figuarts, but they're redoing some older ones, they just released the Renewal of Black, and Black RX and Kabuto are coming soon. They're a ton better than the old ones. Would you like Renewals of any of the PreCure Figuarts?
    I'm just glad, as far as Caesar goes, that I am not completely hosed, and the fact he comes with the expression plate is awesome.
    I don't know that he's done much of any '90s grunge / alt rock Stands, has he? I'd have to look again, I was looking to make double sure he hadn't done any The Who Stands.

    The closest thing to a true set-up that I have is my Myth Cloths, they're lounging on my desk and occasionally distracting me from my work, haha. I'll take a photo of that on Thursday, once I'm done with classes and teaching for the week.

    I don't really know much about Detolfs, other than that they're clear, which is the thing I really liked about them- are they a real pain to get things in and out of? If that's the case, I don't think I'd want to get one, after all... I like to fiddle around too much with my figures to just lock them up, also.

    Oh, right! I'd seen some of the Renewal Figuarts, they look really good! I guess the only Precures I'd want renewals of would be the Yes! 5 GoGo ones- the shoulder articulation is kind of lacking, and they don't come with many hands or faces. Or their fairy mascots. How are the Renewal Kamen Riders, compared to the old versions? (Even the couple of older ones that I've seen up close, had great articulation, so the new ones must be amazing.)

    Yeah, I don't think Araki has done many grunge-rock related Stands, though there are so many Stands that I could just be forgetting some of them, haha.
    justi-phis (5年前) #1824667I saw the new Makai Kadou for Garo, but I just wasn't a fan of the one I had a little while ago (like a year or so) and I'd rather have them fit in with my Garo and Zero I have. If they did Dan, Baron, Lord, Un-shined Garo, (not sure what he's called since I only watched up to ep. 5 of The One Who Shines in the Darkness, I'm lazy) Gai and Zen in Figuarts, I'd get every single one of them, especially Baron and Zen. (since they're played by other toku actors :D)
    You really should take pics of your setup, I'd love to see all your stuff. How many more PreCure series do they have to make figures for, now? Can't be too many!
    The June/August order I just bit off more than I could chew. There was stuff in there that I wanted, but didn't like... I dunno, just too much stuff heh. I am not too upset, because like I said the only big "loss" was not getting Trish, especially now that they announced Caesar 2nd. Do you like his colors?
    Good luck in all your classes! :)
    Oh, also, you should post your latest story on tumblr, the one about Spice Girl! It's cute. :D
    Also, I'm not sure how/what music you like, or what you pay attention to on tumblr, or in the JJBA fandom in general, but what do you think of Araki saying that he's listening to a lot of Kanye West? Would you think a Stand inspired by him would be a good idea? I would like to see that, personally, and I think a The Who inspired Stand is LONG overdue considering The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin (well, not a Stand but...), and Pink Floyd all have Stands.

    My setup's actually really lackluster- I keep the figures in their boxes unless I'm photographing them or just fiddling around with them, because my apartment isn't that big (and I rent, so I don't think they'll let me install shelves along the walls), and those boxes either go in the closet in my room, or on a bookshelf. One day when I have more living space, though, I'm totally going to buy some Detolf cabinets or something, and set everything up in those.

    Yep, they're closing in on finishing all the Precures. If they actually go through with Suite, the only seasons left will be Splash Star and Doki Doki (which just finished up)...and I wish they'd make a Cure Echo, but she was just in one movie, so I don't know if that'll happen.

    The blue they used for Caesar 2nd is a shade of blue that I LOVE, so I'm really happy with how he looks. Caesar 1st's head on Caesar 2nd's body might look pretty neat. (The silver hair kind of threw me off, but I'm getting used to it.)

    I listen to a little bit of everything, classical, classic rock, metal, rap, techno, even a couple country songs here and there- I've only heard one or two things by Kanye West, though. That's pretty interesting that Araki listens to him, mostly because my brother is pretty into Kanye West's music, and my brother is nothing like Araki seems! Hahaha. I wish there'd be a The Who-themed Stand too, I really like their music. (And I wish he'd name a Stand "Alice in Chains," I can take or leave their music but the name sounds cool. :D )
    justi-phis (5年前) #1823990Hey, it's been a while!
    I haven't much been in the mood lately to take pics, except last night I got up some nerve to do a few of a few newer figures, just not any Figuarts or SAS. Or Transformers. Hah, so, just some off the wall stuff, really.
    I missed the reissue Caesar and Trish because I had a huge order for June, that collided with August, and then I couldn't pay for it. It was really for the better though, since my orders after that are all really small now. Much more focused. Plus, I REALLY like the Caesar 2nd colors. I am glad to finally get Kakyoin, he was in September with Soft & Wet, and Kamen Rider Abyss and Wizard Infinity.
    Aside from Josuke (from part 4) and the pistachio Crazy Diamond, there really aren't any non-new SAS I really want, which is kind of nice. Those two and I still have to get Trish.
    Your collection is huge now! And you've got a lot of Myth Cloths, too! I wasn't a big fan when I had them, but I hope you're enjoying them. :) I didn't see one, but if you don't have one, you should pick up one of the God Cloths of the five main guys, they're really impressive (if immobile... which is kinda why I wasn't a huge fan of Myth Cloths).
    Have fun!

    I've been pretty busy myself- I'm taking fewer classes but now I'm also teaching a couple of classes, so I still haven't had a ton of time for photographing things. (And I've got to get back to doing my silly Tumblr stuff!)

    That's really too bad about your June/August stuff. Was it because of delays? I've noticed that happening a couple times with my own orders, like almost everything gets delayed to the same month, and then I already have preorders for that month...it's pretty annoying.

    Trish is a good figure. I think I've seen her a couple times on Mandarake for pretty cheap? The only issues I have with mine are that the skirt limits her mobility a little bit- not a ton though- and her torso pops out occasionally, but that might just be something with my figure. Other than that, I really recommend her.

    Yep, I started collecting Myth Cloths. I'd been tempted for a while, and then I saw Papillon Myu and fell to temptation because of those wings, hahaha. I'm thinking I might make some casual clothes for mine when I've got time, I don't have time to make people-sized clothes while school's in session but tiny ones should be quicker...

    Did you see some of the new Garo stuff that Bandai's making? It looks really neat! And it looks like they might finally make Figuarts for Suite PreCure, which I'm really happy about!
    justi-phis (5年前) #1639472Hey! I am sorry I didn't message back more quickly. Been lazy! Except on my tumblr, as you can see. Of course, I haven't received a package from JP in a long long time, because of not saving properly. I am working it out though, thankfully! I should be able to combine June and August, and pay for July by the 8th.
    What have you received lately? Anything really fun? Put anything good on order? I've mainly been getting Transformers, which is what has been getting me into trouble with paying!
    If you liked my Teela pics, you should head out to a Big Lots, maybe you can find some neat, cheap MotUC!

    Oh, it's fine! :) I've been horribly lazy with my Tumblr because I started watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes and reading A Song of Ice and Fire, so that hasn't left much time for other stuff! Hahaha. And that's good that you have your orders figured out.

    Teela looks awesome. For a split second when I first saw a picture of her, I thought it was a figure of Gabrielle from "Xena"! (Because that particular figure looks just like this figure of Gabrielle that my brother and I had when we were in elementary school.) I'll see if there's a Big Lots near me.

    As for things I've received or put on order... Well, I've gotten into Myth Cloths (oh dear) but I haven't actually gotten any yet- I've preordered a couple, though. Papillon Myu looks pretty cool. And I've preordered all the Sailor Scouts and Cures that have been coming up for order recently. And SAS Moody Blues! He looks neat too. Figma Kyoshinhei arrived a couple weeks ago, and he's really neat. And D-Arts Raidou is actually great- I'd been reading that people had problems with theirs, but mine thankfully escaped any of that. He's really poseable and I love his accessories!
    justi-phis (5年前) #1555417Did you get your Josuke?! He's sooooooooooooooo good! I really like mine a ton. Probably my favorite SAS.
    Did you like Spice Girl?
    You're all done with exams and whatnot now, I imagine? Do you even get a summer break, or do you have stuff throughout summer too?
    What do you think of Figma Labrys? I got the Famitsu color ver. because I really liked that color scheme a lot, and don't know much about Persona, but she looked awesome. I love characters with axes (one of the only other Figma I own is Leonmitchelli. :D)
    I also notice you have Guts (Band of the Hawk ver.) on preorder too. His VA in the movies for that version, is Hiroaki Iwanaga, who is one of my favorite Toku actors, he played Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth, and Space Sheriff Shaider in the new Space Sheriff movie. So I have to get him!

    I didn't get my Jousuke yet, he's still in the mail, but one of my friends brought hers over the other weekend and I got to play around with him. He. Is. AWESOME.

    I love Spice Girls. She's so poseable. Medicos is getting better and better at these... Every time, my expectations are exceeded! :D

    My finals are over, but I'm still taking exams. (They have first-year Ph.D. students take exams after the first year, so I'm in the middle of those. But I'm almost done, and then I get a break! And I can play with my figures more!!)

    I love Labrys. I got the normal version so her outfit would match with my Aegis, but I really like how the Famitsu version's hair looks. I don't know much about Persona either, except that one of my roommates in college played through Persona 4 a couple times and it was really fun to watch!

    Soooo excited for Guts. He looks great. I didn't know that about his VA, that's really neat!
    justi-phis (6年前) #1509432They definitely need to make all the characters from PreCure! If they've done most, why not go all the way, right?
    ...of course there's that matter of them never releasing all of the KR Agito forms (Burning and Shining, his upgrades), and everyone is still on edge as far as if they'll do all the Ryuki guys (they need to do Imperer, Femme, Alternative and that's it I think), but there are still ones coming out for that series. And the aforementioned Garo...
    Anyway. I JUST PREORDERED THE RERELEASE KAKYOIN!!!! I'm so excited. I'll finally have my favorite character from Part 3. I really hope they do Part 6 soon, so I can get Jolyne and then when (Part 8) Josuke comes out, I'll have my three favorite characters.
    Did you get your Spice Girl yet? I don't know if you saw but I posted some pics of mine on tumblr, and she is SO GOOD. Definitely one of my favorites, I can't wait for Trish!

    As soon as I heard Kakyoin was getting a re-release, I figured you'd preorder him as soon as he showed up on Amiami! Waiting seems to have really worked out well for you, congratulations! :)

    Oh man, I really want them to do Part 6 too. All they have left to do for Part 5 is Abbacchio, Moody Blues, Diavolo, and King Crimson, so if Medicos doesn't do any more repaints (...I know, that's really unlikely, hahaha) they can finish Part 5 by next January and then...PART 6!!!

    I unfortunately haven't been on tumblr much lately- I have finals all next week and then first-year exams right after so I've been studying like a crazy person. But I'm glad you like Spice Girl! I've only heard good things about her. I haven't gotten mine yet because a pair of JoJo socks was holding up my April order so it only just shipped... Oh my god, though, I can't wait for Trish either, she looks really cool!
    justi-phis (6年前) #1461746Well, actually as far as the two GARO horses go, you've got two in different scales. Raikou would be a bit large for Figma and Revoltechs, but for say, Part 2 SAS he'd probably be okay. The line he is from, Makai Kadou, is like somewhere inbetween 1/9 and 1/10, so the figures are around 7-8 inches tall.
    Whereas the other one, Gouten, is actually a lot smaller, the line he is from is a little bigger than GI Joe scale, so like 1/11. Which means it'd look a bit odd with bigger figma and Revoltech, but small ones would be alright.
    I thought there may be more of the horses, but I guess not. None are a very good size to go with like, "regular" sized stuff. Plus there's only three Figuarts of the characters from it, too, which makes me sad, because I love Garo.
    You certainly have a good selection of the Figuarts PreCure figures now! Are there any that are just really hard to find that you want?

    Wow, thank you so much for the answer! I couldn't find pictures anywhere that really showed the scale of either of them too well... They look really cool, I'm probably going to pick them up regardless. (Raikou much later down the road, because I looked on Mandarake and he's pretty expensive!)

    That's too bad about the lack of Figuarts for Garo. Maybe they'll go back and make more at some point? I'm not sure how Bandai is about doing that.

    Actually, I just finished ordering all the Precure Figuarts that I want like, three-ish days ago, so now I just need to preorder new ones when they're made. :D (I'm not getting any of the "special" forms.) Cure Pine ended up being the hardest one to get because I didn't want to pay the 4000-5000 yen she usually goes for, so I waited around until Mandarake had one for 3500 yen. ...Also, I am strongly of the opinion that there need to be SH Figuarts for Splash Star and Suite Precure, although those are older seasons so I don't think it'll happen (unfortunately).
    justi-phis (6年前) #1458264I got green Guido Mista! Happy. :D Plus I finally have my huge haul on the way with all sorts of goodies like my 2nd Black Dio, v.2 Rohan, and...! HIEROPHANT GREEN! AmiAmi had him and Kakyoin pre-owned and I opted for HG since Kakyoin was like, 13,400 Yen, and HG was only 8900. He's probably at the very least my favorite Part 3 character, if not my favorite JJBA character period. Him, Jolyne, or Part 8 Josuke. I'll get a Kakyoin eventually, maybe in July or August when my orders are less than 15,000 yen again, finally. <.>
    Trish looks. SO. GOOD. But you probably saw my tumblr post.
    I really like your tumblr posts, speaking of, you should do more!
    ...and oh goodness, you want GARO stuffs? Just the horses? My SH Figuarts Ginga Senshi Zero is the only other figure I've ever broken besides the Dio... but I have a new one of him coming too!! :D If you ever want to know anything abut GARO, or the figures, feel free to ask!

    Congratulations on that haul! Hierophant Green is a really awesome figure (and that's a REALLY good price you paid for him, he's gotten insanely expensive lately) although he does feel a bit delicate because he's pretty slender. The paint job is absolutely gorgeous though. And yes, Kakyoin and Hierophant Green are awesome, they're definitely among my faves too.

    Trish does look amazing. I preordered her right away. It's good to see that Medicos can do female sculpts, maybe they'll go back and do Lisa Lisa one day...

    Yep, I saw the GARO horses and thought they were incredibly cool. They look to me like a cross between dragons and horses, and I've always wanted articulated figures of either dragons or horses. Do you know if they're roughly in scale with figmas and Revoltechs and other figures around that size?
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