Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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    Maakie (3年前) #2984843Ik ben veel te laat, sorry! D:
    Maar een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

    Bedankt!!! ^^
    Maakie (3年前) #2983133I personally never bought from N-Y (and proud lol), I tend to keep it to BiJ, which is about the only other good option there is for Europeans when it comes to pre-orders. But a lot of people dislike how BiJ wants their pre-orders paid upfront, but I don't mind that actually. I prefer to pay for a figure when I plan on buying it + I have the money ready, because otherwise I forget and have to take money out of savings when it releases etc. xD
    And yes, I also feel like it won't take long until all of the stores quit with undervalueing. When I entered the hobby I mainly bought from AmiAmi and eBay and got costum fees on everything. Then I once found out through some local forums that there were shops that undervalued and it blew my mind. It also blew my mind how 90% of the people there were just blatantly admitting to undervalueing. But then I started looking into shops doing it and before I knew it, I was one of them. xD
    Oh, haha NO. They don't do "paying at post offices", you can only pay at the door or it gets returned. :/ I wiiiiiiiiiiish they allowed paying at the post offices. I heard from other European countries they even allow credit and debit cards at post offices. So those people let their packages be send to the post office and then pay for it there. Would make life a lot easier for me and I would probably not or at least lessen the amount of packages I undervalue (because in the end, I don't like undervalueing at all, as it's unsafe and there is always the teeny tiny chance they find out).
    Yeah I heard about the excuse that it would be better to boost their economy if they didn't allow international packages. Pretty much bs, I know the Dutch goverment earns great amounts of money because of them having such high taxes on items, so here they want people to buy more and more, no matter which country it's from. ;)
    It's also pretty rare for me to feel rested. But good and bad for me at the same time is that I love coffee, energy drinks, soda's etc. so it keeps me awake during the day. ;)
    I'm personally never bored, it's been yeaaaaaaaars since I felt bored (and that last time I was bored was while I was super sick and couldn't do what I want). I always feel like I have too much hobbies. xD I rather have too much to do instead of being bored a lot though, so I don't mind this lifestyle at all~ Only thing is that it's stressfull at times when people expect something very fast from me (which especially happens with all the lectures I give and cons I visit).
    Ah, I'm not active on Tumblr or Facebook myself~ But I do know there are a lot of memes and images about it indeed. xD View spoilerHide spoilerThe person that made this one is amazing, laughed my ass off the first time I saw it xD d22zlbw5ff7yk5....
    Oh wow, I'm not even that much into computer parts anymore to do that. xD I also currently have quite an "old" computer. I made my own laptop with the best stuff around at that time about 5-6 years ago and I still use that same one even now. I don't play that much games anymore (and if I do, on the PS3 or PSP/DS) or do things that made me want to upgrade yet (I used the computer during college for heavy 3D rendering and programs like Unity, but nowadays that is not relevant anymore). But I do feel a bit of his "old age" whenever I use my laptop. But it feels like a waste to replace it already, because I don't need better. :P
    I'm very very very lucky that my job doesn't allow call-in! But you can imagine a lot of people "sneak" past the boss his office on their way in or out, because they are afraid of getting extra hours or days. xD Even though I dislike how this works at my job, I had a lot worse jobs in the past and I have friends currently with jobs with even more horrible rules, so I should be grateful, at least I'm earning quite a bit thanks to it being a government job!
    Yeah you told me before and it's really sad it went like that this year. :( Seems like a situation where you can't win, whatever you chose.
    With Vocaloid I had periods where I listened more or less to it. I can't really call myself a 100% Vocaloid fan, although Deino/Calne has made me more interested in it in general in the past few years. :)
    I would think of only giving away it to friends or people I know, because I know that when I list a "free, take it!" ad on the internet, I would only get greedy dipshits that spam my mailbox and then I would rather keep the costume and "harvest" parts of the fabric for other costume projects or just scrap material to test new techniques on. I think that when I have time to really photograph everything I will list them and put on "free bidding" while I put in the description how much I invested in the costume myself. Then I'll just see how much people offer and if I get a good offer, I'll sell it. With bad or no offers after a while I will make scrap material out of them. Sounds like a good plan, right? Now just to find time to photograph and write extensive descriptions. xD
    Well, maybe that gives me a chance next cosplay compo when I enter with Chi-Chi www.cosplay.com... , lol! The character is also nostalgia for a lot of people, so I hear from friends they think I make a good chance, but personally I don't think I have much chance for winning as the costume is way too simple. My Elizabeth from last year had a lot more parts and details and I think the finish on it was cleaner than what I did with Chi-Chi (that costume is very close to being finished right now, but I don't have the time to remake parts and already started on my next costume).
    There's nothing wrong with pairing characters, the only thing that annoys me are the stereotypical yaoi-fans that grab (quite) normal shows and see every small thing as high fanservice. HE TOUCHED HIS SHOULDER THEY'RE SO MUCH INTO EACHOTHER etc. It's not only yaoi btw, I also had people tell me that they thought Madoka Magica was the yuri-spectacle of the year when it was released and that made me really think "did we even watch the same series???"
    All of my underage anime friends in high school managed to buy yaoi manga from stands at cons or they just bought it online with a Paypal with a fake age. So there was no stopping them there, if people want it, they can get it, no matter the age. My first introduction to hentai/yaoi/yuri was because of the stuff that was pushed in my face by my friends back then. :P
    Ah no, I never watched Weiss Kreuz, but I heard quite some stuff from it from friends that watched it. I'll put Triage X on my watchlist! Maybe interesting to watch with my bf one day, we also watched HOTD together (my bf is not necessarily into anime, but he likes fighting/action series/movies a lot).
    I was personally quite drama-free with relationships as a teenager, but it felt like my friends did a double dosis on everything. And then as the "(almost) always single" type I was, I was the shoulder most people cried on or they asked me advice even though I had no clue what was going on. :P
    Oh pickups are huge drama, argh! Bad memories are flowing back! Currently I live in the middle of nowhere, so I barely get people that ask for pick-up, but at my previous address I lived in a small city inbetween two big cities and had a lot of people asking for it. It was always horrible. People wouldn't show up, or we would decide a price and when they're at my door they would suddenly try to haggle, I would get tons of calls and spend a lot of time instructing people to find my home, then on top of that even though I didn't want them in my home, a lot of people would force themselves in and I can go on and on and on about bad stuff that happened, urgh. Nowadays I only do pickups at cons and very rarely I do pickups in public spaces, but I have so much bad experiences with those too. Having stuff with me in multiple bags and then for the other person to not even show their face or answer their phone, urgh. I really prefer people that just pay online and then I drop it off at the post office. There is also the problem here of people messaging you and saying they "only want to see" the stuff. Like I'm some kind of shop. No thanks, I don't want a stranger to know my address to have the slight chance they will maybe buy something off me. View spoilerHide spoilerAlso all of my sales items are in bags and boxes, nothing is on "display" like a shop. I'm pretty sure none of my neighbours realize the worth of my collection, but the people looking online at my sales + MFC profile do. So I rather not have them know where I live.

    Yeah there's so much whinging about having to pay up front... except you don't even HAVE to for every item on BiJ! Just exclusives and really expensive stuff mostly. I avoid BiJ unless necessary because they have poor service but for SEGA prize preorders they're pretty much the only game in town these days. I'm so sad! HLJ was always great for me in that area. Oh well, it's not their fault that their supplier went down.

    You might want to be a little careful about mentioning it publicly, actually... well, I don't know how government surveillance is in the Netherlands. In the USA, it's actually become a bit of a problem. I am more careful about what I say online, even just on random sites, than I used to be. I make it sound like a "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" and it definitely isn't THAT bad but it's certainly something I am aware of. Damn NSA. ...I'm probably already on some kind of watchlist LOL.

    WTF? So if you are unlucky and run out of cold hard cash one day, you'll have to go through the hassle of having an international package reshipped and pay shipping twice? That's outrageous!
    Yeah I was always under the impression that it was a crap excuse. But South American countries are not known for making the best financial decisions...

    Coffee, delicious bean juice! I like medium and dark roasts, with some cream/milk and sugar. How do you take your coffee? My IRL best friend drinks hers black and as dark as possible. I find that a little bit too bitter, myself.

    I am bipolar so it's hard for me to get bored. Instead, if I am in a depressive state, it's just that nothing will feel satisfying. I won't be at a loss of things to do, but rather, nothing will feel worth it. But when manic I fixate on something big time. Actually, I fixate on the things I like anyway even in a neutral state. My obsessions stick forever.

    Ahahaha that's great. Yeah I've been seeing some memes about it recently but I shouldn't search such things at work XD

    I have a laptop that's quite old, but I don't use it enough to consider it worth replacing just now. I keep my desktop computer souped-up instead. Anyway, the next time I need a portable computing upload, I will get a tablet instead, maybe a Windows Surface because that actually runs a real OS unlike most tablets.
    Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I have to have a recent console too. We can't really afford to get ALL of the new ones of each generation, but we'll always get one. We tend to be XBOX gamers ourselves, so I got him the XBOX One for Christmas last year. We might get a PS4 at the end of this year...less reason to get it now that Silent Hills is cancelled (cries loudly) but might still be worth it for FFXV! We also have a WiiU and a DS but I don't really use those that much.

    I'll admit, I sneak out a little early sometimes. I justify it by taking a shorter break the next day or something. Nobody's ever complained, anyhow. And yeah, it could be worse!

    I'd say I am definitely a fan, I try to keep up with all the new songs and stuff. The first song I listened to was "Butterfly on the Right Shoulder" so maybe that's why Len is one of my favorite Vocaloids. (Also he's adorable.) But "Bacterial Contamination" is my favorite of all Vocaloid songs! So amazing.
    (omg, I followed Deino on Pixiv and he followed me back. I bet it was a courtesy follow, but it made me feel a little teensy bit special anyway!)

    UGH YEAH. Although I have been lucky so far. I gave away a broken figure here on MFC and it was entirely an ok experience. They paid for shipping as agreed upon and were satisfied, even got back to me to let me know it was all good.
    But for larger things it's perhaps more trouble than it's worth. Especially when it's a thing you would need to take pictures of, if you aren't even going to get any compensation for it.

    Well even if you don't win, I bet lots of people will like it. The nostalgia factor is a pretty strong one! I keep telling (reminding?) myself "NO MORE COSPLAY, IT JUST STRESSES YOU OUT" but I admit I still have a couple cosplays I would want to do, Lain and also Lina Inverse.

    Hahaha yeah, "slash goggles" turned up way too high! Oh well, they're pretty harmless as long as you don't have to spend much of any time with them.
    To be fair, in Rebellion they do come right out with two gay pairings, Kyouko/Sayaka and Homura/Madoka. But it's also not "yuri fanservicey", more like just implied stuff.
    lol I didn't buy it, I just looked/downloaded it online! I thankfully didn't try to buy any of the stuff until I was an adult. I don't think people understand how much trouble the poor sellers could get in from being conned in such a way. It's quite irresponsible of them.

    Weiss Kruez is old and low budget and totally ridiculous, objectively not that good, but it's entertaining. "Florists by day, assassins by night!" And oh my god so much homoerotic melodrama.
    Triage X is like that except instead of florists, it's doctors and nurses. And instead of homoerotic melodrama, it's lots of half-naked girls :P I recommend it for anyone who isn't looking to take it too seriously XD

    Oh wow yeah, I can see why that would not be an attractive option at all. If I was doing a pickup I would arrange for it to happen somewhere not at a house. Like a cafe or park or something, a public place in case anything is iffy. And man I would just ignore someone saying they only wanted to see. Nor would I ask that of someone, how rude!
    Maakie (3年前) #29810556th of june, right? I'll write it down, I hope that I have the time to listen to it, but there is a possibility that I won't be home that weekend. >.<
    There was a short while that I collected doujinshi, so I know about hunting for the limited items and editions with bonusses. xD An expensive, but very fun hobby!
    Yeah it's really hard to make good pictures of collections from books, cd's etc. I personally have my most special books and CD's on small acrylic displays in my detolfs inbetween figures and other merchandise. :)
    Most of my packages nowadays are from proxies. Still don't have a favorite one, so I'm trying a lot of them out~

    5th through 8th!

    I'm struggling cause there's no IKEA anywhere close and they're the only place I can find with the bookshelves and stuff I need xD My room's also pretty small which doesn't help. So alot are sitting in a stack on a shelf or my dresser or in a box lol

    I usually have friends who will act as proxies or I use a forwarding service. Makes packaging vary quite a bit.
    Maakie (3年前) #2981053Oh wow, dat zijn zeker goede cadeaus! :D Helpen met (pre-)orders betalen is iets dat ik ook vaak gevraagd heb als cadeautje, haha!
    En ah ja, ik ken het. xD Mijn beste vriendin woont aan de andere kant van het land en mijn cadeautjes voor haar liggen hier al een ruime maand klaar, lol.

    Ja, we volgen wel in dezelfde stad les, maar we zitten op twee verschillende universiteiten, dus het is altijd een challenge om tijd te vinden LOL
    Dus we hebben nu maar besloten om verjaardagscadeaus uit te wisselen na de examens XD
    Maakie (3年前) #2968398Yeah... :( I got all excited about TOM until I remembered "oh yeah, they don't undervalue". :/ So then I would probably be off cheaper with BiJ + shipping + no/low costums. But I'll keep an eye out for the price they will list her with!
    And yeah, costums are horrible. The part that annoys me the most is how everything that gets costums here is hold a lot longer at the offices + they need the money in cash when they ring your doorbell. Especially that last part, urgh. They always come up with another amount than their fee calculator and never have change on them. And if you don't pay it gets send back. -.-' I wish that at least they would have a PIN (debit card) machine or deliver a bill upfront so you can pay online or something... SIGH, it's 2015, guys!
    But when I get annoyed of my own costums I think back of people having it way worse, especially people in South America! I've heard of multiple countries there having a limit on how much international packages you are allowed to get in a year!
    With Calne I'm currently thinking "urgh maybe I need to pre-order her anyways from BiJ", because with Mandarake not declaring a value of choice anymore, I don't have much second hand shops that would give me reasonable prices after costums. >.> Actually when that news from Mandarake came out, my thought was "well, now my only second hand figures place will be Yahoo! Japan now I guess..."
    Oh man, I would love it if I didn't need sleep. xD Then I would mind working just as much hours as I do now. xD To me just my day-schedule feels so...wasted? When I come home from work and I eat dinner and my free time starts I mostly have only 2-3 hours left before I need to go to bed and get ready for the next day. :/
    Oh that's nice! So when you're at a point of having (almost) enough money to go back to college you could spend a few days/weeks looking at how the work is there! :)
    Well officially it has to be when the previous royalty dies, but if they want and their oldest child is of the right age, they can pass the queen/king-ship on them. They always make jokes here of how the queen of England doesn't want to step off, lol. xD But even our queen waited until quite late before passing it onto her son, people were expecting her to stop way earlier than what she in the end did. And that's pretty amazing, any clue why even the UK gossips gets to your place? xD
    Ah, my bf and I don't necessarily keep up with the newest technologies, but with both of us having gaming as one of our main hobby's, we need to keep updating our systems at least every once in a few years with new parts and/or a new OS. And we try to keep up with the news at least. ;) I think currently my bf is even more up to date than me, as for his job he needs to work on the newest computers and OS systems (both Mac and Windows) and has to test what he makes on a lot of different types of devices. I am trying to get a job in ICT companies for a while, though. So hopefully it will change soon for me too. *kicks crappy computers that crash all the time at my current job*
    Ah, with being ill, well that's actually really annoying at my current job! >.< The first 3 days of sickness are unpaid and after that you need to prove you are really sick to get any paid days off. >.> I'm really annoyed at (how they call it in the Netherlands) being a "flexworker". I don't mind different hours and days of works, but the part I don't like is--"Hey! Good you're at the office, work an extra 5 hours today, okay? Thankkksssss. *walks back* Oh yeah and tomorrow, your day off? I need you too, come in here 8AM! Bye!"
    Use it! Spend a lot of time on your hobby's, meet up with friends, go on a date with your bf etc.! If you have no vacation plans, those are the best ways to spend your time off (at least to me)! :)
    To me it's Kingdom Hearts, Naruto and Vocaloid as the main teen-starting-out-with-the-hobby costumes and fandoms. xD I'm already afraid for any possible Vocaloid meet-ups if I ever decide to really start on working on my cosplay of Calne, lol!
    Ah, my friend at my first con was her own gothic lolita OC. We missed that cliché in the list so far. :')
    I'm also not in the deseperate need for money (even though more is always better xD), to me it's that currently my cabinets are filled with more cosplay than normal clothes and everything screams THROW ME OUT GET RID OF ME and everytime I hang a new costume in there or pick one out to wear again I get reminded that I should really tidy up my old stuff. Throwing old costumes away is a waste and I heard horrible stories from people trying to get rid of stuff for cheap/free. So I guess I would rather put them up for medium/slighly high prices and see if someone will ever buy it. But in that case I would still have my overflowing cabinets and won't sell quick. :P
    Here in the Netherlands most compo's have pre-judging and I'm pretty sure the judges have at least their top-5 ready after that. To me when I entered the biggest Dutch compo, when I was on stage, it just felt like to me that I just did my part so that the audience could enjoy. It didn't feel to me like that part was the competition. But I don't blame the judges for that btw, I think you can get a much better opinion from the costume by looking at it from up close + talking to the cosplayer. The skit/stage part is more for show.
    Ah yes, the screaming squeeling yaoi fangirls (mostly aged 14-18 year old). Always interesting how they pick quite normal shows and stamp them as yaoi and say how everyone has the hots for each other. I guess it's because (at least here in the Netherlands) most of them are underage or just old enough for the real yaoi, that they are a bit reluctant on that and stick to yaoi-fying the regular TV series. xD
    Haha, I won't judge you, everyone can watch some simple-minded entertainment every once in a while. xD How is Triage X so far? I guess the action is good, story is bad and fanservice high? Or is it different than expected?
    I do have to say that in my early teens when the first people around me were getting their first relationships, most of my friends were full of teenage drama. I remember I once got a call in the middle of the night of one of my classmates that I should call her bf to break up for her. I'll never forget that, ahhh 14-year olds in love. But yes, with anime you have the awkward teens on top of their culture. No wonder parents throw their kids on arranged dates.
    Yeah that last part I feel a lot. Why buy from a collector when you can "safely" buy from Mandarake or AmiAmi preowned? The only luck we Europeans have here is that within Europe collector-to-collector selling is quite bigger, as buying from a fellow European doesn't get you any costums charges and has cheaper shipping most of the times. ;)

    No wonder so many people have kept resorting to the bootleg store N-Y when they're staring down potentially paying half the figure's price again in customs fees if they don't do something like that. But I have the feeling more and more stores are going to stop undervaluing; after all, at the end of the day, they are breaking the law, after all :(
    What, cash only, really? So you have to go up to the post office again to pay the taxes if you don't happen to have enough cash for it on hand at the time? That's dumb.
    Yeah I know Argentina is one of those countries. Only a certain quantity of imports per year allowed... it's an attempt to hold up their terrible economy which goes about as well as you'd expect. At least that's my understanding. I'm of course not an expert on that.

    Maybe if I didn't need sleep I wouldn't feel tired all the time orz
    I get what you mean, I also get that feeling sometimes. I just try to be ALWAYS doing something, which helps considerably (I have found that unless I'm too sick to do otherwise, lazing about just makes that feeling worse.)

    Ohh, I see. I think UK gossip makes it to the "colonies" (lol) because there's just enough of a subset of people who are interested to keep it circulating. It isn't going to be in USA tabloids but it's all over the place online. Especially tumblr and facebook.

    I am too impatient with new tech to wait around that long for it. Always have to have the new windows OS, and hardware is replaced at a steady rate--I end up replacing a computer part of some kind about twice a year depending on the part.

    Bleeehhhh, that sounds annoying, sounds more like my friend Rin's job. She's always being called in for things and having her schedule fly all over the place. I wouldn't do very well at all with a job like that. I need a steady schedule or I go to pieces not being able to know what is happening.

    Well really, I wish I could go to a convention... Normally I would go to Anime Expo like I have for the past few years, but my grandmother's funeral service is at the exact same time as AX so I obviously cannot go to that. And the time off work + travel expenses that I WOULD have used for a convention have mostly if not entirely gone to the trip (I think I told you about it already) that I took on zero notice to see my girlfriend right after her grandfather died.
    View spoilerHide spoilerIt was the right thing to do but it was so stressful and I felt so on edge the whole time that I couldn't even really enjoy seeing her or doing anything. That sounds so selfish ugh.

    Haha you nailed it. Though it's funny, I didn't get into Vocaloid until much later, when I had just turned 18 or so. But those other 2 yep for sure. I even used to read the Naruto manga in my noob days.
    I've considered just trying to give away the costume. Sure, I paid money for it at the time, but that was years ago, I've long since written off such an expense. I don't think I'll get rid of the couple of costumes I made myself, though. Too much work to let anyone else have them o wo;; But I hope you can divest yourself of the excess cosplays, more space is always better.
    Hmm, I suppose to me it's more like it's usually really evident who's going to win (and not necessarily who has the best cosplay, either. Showing a lot of skin if you're hot is a pretty surefire way to secure a win even if your costume is not otherwise that good... at least in my experience. Perhaps I'm just bitter. Actually, no perhaps about it. I am small and bitter, a human espresso.)

    I totally like slashing characters in shows, but the particular behavior patterns of aforementioned squealing yaoi fangirls are especially annoying and are separate from just wanting to slash characters with each other. They usually are finding ways to read the hard yaoi too... I used to read some of that stuff but now I just read doujin if I want to read some yaoi stuff. The plots in yaoi stories are way too predictable; if I'm just looking for smut I don't want it to put on airs about what it is XD

    Action and fight choreography is good and it is of course SUPER FANSERVICEY, but actually the writing has surprised me. I expected it to be much dumber than it has been. It's hardly highbrow, but the main male character actually had attention paid to him and they even went to the trouble to give him his own tragic backstory. Pretty surprising for this kind of show. It also has yuri subtext which wouldn't be weird in straight male targeted entertainment in the USA, but which is actually a bit unusual for the same in Japan. Most yuri stuff in Japan is actually female targeted instead. Overall I'm liking it for what it is. Go into things with the right expectations and it's much easier to enjoy lots of different stuff, I think. Come to think of it, did you ever watch an anime called Weiss Kreuz? Triage X has some surprising parallels with it, but for a male audience.

    How awkward. Sounds like some stuff that happened when I was a teenager too XD

    Yeah or you could even just drive for a little while and pick it up from the person, I bet. Good luck reasonably doing that in the USA, too much space between large cities.
    Maakie (3年前) #2969596Ah, looks interesting! I'm not active on Facebook myself, but I'll try to check out info about the event every once in a while! :) Cute artwork btw! ^^
    Yeah same here! But I personally have the problem that I blow money easier on figures than on CD's. :P Impressive pics btw! ^^
    A lot of times with packages it also really depends on the seller or shop and how much they care about the packing. Luckily most CD cases are basic transparant ones, of which I have a pile stocked here. xD

    Yeah event's first weekend of next month. A lot of people will be in a chatroom for it so def worth checkin out. I know like Thanatos, Le Dos-on, etc will be around. We've got new art on the way...should be done any day now.

    CDs and manga/artbooks I tend to blow money on like you wouldn't believe...especially event only stuff. Thanks about the pics...I'm still trying to figure out best way to take pics of my doujin manga & stuff though.

    As for packages...it varies so much for me. I don't use typical means of obtaining stuff haha
    Maakie (3年前) #2970595Np! :D Nog leuke cadeautjes gehad? ^^
    Van mijn zus kreeg ik drie pillows van Free! en mijn moeder heeft wat geld voorgeschoten om een paar figuren van andere mensen over te kopen (drie grails eindelijk na al die jaren in mijn bezit :D )
    Ik heb geen idee wat mijn beste vriendin heeft gekocht aangezien we elkaar pas zien na de examens LOL
    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    Maakie (3年前) #2959000Aah, it's completely the other way around with me, when family/friends bring up something and go like "don't you remember that???" to me. xD I tend to forget things rather quickly which is a good and bad thing. xD It's also the reason why I like computers so much, because they remember a lot of stuff for me. :)
    Oh man, I also was a really really really bad kid with my family members also bringing up stories that I hit people and wrecked stuff. I don't remember doing it, but there are pictures as "proof" that I was a horrible kid. For both of us I have no clue why. xD With me the bad behaviour grew out when I was around 11-12 years old.
    Yeah same here, home improvement stores, furniture, kitchen, bathroom etc. stores are all in the middle of nowhere. xD But where most things here yuo can get to by bike, the IKEA is always a lot further away than those. xD I think it's both the space + they want people to come with cars and buy lots of things to take home. ;D
    Luckily for me I live in quite a safe neighborhood right now. It's not perfect, but with a lot less crime than my last one. xD Also 25%+ of the appartments is empty here (nobody wants to live in this part of the Netherlands lol), so there is always parking space. xD Gas is here also expensive, but public transport is about just as expensive. So when you travel together by car, you already save 50%, but when you're alone public transport is quite good. Especially the west and south of the Netherlands have reallyyyy good public transport, so most people living there don't even bother for a car, even though they can afford it.
    Yeah, they mirrored her!!! I also noticed that when the first prototype picture was released! I'm not sure if it's an accidentally mirrored picture, or they just decided she should be left-handed instead. :P

    I was actually pretty well behaved as a wee commercial, along with my older sister. Sometimes I see kids in public running around, screaming, throwing things, hitting/kicking their parents or throwing tantrums... I never did any of that! At worst I did mild mischief and I can generally remember the bad things I did.

    Not only that, I read that IKEA stores are designed like a maze so you "get lost" and see more items as you try to find your way out. I'm getting better at navigating my way around my local IKEA, but it's easy to create temptation anyway. Just put a really nice item for discount~ in the final stages of renovating my room, I put on some new bedsheets but I discovered my duvet, which is a down comforter my older sister handed down to me, is full of teeny holes that are spewing out tons of annoying feathers! So I made a speed trip to IKEA to get a new comforter on sale + some pillows to replace my old ones. I made it there, shopped, and back in 1.5 hours. I feel proud!

    Ah, my neighborhood is pretty safe but I can't say there's any vacancy. If anything MORE people are moving in and there are concerns about developers buying space to build expensive condominiums. I think it's a silly idea. Not just because it pushes out people and businesses who have been here forever, but because the luxury condos aren't having the effect people think it will. People are moving here because it's cheaper than where they were (though it is still expensive here, don't get me wrong). Why build expensive housing??? In the area where I work they built several condos, and I'm not even sure if they all filled up. High end businesses started filling that area, but I know of one that shut down because they weren't making business. The ones making good business? Low end price range stuff! H&M. Century 21 (discount department store). And a few high end retailers that put outlet price shops. Is anyone understanding thiiiiis?

    I think it must be an error. That open hand is supposed to be sweeping her hair, otherwise it looks like one strand of hair is just floating. I just can't figure out HOW they made that mistake!
    Maakie (3年前) #2966615I think in the end I like both for what they are, so I will continue on visiting both! :) Only big downside for me is the long travelling I have to do to one-day-conventions! With a hotel it feels more worth it to me.
    Aww, that is cute! You have any pictures from your cosplay? :)
    The Netherlands doesn't really have a sci-fi convention, so most people go to F.A.C.T.S. (in Belgium) or Elfia (which is more fantasy in general) when they're into those subjects. :)

    yeah i've got pictures but its my first cosplay like i say xDD what was your first cosplay?

    cool i read on facebook that germany should get a own "Comic-Con" in america the conventions are so epic i like the music videos from the cosplays a lot xDD

    yeah i was at both conventions one day but now we have a hotel too :P
    Maakie (3年前) #2966635Ah, ik had niet door dat het je verjaardag was, sorry! D:
    Gefeliciteeeeeeerd! :D

    Dank je wel :D
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