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    Maakie (3年前) #3008973Hrmm, you could always look into designing and/or making myself? I have no idea what the possibilities are near you, but here in the Netherlands we have quite a lot of workplaces for people rehabilitating (for example people that used to be in prison, have social problems and the like). My parents had some furniture made for them in the past by workshops like that for pretty cheap, you do have to make the designs yourself very clear though (or ask someone to make them for you).
    I'm looking into trying a new proxy myself and I think I will try out FromJapan soon. Seems to be quite a favorite with people on MFC.

    Yeah, that's usually more expensive than IKEA though >.<

    I use biginjap for their forwarding service, but idk how they are as a proxy.
    Maakie (3年前) #3008578Tbh I don't understand why as this hobby is so expensive, you would expect people to know how to handle money! It's not that I'm a pro, but I'm quite the lists-maker myself and try to have quite a bit of emergency money, even in my worse financial moments.
    I think it's also because it's such a common business practice in the US to have cheap/free returns and very fast-responding costumer services, that people expect it elsewhere to be just like that? Here in the Netherlands Dutch (web)shops must allow returns by law, but it's only for a really short period of time, within 7 or 10 days or something like that, but just look at something like PayPal which put up the amount of 90 days for someone to try-out their purchase...
    Even within the Dutch communities there are lots of people defending N-Y and listing ways of them prefering N-Y over BiJ. The only reason I can understand is that you don't have to pay upfront, but next to that, there's nothing good there. A friend of mine also experienced the thing where they say "woops, your item is out of stock" for them to just relist it with a bigger markup.
    Yeah, it's the same as pre-ordering on eBay. On Yahoo! Japan there are both shops and people that expect to win it and are sellng it with a profit. I send BiJ a message if they are going to sell her, let's hope they do. And otherwise I'll get her from Yahoo! Japan after release I guess. There are going to be 3 more in this set and I hope not all of them will be this annoying to get. :/
    Well yes and no. By not pre-ordering there is a huge chance you will miss out on things or it gets even more expensive on the aftermarket. Putting money aside, you still have the problem that when they ring your doorbell you must pay in cash. And I once read a story on a Dutch forum of a person that bought 1000+ euros in merchandise with almost 300 euros in EMS shipping, to have it returned (she didn't have the +/-500 euros cash they wanted from her at home during that time, she expected it to be 300-400ish euros in costs) and then she had to pay the 300+ euros for shipping to her again. :/ Here it's either do it legal and go through a ton of hassle for your package(s) or do it illegal so it goes smoothly, but you have the chance of getting caught one day.
    Ah yes "fun fun fun". :P I have tons of crazy stories, but let me start out by the time that our government decided to not run the national post anymore. Then it was up for grabs to the highest bidder. After it was sold there were 5+ years of it being a huge mess. It was sold to multiple new people, they changed their name, they changed locations of post offices and I can go on and on about that. The government realised what they did wrong and decided to get partial ownership again. Meaning that they decided to names, looks and way it should work, while having a ton of investors. That last change is still active. Now the post itself isn't much of a mess anymore, but there had to be lots of cuts, with the biggest being "there shall be no more post offices". Jep, you read that right. There are no post offices or buildings from Dutch post anymore here that you can visit. The only things we have now are "post points" which are small desks put in other stores (mainly supermarkets, tabacco stores, magazine kiosks etc.). These stores get a small percentage fee for the Dutch post and in exchange for that, their own employees need to run the Dutch Post desk.
    Even now, about 5 years after they introduced this system, it's a huge mess. Most stores won't have someone at the desk at all times (they are expect to work at their normal job after all), so they only go there to check every once in a while or when they see there is a big line, walk up to it. Which can make the waiting time insanely long there. Most desks have 2 trolly's behind it, one for pick up and one for drop-off. Considering most of those desks are unattended for a big part of the day, you can imagine that I try to do my pickups as early as possible and my drop-offs as late as possible. :P Example of one of those desks btw (this one is inside a bank): www.boekhandelv... And I can go on and on and on about all the weird business choices that were made with Dutch post... :P
    I'm not completely up to date with the Kojima-drama, but hasn't he been telling for a long time he wants to quit making games alltogether?
    And yeah I heard that too about them going away from the NA market, no clue yet what will happen to Europe, but considering 90% of our games are the NA translations with a different region lock, we will probably get no or less Konami games too...
    Btw which Silent Hill is your favorite? I'm personally doubting between the 1st and 2nd, but the 3rd seems to be (almost) everyone's favorite. :P
    I'm not sure how it is in your state/country, but here in the Netherlands with governemnt jobs a "problem" that hsows up a lot is that people are doing a few specific things. For example, we have someone at our office to goes about all the bridges in our municipality only. He's a super duper expert and every problem with a bridge gets his full attention and fixed in a professional matter. But...bridges...you know, you can't really fill a fulltime job with that? He takes 2-3 days a week to go around our municipality and check our the sturdiness of bridges and the other 2-3 days he is at his desk to make the paperwork and see if there are new complaints or notes about bridges. And of course it's amazing we have an expert on bridges, but he doesn't help anywhere else out, because that is not his "territory". So if there would be a problem with the road next to the bridge, he would call someone else to look at it etc. And that's what we have, tons of people being an expert in their field, but if you look at it in the end, we have way too many people being way too specific on subjects.
    The job where I could slack off the most was the first job at a small ICT company I got out of college. We had 2 bosses who would decide which project we would take and then we would get put into smaller groups to make it happen. Most of the times it were projects that were really heavy on the programmer and pretty light on the other team members. Which meant the programmer would need a fulltime month to make something, while the other people could actually finish their parts in 2 weeks or so, so then you would streeeeeeeeeeetch it out and still finish it on time with the whole team. I even had a coworker that went so far as to install Skyrim, Just Cause and other big games on his work computer.
    Nothing wrong with being a shotacon! img3.wikia.noco... Joking of course. Going to be honest, I like shota's too. I think that's why I got the whole "I love short shorts"-thing from a pretty young age. xD
    I love Sweet Devil so much! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that well known over here. Most people into Vocaloid here talk about and cosplay from "Daughter of Evil" and "Senbonzakura" (both also nice songs, don't get me wrong ;) ) or go for the default outfits.
    Ah, how cute! I also did that to Humikane Shimada when they announced ITEM #2136 and later also when I cosplayed Elizabeth. I have no clue if he ever read them (I hear a lot of stories about Japanese artists having huge backlogs on their fanmail and because of that don't reply or reply incredibly slow), but I hope that if he did read them, that he thought it was fun to hear from a fan in a teeny-tiny country very far away to enjoy his work. :)
    Haha, jep! I even found out a while ago that there is a saying (that is also used in Japanese, I found out through anime!) that is translated called "do it Dutch", which means "split the bill". xD Also an US friend of mine with an eBay shop has multiple "bad reputation" countries blocked from contacting/buying, including the Netherlands, because she always got tons of messages with very specific questions and in the end they would never buy (she makes exceptions for me, though :P).
    *pats your back* We also had this steampunk craze about 3 years ago, luckily it died out after that. :') There are multiple things where I'm grumpy about, but one of the most annoying things was that a girl that won one of the prizes at a compo in entered quite some years ago, she didn't even have her costume finished at the rehearsals at 8AM! The comeptition itself started 2PM so those 6 hours backstage she rushed everything of unfinished parts together (she was even spraypainting her stuff backstage, dear lord). On stage everything looked good and nobody in the audience noticed what was going on. Then when the prizes were handed out and she won one, her skirt fell apart when she was walking towards the stage!!! So then with a huge red face and with broken skirt trying to cover her panties she took her award cup in one hand. Oh yeah and her prize was a free trip to a big European convention to compete with the same costume. I haven't heard of her since, but I hope she managed to fix her stuff, just for the sake of the Netherlands looking good in an international compo. Q.Q
    With me because I didn't fit in with the general crowd, I just was hanging out with the other people also not fitting in there. Some of the people in that group were better friends to me than the others, but in the end I was hanging out with everyone, because otherwise I would be so alone at so much times and high school was already so boring.
    Oh really? :O I didn't know that. I just didn't get that much yuri-feels with Madoka like a lot of other people did. I guess I need more in-my-face stuff like Strawberry Panic, lol.
    Hahaha, yes. My yaoi friends back then also gave me...interesting gifts...multiple times. They were mainly bootleg items with yaoi or suggestive artwork from series that I liked back then (keychains, notebooks etc.). I always hid them from my parents at the back of my drawer behind all my stuff for school. xD This is the first time in years I've been thinking about that stuff and I have no clue where it is tbh. Maybe I left it when I moved away from my parents and it's still hidden there in boxes? xD
    Oh wow. xD That could get the person receiving them more in trouble than you considering you were underage! I hope your face wasn't on them??? I only got my first camera at 18 and had a shared computer until I was at a likewise age too, so I didn't even had the possibility to do stuff like that. Actually almost all of the "bad influence" I got at under 18 age was because of my friends and not becuase of what I looked into myself (I think my friends already shocked me enough). xD

    You'd think... but there are also a lot of spoiled teenagers in it who are just spending their parents' money, I think. Shameful behavior! I've always been good with money--my parents taught me how important good finance is early on. Actually, right now they still pay my medical expenses, but that's just because I'm still covered under their insurance for another year. They do it out of kindness and caring though, not obligation... that's what makes the difference.

    Yeah that too, people are used to being entitled customers so they apply totally inappropriate cultural expectations to Japanese stores. And let's not even start with Paypal, a buyer's paradise and seller's personal hell...

    I guess some people just don't want to let go of that apparently ALL IMPORTANT pay later. God forbid you have to commit monetarily to your purchase up front. What, are these people scraping by from paycheck to paycheck? Sheesh.

    Oh yeah it'd be a pain to have to hunt down an entire set. I actually have more patience for the aftermarket now than I used to but I still prefer to preorder anything new that I really want. It just saves work later on.
    Ugh what a nightmare. I still can't believe they only take cash and ONLY ONE TIME to pay it, that's fucking ridiculous. So I guess if you're Dutch and import a lot of stuff you just keep a big stash of cash on hand for such occasions? But 500 or more euros in customs fees alone is beyond outrageous. Are your other taxes also very high?
    Oh god what a nightmare. Here in the US private couriers tend to be better, but they are regulated by the government. Not having any post offices is so weird to me... so you don't have things like PO boxes in your country either? In the US the postal service no longer "officially" runs on Saturdays, but packages still technically get delivered but farmed out to a private company. And letters don't get delivered. Entirely private couriers like UPS and FedEX sometimes even deliver on Sunday in my experience. Despite the fact that there's almost always someone home at my house, NOT having to go to the post office for a package is unusual. Lazy ass workers = __=
    I would initially think that having postal kiosks everywhere would be MORE convenient but I see that is not at all the case if there are never enough employees at said kiosks. There are kiosks for postal stuff here at some places (a few grocery stores, airports, banks sometimes) but they are unusual since most people would just go to an actual post office.

    He's been claiming that for a while, yes. I think he just wants to make movies, if the lengths of Metal Gear cutscenes are anything to go by. But Konami's decision to retreat from the North American market entirely is baffling to me. They completely misread the information about reduced profits and didn't understand the real cause at all.
    Hmm, I'm torn between 2 and 3. I actually also liked 4 even though it doesn't QUITE fit with the first three, because it's the last of the Japanese Silent Hills so it still fits in that regard.

    Oh that's something we have here too. But then we also have people who are expected to know everything so they end up knowing barely anything about ANYTHING. They know a tiny bit of information about everything but not enough to be useful.
    Installing games on work computer? Man, I'm not bold enough to do that, lol. I only slack off on the internet... mostly on here, and also window shopping. Window shopping decreases my desire to buy things actually.

    Ahhh I'm just grateful that the anime community as a whole is so mellow and tolerant about that stuff. Anywhere else, people say you're an awful person, even though it's fictional and doesn't hurt anyone = ^=

    I like Senbonzakura but never cared for the Servant of Evil/Daughter of Evil ones, I always thought they were WAY overrated XD

    Yeah I'm sure they are drowned in messages so I don't want to place undue pressure on them. I've also sent a message to the artist of the doujin circle Cassino, telling her that I live in the USA and bought her doujin. I don't expect a response but hope it made her happy to know someone very far away liked her stuff enough to buy it and say something about it.

    ...you know, it never occurred to me that expression was directly referring to actual Dutch people, now I feel quite dumb XD

    Ugh god what a nightmare. See, this is what turned me off from cosplay competitions. What an annoying person to have win. With a costume falling apart! Although I know from some friends that critical costume failure can happen to anyone even when you DO have your costume in a finished state. I know my cosplaying friends say to always have on hand some safety pins, bobby pins, duct tape and lingerie tape.

    Haha you're not so much a subtext kind of person perhaps, you need an overt romance?

    Yyyyeah... I didn't think much about that at the time. I seem to remember thinking that it was ok since I took and sent them myself... completely wrong of course but eh, dumb teenager logic. If I remember right, like the lower half of my face was in it? I had very long hair at the time and the guy had a thing for redheads so I wanted to get my hair in the picture. I only sent about 3 pictures or so I think. It wouldn't bother me if those pictures were being distributed today. I took them myself, after all. And there isn't a name attached to them or anything.
    Maakie (3年前) #2984854Okay, nice! There is a chance I'll be gone from the 6th to 8th, but maybe I have time on the 5th depending on how much they schedule me at work~
    There are lots of places with bookshelves, but when it comes to quality and price, IKEA turns out to be the best most of the times. xD I also used to have these CD racks discountoffice.... when I was younger, which are pretty cheap, but they are dust magnets lol.
    Forwarding services I'm always a bit afraid of, because my Japanese is sooo bad! >.< So I use the more expensive proxies. Unfortunately I don't have any friends in Japan who can do it for me. :(

    Cool. Well, I've been looking for a bookshelf with adjustable shelves and surprisingly it is quite difficult to find something that fits the bill. IKEA's BILLY is literally perfect for what I want and I've not been able to find anything remotely similar. Really sucks don't have any IKEA here haha

    I've been able to communicate with toranoana and such when I need to so it's not too bad.
    Maakie (3年前) #2956062Ik ben veel te laat, sorry! D:
    Maar een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    Maakie (3年前) #2970599Hahaha, I was one of those my parents hated me, luckily I turned out to become quite a good adult. xD
    Yes, that's completely true! Also the Dutch IKEA's have these arrows you need to follow, so there is a specific route everyone walks through the store. You pass every department! The only possible things to skip are the restaurant and the storage pick-up. xD Haha, I think only walking through the IKEA at topspeed here already takes an hour. xD There is also so much temptation! All those small baskets with things on sale. Ice cube trays with cute shapes, cute lamps, small plants, interesting looking Swedish candy you've got to resist.
    Ah problem you see here more is that in the popular areas more people move into the same tiny appartment or homes instead of more getting build (there just isn't space anymore). >.< The area were I currently live in now is a typical "retirement place", so a lot of big houses and houses with gardens and pieces of land are here. People that move to this area generally want those. So the smaller (family) houses and appartments around here are not popular at all!
    Condos always look really nice~ But indeed really high end homes! And with the appartment prices I've seen from NY, I don't even want to know the prices of condos. xD
    Oh man, I didn't even notice that her hair isn't mirrored. Now I can't unsee! They must have screwed up somewhere! Maybe there were different sculptors working on her upper and lower body and they just glued it together last minute?!
    Btw, I just noticed you put your job on your profile! :O I guess my mind was too innocent, because I thought when you said you worked night shifts that you had a factory job. xD (Lots of friends of mine (used to work) in factories. xD)

    Maybe you were getting it all out of your system at a young age so you could be a calm adult lol!

    Our IKEA has a set path but it also has "shortcut" doors that lead to different areas instead of going all the way around. But, if you just want to exit to the checkout area the signs are suddenly extremely confusing and it's better to just ignore them and figure it out yourself. XD I get tempted by bargain items and those scented candles :D

    Condos are insanely expensive. For a condo here you could move to another state and buy a house there, possibly with money to spare. Some people buy a few condo units and rent them out to make a profit apparently? I don't have money for a condo let alone a condo + a middleman! A short walk from where I live, a very old gas station was torn down and a condo put in its place. I think it's funny because it's been there for ages and still looks very vacant. In fact, it almost looks unfinished :p

    I have no idea how they managed that :\ I thought these prototype sculpts were done by hand. Maybe they used 3D printing for her parts and accidentally mirrored her hands? All's well as soon as they fix it, but it's still super weird...

    Ah, that job is a joke LOL don't believe it! it's a reference to a popular old Youtube parody:
    View spoilerHide spoiler"Look at all this money! Hell yeah, sellin' these hoes is easy as hell!"
    "I don't sell hoes, I sell candy. I'm a part-time stripper, and I do hair."
    Maakie (3年前) #2875234I also barely exchange with GBP, only when I once went to a trip to London I did that. :P Most shops I buy from use either JPY or USD. ;)
    Greece uses the Euro, there was a whole lot of discussion and problem with that (because of the economic stability of the country), but they still use it even now! xD
    Yeah, Pizza Hut is very well known for it's name here (it's also in a lot of movies), but we don't even have one Pizza Hut store! I guess it's because we already have those 2 other big brands with a lot of stores. And how they messed up? Well the 1st time we ordered there we got switched toppings and forgotten parts. For example we paid extra for cheese crusts and none of the pizza's had it! We wanted to give them another chance, but the 2nd time they completely messed up all the topping and we received multiple pizza's with toppings my bf is really badly allergic for, so it ended up that we had all sorts of pizza's my bf couldn't eat. Also that time, no refund or exchange option was offered by Domino's even though we asked for it. So one time we paid for stuff we didn't get and the 2nd time our pizza party was ruined as there was nothing for my bf to eat! :< So since then we decided to never go to Dominos again. My bf also recently was at a party where they ordered Domino's and there was suddenly a "bonus" ingredient as almost every pizza they bought suddenly had spinach on top! And considering not everyone likes spinach, there was a lot of fighting for everyone to get a bit of a pizza that didn't have that... So yeah, doesn't matter who or where, that Dominos store just seems to screw up (our previous Domino's never did that!).
    Hrmm, well that sounds more trustworthy to have adults doing it. I heard lots of stories about the teenagers stealing tips, which is also why we always pre-pay online instead of at the door.
    Oh yeah, that is true too. :( People don't want to buy the old ones when the prettier new ones are there... But if you don't need the money and you like the older ones too much, just keep them. :)
    Oh, so that was also the first time you learned about other anime and started to watch different things from what is on tv?
    Wow! Why is it 23000 yen?! I mean the car looks fancy, but it's about double than what I expect it to be priced! O.O
    Yeah, every IdolM@ster is an seperate story with a different cast! ^^ And well to me (but that can mayba also be because of the lighting in the pictures) the other IdolM@aster figma's with an exposed belly look skinnier than Hibiki?
    Those repaints look nice! :) Good luck with completing them and I'm looking forward to your review! :)


    Ow... So Greece uses the Euro...

    Aw shucks! That almost never happens to me, the only thing I once experienced was when I was a high school I ordered cheese pizza but, they delivered with different topping. But after that, this case never happens again. God, I can't believe it Netherland's pizza service was that worse...

    Yeah, I think that is why, there's no complains in Indonesia except for the late. Oic, in here at the door we can pre-pay online or pay at door via money or credit card.

    Of course I keep them, they mean alot to me, I started collecting figures because of the old ones.

    Actually, I know some other animes since I was a kid but, I never get a chance to watch most of them because of life as students. & eventhough my EX suggested me to watch the anime she recommends, all I can do is to gamble check on some media streaming (excluding youtube because they're not yet available in 2004). I remembered I found some anime informations & streaming in animeart but they only got trailer, opening theme, & ending theme.

    Yeah, insane price for 1/12 figures... I guess it's because the car right cockpit was removable to recreate some scenes in the show. Now, I'm preparing money for the upcoming Ridron but, I hope the price won't be expensive like that Tridoron....

    Yes, I have to admit I love most of the 1st Idolm@ster's songs... Ow, yes... Maybe because of the lighting since I used camera flash here, hmm... What do you think of Chihaya then? Did she got a skinny belly?

    Thank you so much & here's my review...

    SHF ShadowMoon Renewal Ver.
    66 Action Kamen Rider BLACK

    As for Chihaya, I don't think I could manage to take a picture of her with various posing since the repaint could broken easily because of the vinyl/soft material on her stage outfit. & for Dragon Ranger, I did tooked photos of him but I plan of making his new box & stop motions. Btw, here's my designed box for him:

    Maakie (3年前) #2991593I personally also don't understand why so much people have problems with paying up front. I mean, for almost everything you pay from the moment you decide "I want to get it", no matter if it's groceries or clothing shopping or any way of online shopping. But then there's also of course the people that rather see pre-orders like a "reservation" and cancel them later when they lose interest. >.>
    The costumer service of BiJ I have really mixed experiences with. But yeah, not much other choice there is for an European, so BiJ is still better than N-Y or any of our own local shops. (Because seriously European shops ask even more than having a figure full retail price shipped to me from Japan + getting costums!)
    Talking about SEGA pre-orders there, I hope they will list ITEM #238305 as I don't like to be stuck to (pre-)ordering her from Yahoo! Japan. :/
    About government surveillance in the Netherlands, I have no clue! First I was really afraid of it, but I guess it went away the more years I spend online! At my local anime forums, almost every collectors talks about undervalueing, so when that part of the internet comes on the government radar, they have tons of people to look into, lol! And even then, it will probably be super hard to find proof. People can talk about it on forums, but you can't be sure they really ordered a certain figure or tell the truth. Btw, I'm not trying to cover my ass here, it is wrong, I know. But with the ways of payment I told you about + high fees that the post companies ask that come on top of the taxes, it's just crazy what you end up paying for a single item. It makes (seperate) pre-orders not worth it at all and you're better of with spending a lot of time finding everything second hand and/or bulk/group order. To give an example, lots of Dutch people team up for group-orders for things like GSC bonusses. Even with the extra shipping within the Netherlands they pay, it's worth it so they can split the fees and taxes.
    And jep, exactly that! The payment must be done directly to an Dutch post employee (most of our post offices are inside other stores and not run by people from Dutch post themselves, I have a long story about that too, if you're interested xD).
    *choked in my drink when you said bean juice* :'D Anyway, yes, I love coffee! I mostly go for medium or dark roasts with milk and no sugar. :) But I like all sorts of coffee, even the "candy" coffee (as people call them around here xD), such as ice coffee and mocha coffee.
    I'm amazed you can slack off so much at work! xD I wish I could do that too. Instead I'm mainly typing back at you in my work breaks and from home. :P
    Ah my dad recently got one of those surface-type laptops/tablets, the one he has is from Sony VAIO. It's a really good one, but it's a lot bigger than a regular tablet, so I'm not really sure what to think of it. :P
    My bf and I used to be Nintendo-followers, but we kept that up only until the Gamecube and first DS. The way Nintendo went after those 2 machines was not really to our liking, so from that moment on we made the switch to Sony. We don't necesarilly follow consoles or new releases (as we got the PS3 only half a year ago), but we mainly do it for the exclusives. Both of us game the most on our PC's. Or well, used to, but now the PS3 takes up most of our game time. xD When it comes to xbox, we have the first one and liked it a lot for the Dead or Alive and Fatal Frame games. :) I really love my DS though. xD There are a lot of really good RPG's released for it! But I also have to say I really really like my PSP as it has multiple nice spin-offs from games (such as GTA, Silent Hill). And the graphics are amazing for a portable console! :)
    And no, don't remind me of Silent Hills! D: I was looking forward so much to it!!! I can understand that the project was a huge money pit, but so much people were looking forward to it and wanted to buy it, it must have been possible for them to make a profit in the end???
    That reminds me of an old co-worker of mine that works in a government office in a different municipality. She does almost the same work as I do, but everyone is a lot more laid-back at her place and she also takes longer breaks or sometimes arrives later or leaves earlier! I guess it's also because the area she works in has a lot less residents and thus less employees and not much work that goes wrong or happens too late. They are they more like "as long as you get the work done, it's okay!" while at my office we already can't keep up with the phone calls and emails, no matter how big we make our front office team. >.<
    Ah, Len is such a cutie-pie! <3 His singing voice is also really nice, it sounds really different from the other Vocaloids. :) Bacterial Contamination will also be my forever favorite, not only song-wise but also for the story and video. I'm personally not sure about what my first Vocaloid song was. I think I just found a lot of MMD video's and was referred to Vocaloid songs thanks to it. The first songs that come up in my memory are some hardcore remixes that I now can't find anymore. I thought Vocaloid voices sounded really nice with electronic music. Then after that "Sweet Devil" comes up in my mind, but I don't think that one is that old yet. So actually I have no clue. I saw so much random stuff from Vocaloid years ago. xD Sweet Devil www.youtube.com... is also still one of my favorites, Miku acts so bitchy there (there are English subs in that video at the top left) and her dancing is something you don't normally see her do. :P
    DECLARE DEINO YOUR LOVE BACK. Joking of course But that's really nice of him to do! :D
    Oh yeah for sure. Once in the past I also had a washing machine I needed to get rid off within a day, so I listed a "free, take it" ad and we were bombarded by emails and phone calls within minutes. And most people were fucking annoying too. We also noticed lots of people asking for pictures and the exact stats of the machine while we only had a few hours to give it away while in a moving truck going back and forth to our new and old apprtment all day. (Long story short: we moved to a new appartment and the landlord of our new one suddenly said on the day of the moving that we weren't allowed to take the washing machine with us, so we either had to give it away or dump it within a day.) Also during that same move, a roommate of my bf tried to sell her (high quality) desk for multiple weeks before the move took place for 25 euros (because it was too big for her new appartment) and decided to do the same that morning by giving away the desk for free to the first caller/responder. And boom, her phone also wouldn't stop ringing. Cheap ass high quality desk? "Nah, not even worth to respond on." It's free? "OMG I NEVER NEEDED A DESK SO MUCH IN MY LIFE". I'm not sure if it's just Dutch people (as they are well known for being cheap) or people are just that shitty in general. (Sorry for being so negative here, stuff like this just pisses me off, as she also had a really hard time to sell something for less than 10% of what she paid herself.)
    Last cosplay compo that took place, 2 of the 3 winners were in (quite simple, to be honest) nostalgia costumes and the other one was from something well-known with a big costume. People also told me that the reason I had no chance with Elizabeth myself, was because nobody knew who she was + she was too "though" of a character and people want cute stuff. Personally I have no clue about how much of that is true, but you become an audience favorite if you are a popular character (but audience don't vote, so yeah). Chi-Chi is quite nostalgia, but on the other hand only nostalgia for the "older" convention visitors, so there will probably be a lot of people going like "What the heck is Chi-Chi wearing?" (because most people only know her from her appearance in Dragon Ball Z).
    There is no rush with cosplay and it's lots of fun~ The only stress-part for me is forgetting parts, but nowadays I do everything in matching bags and boxes, so I'm completely organized. :')
    Ah well, in high school most of my friends were yaoi-crazy. Afterwards I also thought to myself "why exactly was I hanging out with them?" but I guess it was because they also watched a lot of "normal" anime, so we had a lot to talk about. I'm also glad that most people I hang out with now, never saw my past me being surrounded by squeeling yaoi-fangirls at conventions. :P
    Oh yeah, but this was way before Rebellion, in the year the anime came out people were already calling it yuri. o.O I think they did that in Rebellion, because they noticed so much people were already pairing them up based on the original series? xD
    I think it was for the most of them, just the "kick" of getting and owning items they are too young for. The only thing I could always ask and think about back then was "what if your parents find it?" I knew my parents would flip their shit if they found (drawn) hardcore (gay) porn books in my room if I was underage. :P I remember I was quite anxious already when my parents visited my home for the first time when I moved out, because I decided when I lived by myself I would proudly display my collection (including the 18+ figures and items) and don't give a damn because I'm an adult anyways. And I was already anxious what my parents would think at 18+, can you imagine if I owned anything of that kind of material at a youner age?! xD
    Now that I talk more about it, I think it's mainly because it are Dutch people... I have a good friend in Florida who runs a figure shop and she never gets such horrible people messaging her. She's been selling for years and only had a few really bad experneices. And I don't even sell 1% of the amount of stuff she sells and I have so much bad experiences. >.> Dutch people tend to be overly picky. They want stuff cheap or if they do pay high, they want to be sure to get the best and will bother you a lot instead of just using Google. :///

    It's just because irresponsible financial practices are apparently so common with figure collectors :/ They are also entitled brats who throw tantrums when they actually get punished for not following rules, like all the whiners who complain when AmiAmi won't cancel their orders.
    Eeesh, it does seem that you're kind of stuck. But at least BiJ won't sell you a bootleg and then be rude to you when you call them on selling said bootleg. Why there are always these people defending N-Y to the last breath is beyond me when it's been shown over and over again that they're a terrible business.

    You can preorder on Y!AJ? I guess it's not any different than preordering on eBay but I sure wouldn't do it. Let's hope BiJ stocks her. If not, at least SEGA prizes are rarely difficult to find on the aftermarket.

    Oh, I see. I do understand why you and other people in countries with customs taxes would take those kinds of risks, though--those kinds of customs fees are terrible... but like you said, it is still illegal. When you can't just avoid the fee it does seem like it's better to get one huge package just so you can take one customs fee hit all together instead of 4 separate ones that might add up to a bigger total?
    So... your postal service is privately owned entirely and isn't just run by the government??
    Oh sure, do tell lol. That sounds like a "fun" experience.

    From what I understand the cancellation was not because they thought it wouldn't be profitable, but because of issues between Kojima and Konami. And del Toro hadn't ever made a video game before so he couldn't exactly just go on by himself... Really it's a shame. Actually, Konami is making the baffling choice to move out of the North American market entirely. They already put in the notice to have their stock de-listed from the New York stock exchange. Most likely, MGS V Phantom Pain will be their last international release :(

    That sums up my work pretty well. As long as you get the work done, nobody makes a fuss. It might be hard to believe but I actually work harder than most people here despite my ability to chill and slack off more than someone at your average job (well definitely more than someone at a non government job...)

    I think the best description of Len's voice is "sharp and clean." Well tuned, he has a clear, high voice that really stands out. and I'm a filthy shotacon anyway so I love him
    Vocaloids are particularly well suited to techno and techno subgenres. It works with the idosyncracies of their voices instead of against them. Oh, I love Sweet Devil! Actually, year before last at the rave at AX I remember they played a remix of Sweet Devil, I was very pleased.
    LOL WELL ACTUALLY FUNNY YOU SAY THAT when the first Deino figures went up for preorder, I actually did message him to tell him that I live in the USA but that I bought one because I love his work. In Japanese because I don't think he speaks any English. So I hope it made him smile to hear about someone in another country who took the time to tell him that they bought merchandise and like his stuff.

    Oh god getting rid of big stuff is the biggest nightmare no matter where you live, I think. Are the Dutch known for being cheapskates? I'd never heard of such a reputation XD

    I'm still salty about the winner of a contest that I entered in a few years ago. I don't even think it should have been me necessarily because there were lots more elaborate outfits, but the winner was just such a terrible costume. It was a "steampunk Sailor Moon" (idk if you had this in your country but a few years back here in the USA there was a huge "steampunk" craze, it was everywhere. And most "steampunk" stuff is just "I glued gears to it", it really should be more interesting but people take a shortcut. And this hideous Sailor Moon cosplay was just Super Sailor Moon but with a stupid top hat with gears on it and with gears on the dress and random gears and gaskets on the wand and UGH IT WAS SO DUMB WHY THE FUCK DID IT WIN.

    lol sometimes I cringe at the friends past me had. I try not to think about it to be honest... otherwise I'd go nuts.
    Mmh well IIRC Gen Urobuchi said that Homura and Madoka were always meant to be together from the beginning, but I forget if he said anything about Kyouko and Sayaka. My boyfriend loves that second pairing actually. I like it too for being tragic! Many of my favorite pairings are tragic.

    I actually did own some physical stuff, but it was always presents from miscreant friends and nothing I'd bought myself. I don't think I've been innocent since I was like 8 years old but I had the good sense not to try and buy porn while underage... Though I did send some naked pictures of myself to someone online when I was like... 15? 16? Which wouldn't be worth mentioning except that my parents found out that I had sent them, so subsequent to that I had issues about it for years and years.
    Now though, I really don't care and just think "well, I hope he enjoyed them" XD Doesn't bother me.
    Whoops something went wrong
    Maakie (3年前) #2984843Ik ben veel te laat, sorry! D:
    Maar een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

    Bedankt!!! ^^
    Maakie (3年前) #2983133I personally never bought from N-Y (and proud lol), I tend to keep it to BiJ, which is about the only other good option there is for Europeans when it comes to pre-orders. But a lot of people dislike how BiJ wants their pre-orders paid upfront, but I don't mind that actually. I prefer to pay for a figure when I plan on buying it + I have the money ready, because otherwise I forget and have to take money out of savings when it releases etc. xD
    And yes, I also feel like it won't take long until all of the stores quit with undervalueing. When I entered the hobby I mainly bought from AmiAmi and eBay and got costum fees on everything. Then I once found out through some local forums that there were shops that undervalued and it blew my mind. It also blew my mind how 90% of the people there were just blatantly admitting to undervalueing. But then I started looking into shops doing it and before I knew it, I was one of them. xD
    Oh, haha NO. They don't do "paying at post offices", you can only pay at the door or it gets returned. :/ I wiiiiiiiiiiish they allowed paying at the post offices. I heard from other European countries they even allow credit and debit cards at post offices. So those people let their packages be send to the post office and then pay for it there. Would make life a lot easier for me and I would probably not or at least lessen the amount of packages I undervalue (because in the end, I don't like undervalueing at all, as it's unsafe and there is always the teeny tiny chance they find out).
    Yeah I heard about the excuse that it would be better to boost their economy if they didn't allow international packages. Pretty much bs, I know the Dutch goverment earns great amounts of money because of them having such high taxes on items, so here they want people to buy more and more, no matter which country it's from. ;)
    It's also pretty rare for me to feel rested. But good and bad for me at the same time is that I love coffee, energy drinks, soda's etc. so it keeps me awake during the day. ;)
    I'm personally never bored, it's been yeaaaaaaaars since I felt bored (and that last time I was bored was while I was super sick and couldn't do what I want). I always feel like I have too much hobbies. xD I rather have too much to do instead of being bored a lot though, so I don't mind this lifestyle at all~ Only thing is that it's stressfull at times when people expect something very fast from me (which especially happens with all the lectures I give and cons I visit).
    Ah, I'm not active on Tumblr or Facebook myself~ But I do know there are a lot of memes and images about it indeed. xD View spoilerHide spoilerThe person that made this one is amazing, laughed my ass off the first time I saw it xD d22zlbw5ff7yk5....
    Oh wow, I'm not even that much into computer parts anymore to do that. xD I also currently have quite an "old" computer. I made my own laptop with the best stuff around at that time about 5-6 years ago and I still use that same one even now. I don't play that much games anymore (and if I do, on the PS3 or PSP/DS) or do things that made me want to upgrade yet (I used the computer during college for heavy 3D rendering and programs like Unity, but nowadays that is not relevant anymore). But I do feel a bit of his "old age" whenever I use my laptop. But it feels like a waste to replace it already, because I don't need better. :P
    I'm very very very lucky that my job doesn't allow call-in! But you can imagine a lot of people "sneak" past the boss his office on their way in or out, because they are afraid of getting extra hours or days. xD Even though I dislike how this works at my job, I had a lot worse jobs in the past and I have friends currently with jobs with even more horrible rules, so I should be grateful, at least I'm earning quite a bit thanks to it being a government job!
    Yeah you told me before and it's really sad it went like that this year. :( Seems like a situation where you can't win, whatever you chose.
    With Vocaloid I had periods where I listened more or less to it. I can't really call myself a 100% Vocaloid fan, although Deino/Calne has made me more interested in it in general in the past few years. :)
    I would think of only giving away it to friends or people I know, because I know that when I list a "free, take it!" ad on the internet, I would only get greedy dipshits that spam my mailbox and then I would rather keep the costume and "harvest" parts of the fabric for other costume projects or just scrap material to test new techniques on. I think that when I have time to really photograph everything I will list them and put on "free bidding" while I put in the description how much I invested in the costume myself. Then I'll just see how much people offer and if I get a good offer, I'll sell it. With bad or no offers after a while I will make scrap material out of them. Sounds like a good plan, right? Now just to find time to photograph and write extensive descriptions. xD
    Well, maybe that gives me a chance next cosplay compo when I enter with Chi-Chi www.cosplay.com... , lol! The character is also nostalgia for a lot of people, so I hear from friends they think I make a good chance, but personally I don't think I have much chance for winning as the costume is way too simple. My Elizabeth from last year had a lot more parts and details and I think the finish on it was cleaner than what I did with Chi-Chi (that costume is very close to being finished right now, but I don't have the time to remake parts and already started on my next costume).
    There's nothing wrong with pairing characters, the only thing that annoys me are the stereotypical yaoi-fans that grab (quite) normal shows and see every small thing as high fanservice. HE TOUCHED HIS SHOULDER THEY'RE SO MUCH INTO EACHOTHER etc. It's not only yaoi btw, I also had people tell me that they thought Madoka Magica was the yuri-spectacle of the year when it was released and that made me really think "did we even watch the same series???"
    All of my underage anime friends in high school managed to buy yaoi manga from stands at cons or they just bought it online with a Paypal with a fake age. So there was no stopping them there, if people want it, they can get it, no matter the age. My first introduction to hentai/yaoi/yuri was because of the stuff that was pushed in my face by my friends back then. :P
    Ah no, I never watched Weiss Kreuz, but I heard quite some stuff from it from friends that watched it. I'll put Triage X on my watchlist! Maybe interesting to watch with my bf one day, we also watched HOTD together (my bf is not necessarily into anime, but he likes fighting/action series/movies a lot).
    I was personally quite drama-free with relationships as a teenager, but it felt like my friends did a double dosis on everything. And then as the "(almost) always single" type I was, I was the shoulder most people cried on or they asked me advice even though I had no clue what was going on. :P
    Oh pickups are huge drama, argh! Bad memories are flowing back! Currently I live in the middle of nowhere, so I barely get people that ask for pick-up, but at my previous address I lived in a small city inbetween two big cities and had a lot of people asking for it. It was always horrible. People wouldn't show up, or we would decide a price and when they're at my door they would suddenly try to haggle, I would get tons of calls and spend a lot of time instructing people to find my home, then on top of that even though I didn't want them in my home, a lot of people would force themselves in and I can go on and on and on about bad stuff that happened, urgh. Nowadays I only do pickups at cons and very rarely I do pickups in public spaces, but I have so much bad experiences with those too. Having stuff with me in multiple bags and then for the other person to not even show their face or answer their phone, urgh. I really prefer people that just pay online and then I drop it off at the post office. There is also the problem here of people messaging you and saying they "only want to see" the stuff. Like I'm some kind of shop. No thanks, I don't want a stranger to know my address to have the slight chance they will maybe buy something off me. View spoilerHide spoilerAlso all of my sales items are in bags and boxes, nothing is on "display" like a shop. I'm pretty sure none of my neighbours realize the worth of my collection, but the people looking online at my sales + MFC profile do. So I rather not have them know where I live.

    Yeah there's so much whinging about having to pay up front... except you don't even HAVE to for every item on BiJ! Just exclusives and really expensive stuff mostly. I avoid BiJ unless necessary because they have poor service but for SEGA prize preorders they're pretty much the only game in town these days. I'm so sad! HLJ was always great for me in that area. Oh well, it's not their fault that their supplier went down.

    You might want to be a little careful about mentioning it publicly, actually... well, I don't know how government surveillance is in the Netherlands. In the USA, it's actually become a bit of a problem. I am more careful about what I say online, even just on random sites, than I used to be. I make it sound like a "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING" and it definitely isn't THAT bad but it's certainly something I am aware of. Damn NSA. ...I'm probably already on some kind of watchlist LOL.

    WTF? So if you are unlucky and run out of cold hard cash one day, you'll have to go through the hassle of having an international package reshipped and pay shipping twice? That's outrageous!
    Yeah I was always under the impression that it was a crap excuse. But South American countries are not known for making the best financial decisions...

    Coffee, delicious bean juice! I like medium and dark roasts, with some cream/milk and sugar. How do you take your coffee? My IRL best friend drinks hers black and as dark as possible. I find that a little bit too bitter, myself.

    I am bipolar so it's hard for me to get bored. Instead, if I am in a depressive state, it's just that nothing will feel satisfying. I won't be at a loss of things to do, but rather, nothing will feel worth it. But when manic I fixate on something big time. Actually, I fixate on the things I like anyway even in a neutral state. My obsessions stick forever.

    Ahahaha that's great. Yeah I've been seeing some memes about it recently but I shouldn't search such things at work XD

    I have a laptop that's quite old, but I don't use it enough to consider it worth replacing just now. I keep my desktop computer souped-up instead. Anyway, the next time I need a portable computing upload, I will get a tablet instead, maybe a Windows Surface because that actually runs a real OS unlike most tablets.
    Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I have to have a recent console too. We can't really afford to get ALL of the new ones of each generation, but we'll always get one. We tend to be XBOX gamers ourselves, so I got him the XBOX One for Christmas last year. We might get a PS4 at the end of this year...less reason to get it now that Silent Hills is cancelled (cries loudly) but might still be worth it for FFXV! We also have a WiiU and a DS but I don't really use those that much.

    I'll admit, I sneak out a little early sometimes. I justify it by taking a shorter break the next day or something. Nobody's ever complained, anyhow. And yeah, it could be worse!

    I'd say I am definitely a fan, I try to keep up with all the new songs and stuff. The first song I listened to was "Butterfly on the Right Shoulder" so maybe that's why Len is one of my favorite Vocaloids. (Also he's adorable.) But "Bacterial Contamination" is my favorite of all Vocaloid songs! So amazing.
    (omg, I followed Deino on Pixiv and he followed me back. I bet it was a courtesy follow, but it made me feel a little teensy bit special anyway!)

    UGH YEAH. Although I have been lucky so far. I gave away a broken figure here on MFC and it was entirely an ok experience. They paid for shipping as agreed upon and were satisfied, even got back to me to let me know it was all good.
    But for larger things it's perhaps more trouble than it's worth. Especially when it's a thing you would need to take pictures of, if you aren't even going to get any compensation for it.

    Well even if you don't win, I bet lots of people will like it. The nostalgia factor is a pretty strong one! I keep telling (reminding?) myself "NO MORE COSPLAY, IT JUST STRESSES YOU OUT" but I admit I still have a couple cosplays I would want to do, Lain and also Lina Inverse.

    Hahaha yeah, "slash goggles" turned up way too high! Oh well, they're pretty harmless as long as you don't have to spend much of any time with them.
    To be fair, in Rebellion they do come right out with two gay pairings, Kyouko/Sayaka and Homura/Madoka. But it's also not "yuri fanservicey", more like just implied stuff.
    lol I didn't buy it, I just looked/downloaded it online! I thankfully didn't try to buy any of the stuff until I was an adult. I don't think people understand how much trouble the poor sellers could get in from being conned in such a way. It's quite irresponsible of them.

    Weiss Kruez is old and low budget and totally ridiculous, objectively not that good, but it's entertaining. "Florists by day, assassins by night!" And oh my god so much homoerotic melodrama.
    Triage X is like that except instead of florists, it's doctors and nurses. And instead of homoerotic melodrama, it's lots of half-naked girls :P I recommend it for anyone who isn't looking to take it too seriously XD

    Oh wow yeah, I can see why that would not be an attractive option at all. If I was doing a pickup I would arrange for it to happen somewhere not at a house. Like a cafe or park or something, a public place in case anything is iffy. And man I would just ignore someone saying they only wanted to see. Nor would I ask that of someone, how rude!
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