Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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    How was your wallet treated in this wonfest? Im completely Safe LOL.... really .. nothing AT ALL for me which made me glad and at the same time sad...

    Oh There a few but not exactly wished and yet they are figures that MAYBE i'll buy

    Sousuke: ITEM #331597 (Not trust Toys works... if it was from alter DEF Iwd buy.. where the Hell is Rei and Nagisa anyway?)

    b) This sonico Im watching but I quite disliked the huge "boing boing" ITEM #331545

    c) It can be my first miku ever: ITEM #330767

    d) Will take a loo=k in this Alisa: ITEM #331543

    e) Has potential of cuteness: ITEM #331485

    Ok... and THATS IT... I did not freaked over almost nothing.. damn... Guess Im so far "safe" for 2016 LOL
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    View spoilerHide spoilerAtheist15年前#3173887Hi Leo!!
    Nowadays I'm so broke. So many figures to pay for. I'm pre-paying whatever orders I can or I'll be bankrupt during month of release. Alter's Archer, Nendo Raiden, Phat's Shiro, OMFG Touken Ranbu...... Urghhh.....
    How's YOUR wallet recently? LOL!
    Gangsta is really good. Definitely following.
    God Eater - already impressed by episode 1. Hope we dun end up with a fluke.
    Rokka no Yuusha - not bad but if it's another Akame ga Kill, I'll be really, really, really upset.
    Junjou Romantica S3 - boylove. What more do I need to say?? *fangirls*
    DRRR X2 10 - ermmm....cos I watched DRRR X2? So what the heck. There's nothing much to watch anyway.
    Still watching Ore Monogatari and Shokugeki no Souma. He he
    Still waiting for last episode of Kekkai Sensen. Idiot producers suck at planning cos they did not anticipate the last episode is longer than a typical episode. Which somehow CANNOT be aired as 2 episodes but as a special? OVA? The last time I checked, still undecided. Idiots!!!
    Conclusion - yeah, this season kinda sucks. Kinda sick of harem/ecchi anime with no plots and loads of oppai and pantsu scenes. I'm trying Shimoneta and after 2 episodes, I managed to squeeze out 43 seconds of laugh. Still deciding so......

    yeah I feel you when you said this season suck in terms of good stuff to watch... you are just like me watching some stuff to say "hey Im watching"... curiosity I dislike Junjou LOL thats why I didnt even try to get it

    My wallet... well... Im fine about it im really avoiding to P.O and theres nothing much left i want to P.O As I told you I have diff priorities right now so Im not focusing in collecting and also because theres not so much there for me... Now I just click in add to my cart if im completely 100% satisfied with the figure and that is helping me A LOT for saving money... for example Archer (not archer that is Shirou cosplaying that second hair left this quite clear) ... is NOT archer for me at all!! I would even consider to get it but 11k????? what are they thinking? so we got a Non archer like figure for that price? no way... passed... July is my WORST month of the whole year I got like +40k to pay hahahaahaaahahaahahh and as Im crazy I was able to put my hands in one of my Holy Grails ITEM #42024 for JULY so... T_T after that month Ill be quite in peace (actualy recovering from July LOL)
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    How you doin these days?

    what are you watching this season? for me it was quite disapointing... no good things and almost nothing got my attetion as a good show... I wonder If im being too nitpicking or simply being an unfaithful bitch by dropping several shows LOL

    a) Daiya - Continue Watching of course o/

    b) Rokka no Yuusha - I decided to keep watching, so many cliches here but maybe it will work and surprise me, as I watched lots of pilots and dropped several at least this one decided to keep, and I liked the art too! LOL

    c) Gangsta!: S2 the best of this whole season! Loved everything and everyone including Deaf guy Nicholas so bad ass... S2 are you watching this as well right?

    d) OverLord: Will Keep watching for the same reason as Rokka no Yuusha, kind is only there because theres nothing else better to watch right now LOL

    e) Bikini Warriors: hhahahahahahahaa I laughed so hard in this one, its completely eroge and nonsense, no history at all and made for guys to fap! hahahahaha omg is there really someone who actually feels "warm" by wayching it? anyway I laughed will keep going only 4 min episodes of pure nonsense and nothing LOL

    f) God Eater: Hell yeah!


    Himouto Umaru chan: The girl is annoying and couldnt finf it cute, actually it is cute But I got zero patiente with this kind of anime

    Gakkou Gurashi!: Nope dropped in 10 min episode

    Joukamachi no Dandelion: Nope it could be good but the whole plot wasnt my cupcake

    And you? what are watching now? do you have the same impression as me for this season being weak?

    BTW Makura no danshi will watch indeed when it airs LOL
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    just now I noticed I forgot to edit my message and add Annie gifs between spoiler tags so now you will be forced to look at her beautiful laugh whenever you go in your main page haahhahahaahahah (laughing like annie now)
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    Leo! OMG! Yes! I fell into the damn trap and the most amazing (stupid) thing is I don't even play the game! OTL
    I'm currently going nuts over this garage kit - ITEM #321667
    But it's a garage kit. OTL again.
    My SnK shrine is ok, I guess. I didn't get all the RAHs, just the dudes. He he he
    But I think there is a sudden surge of P.O.s in the recent weeks and I seem to want every one. And I'm running out of Detolf space....and money. What should I do? OTL again.
    And I'm hoping for Jean and Marco or maybe Mike for Sentinel's next announcement. I'm sure I've mentioned this but I really dislike Annie the most. Unforgiveable for what she did to Levi's squad.

    hahahahahahhahahah I try to NOT fall into it but how to resist? definitely I wont play it! but some nendos are so much appealing... example if that GK (by it really SHLD be a crime creating such a perfect GK!!!!) If I ever see that in AmiAmi front page it will be an insta buy! dont need to know the chara to buy such a beautiful (and hot as hell thing)

    Shingeki only owns Eren by Koto and his nendo... the charas I like the most dont have figures! Annie (a VERY expensive RAH and 2 chibis hard to find) and Jean (no figures, Only suwarase which I got!) ....... I guess I have a twisted mind but I do love strong bitch females... that very crazy psycho laugh she gave...


    was enough for me fall in love instantly for her LOL... so much pain and crazyness involved... S2

    Haikyuu Im very excited about Oikawa!!! dont know if I should thank gods but in Haikyuu The only thing That I consider are aoba Johsai boys and completely ignores everyone else LOL ... Also im excited about this: ITEM #311699 look at this perfect ore-sama pose saying obbey me you fools! LOL

    btw watched ore no monogatari because you said so... but really was not my piece of cake :/
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    did you make yourself that wallet suicide and went into Touranbu fandom too? pls dont do it to yourself! LOL Im avoiding so much... so many friends playing and trying to convince me... but I run but I run!... even though I ended up falling in love and spending money with foxy white haired cheeky guy S2.. bought his nendo disliked his scale! are you excited too with orange route? S2

    btw checking your collection... SnK rocked your world more than I thought LOL amazing shrine you build there!
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    Ahahaha...Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I hope I did not make a wrong recommendation.
    That's so true. You're still so young hence life is still so exciting. Things are pretty much slowing down for me so I can afford whatever that's not spent on work on anime & fan fiction. Ha Ha Ha...
    Your pursuit of a MBA as well as moving house sounds like exciting challenges. Ganbatte!!

    STAHP sounding like a 150yrs old lady please? you're not! hahaahhaha I know you always say you're "aging" but thats only in your head, your one of the most youthful woman I know! ;) ... so seeing my new pursuits it makes you wonder why I had "disappeared" from MFC last 4 months ^^
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    View spoilerHide spoilerI have to agree that the MH 1/12 seems more like trading figures to me too, just with better quality control. I guess I'm lucky that I did not quite get into Daiya. Suddenly there are sooooo many figures to p.o. - Undertaker, Ginoza and Touken Ranbu (I don't even play the damn game!!). Ugh!!!
    I really think Ore Monogatari is good. Watch the 2nd episode. If by then you still don't like it, it's probably not your cup of tea. I was already hooked at episode 1.
    You're addicted to American series, and I'm addicted to anime. I'm up to my neck following this season's anime (FSN UBW 2, Danmachi, Seraph no Owari, Kekkai Sensen and Yahari 2, just to name a few) and fanfiction from multiple fandoms. Sorry - yaoi literally rules my life. I simply have no time for other stuff. :(

    Ok Just because it is you saying Ill give a try in Ore no monogatari... but heeeey im addicted in Anime too! hahahah thats why sometimes I need to to choose... Animes, Series aand having a social life! going to bars and Drink! hahahaaa in order to get all that and even Study (Just started a MBA) I need to sacrifice... this season was anime only pick the ones I was already seeing, and new Which I Really liked! also Books... If see all my romances Piled there you'd go nuts... damn..

    I know the feeling... So many figures... but Daiya it is a Must buy for me! always was always will be LOL will def get those two! ........ I reduced severaly my P.O quantity... too much money And I got dif priorities right now (including this year will change home) so with U$100,00 I can buy new domestic stuff for example! .... all kuroshitsuji figures will be bought... one day When I be able to really spent money on the hobby... rest? just buying those things I TRULY "need" to buy like daiya (they are made to order)
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    Atheist15年前#3052113Welcome back!!
    Yes, I like the pictures you've posted on the Daiya Club page. Well done!!
    Are you going to get the MH 1/12 release of Daiya series? zh.myfigurecoll...
    BTW I would like to recommend one anime to you - Ore Monogatari. Watch it please. It's so cute, and funny.

    Well.... Although megahouse insists in telling us that that Line is a Scaled 1/12... I do think they are tradings! LOL ok better quality etc.. but a 8cm trading! and usually those blind box tradings are just 600yens but not tenohira they costs 2,5k in P.O.. so no Im not in that Line! Will probably just get Sawa because well its sawa! and hes so cute there! will be my desk figure for sure together with his suwarase

    I watched Ore no monogatari first episode, but I didnt like that much :/ is it truly good? I have so much things accumulated I prefered this season reduce my quatity of animes to finish everything I have to watch (I watch too many americans series too.. do you? Daredevil is a must see! do you have Netflix?)

    What I am truly fangirling right now is Daiya Apricot Figures!!!! OMG that Sawa is simply perfect! which gave me high expectations over Kuramochi! at least his pose (on the sneak peak today) is awesome!!!! probably will get both ^^ I was sad in the beginning with their Miyuki, didnt P.Oed him.. but the other two? good bye money! who needs to eat anyway?
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    Seeing this below I saw I lost your birthday! OMG.... well well... IM BACK! being active ahhahaahah life got on track again (just a little..) ....... BTW decorated Daiya Club... CLUB #1137 see if you like! ok... it took me 2 years to finally do it... BUT AT LEAST I DID! ahahahahahahah miss ya ^^
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!