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    Damn... how much DO you like Hisasi?

    Cute Devil is getting the $giant butt pad$ treatment... I'm not even sure if I should drop the link or not...
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #6419751Oh wow, I didn't know you had that panty-gimmick/Sansei Muramasa dakimakura on your wishlist too. That's probably my most wanted dakimakura right now, just because it's so...unique. As you said though, it's rare as hell and, considering how "special" it is, I doubt it'll be getting a re-release. But hey, stranger things have happened?
    Books are definitely deceptively heavy. You wouldn't think a bit of bound together paper would weigh so much, not to mention if it's a hard-cover edition. It's why I don't order as many books as I do. I love them, especially artbooks, but unless you can purchase them locally the chipping cost can have a tendency to kill any potential deals you find. As for shipping costs in-general, I agree the cost can get pretty ridiculous and quickly. I've actually been debating selling a few figures in my collection (the ones I started collecting early on where I didn't have my specific tastes narrowed down yet), but the actual shipping process of them are going to be a headache. I'd do it locally, but you get a lot of those "window shoppers" who I hate, or try to haggle me down to a cheaper price despite stating that the amount I'm asking is farm. Or those that say they're interested and, after I reply back, they never respond again. Fun times. :/
    Yeah, it's nice to see a localization of a Super Sonico game. I can understand you not wanting to go for the mousepad, I doubt you'd have any use for more than one (aside from the sexy aspect, as you mentioned). They certain do look comfortable, although I'd probably be too afraid to use it regularly. Now if JAST would just release/work on that Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa localization...
    That's a good question. I doubt I'd use Momoi's chair for anything other than her, but the option to have a secondary figure that would pose well with it does interest me. I know this reply is coming a bit late, so I assume by now you've received your BlueMasa? How is she? I have the white version and like her (even her expression, I grew to love it), so I'm curious to see what you think of her. She's not my absolute favorite figure of her, but she's decent enough.
    Speaking of Muramasa, I don't know how I missed it (busy, probably) but I was surprised to see WonFes being this week! I really hope we get official shots of BrideMasa from Amakuni, and an actual pre-order date. I'm really worried as to her cost, though. The sculpting/detail on that dress won't make her cheap. I also want more information on Mamiya Marie/Kuryuu Hazuki from SkyTube. There's no telling what announcements we have in-store, but I'll need to be a lot more selective over my pre-orders, with our CDN dollar continuing to get worse. The aforementioned three are basically a lock, though.
    BTW, I'm not entirely sure how familiar you are with Yamatogawa, but they're doing a Kickstarter for his sixth collection (Vanilla Essence). I might go in for the Limited Edition. It already met its goal, with 26 days to go, so that's really cool to see.
    Anyway, I know it's been a while. I hope things are still well with you. May we both survive the upcoming onslaught this weekend...

    I already have 3, might as well go for the fourth lol. It recently popped up on Manda but I can't right now :<

    Sigh... this week I started tidying my bookshelf. It's a standard sized shelf I guess, and the individual shelf heights are adjustable which is good because all my books are all over the place in terms of size. Add to that, just the sheer amount of books I have. The shelf is deep enough that I put the books in two rows deep on the manga/novel sized shelves. Hopefully it withstands all that weight X_X I wanted to use some shelf space as display space but that's slowly getting harder to do as I accumulate more books... I have two more on order ITEM #393601 + ITEM #395144 both of which I'm excited for. Selling can be a pain, it's true, but eventually you may reach the point where it's a necessary evil. When I sell I look at current price at various shops and what others on MFC are selling for, then come up with a price. If people decline I just think "Fine, have fun paying more elsewhere." Most of the time that's the case.

    Is FMDM even on their to-do list? Translating that VN is a hell of a task, I know it, and I feel like they aren't even a little bit up to it. Be nice if they proved me wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

    Actually I screwed up. I put Redmasa as AIR and Bluemasa as SAL, so Redmasa got to me within days and Bluemasa, which shipped the same time, is still in limbo. Add to that, blizzard Jonas. I've got 4 outstanding SAL packages from mid-January now. When I finally get her I'll let you know lol.

    "The aforementioned three are basically a lock, though."
    The chaos gods heard you and scratched one off the list. >_<
    Marie and Hazuki are looking damn good, though.

    I don't think I've read any of Yamatogawa's works off the top of my head but I've been interested for a while. I'll def check this out. Though I admit with my aforementioned shelf space issue I wonder if I'll have to start sticking to digital even more than I do now :<

    Edit: So after careful consideration I did back the kickstarter, I kept it simple and got the book/dust jacket only package. No add-ons since while they seem nice, nothing really called to me. Same with the larger tiers.

    But, I just got the email that they want to hold an Indiegogo campaign to translate Kodomo no Jikan in omnibus format. Kojika is one of my all-time favorite series, man, I bought all 13 Japanese volumes because I knew no publisher would ever take it on (one tried - with intentions of watering it down - and still decided "this is too much").

    I'm fucked. Whatever tier bonuses they have... ohhh man thinking about it I am quietly losing my shit (and soon, my money)
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #6567217It's really freakin' depressing, is what it is. I had such high hopes for her and Amakuni definitely DID NOT deliver. I'm still hoping they fix it up before official pre-orders but there's no way I'm going to lock in a pre-order with the face looking like that.
    Not even close.
    Oh well, more money saved I guess for all of those Hisasi figures that are coming, not to mention those from SkyTube. Native and SkyTube are going to bankrupt me, so it's probably a good thing I have one less figure to worry about. Even still, Wedding Sansei Muramasa...

    You know what I noticed? There's no talk about her.
    I mean, with WF, you can keep getting a steady stream of comments and photos for a while after the event. But there's something like 4 pictures of her floating around, and no one's talking about her. Even Namaniku ATK hasn't made any mention of WF on his twitter, and he usually is the one supervising the figure designs and giving all the teaser photos ex. twitter.com/nam...
    Though all the same, I think he might be responsible for the face - because he's also supervising Wing's Nisei Muramasa and she looks like she also has huge eyes. Two separate companies producing the same flaw?

    Also, blurry as it is, the concept art: livedoor.blogim...
    They aren't that big. Her garter straps are actually fitted in the uncolored sculpt too. Somehow she just got progressively worse along the assembly line, or best case scenario, the color piece they set up for WF is a horrible one-off display model. I remember that happening with OrchidSeed's original 1/6 Alleyne bikini version just right before her release (though that wasn't horrible, it was just a change in hand sculpt)...

    I sure hope so. ;_;
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #6494362Yeah, my wallet is already dead.
    BTW, have you seen the pictures of the Wedding Ver. of Sansei Muramasa (Amakuni)? I'm so disappointed, I really don't like how the face turned out. For some reason, I had a bad feeling prior to the unveil, now I can see why. :/

    TFW you wait forever for your wife's face to be revealed and when it finally happens you want to hide it again. FML maximum
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #6466488Oh wow. I've been cutting back on a lot of my pre-orders...but this one is already bought. O_O
    They know my weakness.

    They aren't letting up on you: ITEM #396962 Damn...
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #5967032HEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Sorry for the late reply, I kept thinking I should send the message and then things came up. Better late than never? Now, where to start!?
    Haha, so the same thing happened to you regarding the Dark Elf poster, huh? I was legit freaking out, I already had the email I was going to send Yellow Submarine mentally typed out in my head when the poster slid out. Needless to say, I was relieved. I haven't opened mine yet either, but the other side is uncensored? OH YES! That delicious Oda-Non artwork! Thanks for the warning in-regards to her assembly, BTW. I'll try to remember that when I un-package/display her. And yes, Yellow Submarine's shipping box was a nice touch. They have a submarine printed on it and everything!
    Thanks for the MuraDaki mention, but I'll have to pass. December/January was hell on my wallet, so I need time to recuperate. It sounds like you were equally as unfortunate. I'm sure there will be more chances to grab it in the future [hopefully]. I appreciate it, though!
    The prices for mail is just...weird. I never look forward to having something shipped, both incoming and outgoing. Especially in Canada, whenever we have to mail a package it costs A LOT. I'm not sure if things are better or worse in the US, but here it's always a headache. When I order from FAKKU, it's usually a book or two so it's not too bad, but I'll have to be careful not to bundle too much to lock out the cheaper shipping option. It's expensive enough getting books shipped, I don't want to add to it.
    Oh man, that Hisasi artwork! Naughty kitty. <3 I wish I ordered doujinshi so I could actually get those things. I mostly just stick to artbooks, or compilation releases like those from FAKKU [with a bunch of the artists' stories/works in one]. Probably a good thing, I'm not sure I need another hobby to busy myself with [cost-wise], haha.
    Oh! Did you hear of JList offering a Collector's Edition of Sonicomi with an exclusive Super Sonico body mousepad? I know, JList isn't your favorite company [nor mine], but I couldn't resist. I missed out on the Muramasa body mouse pad a while back, so this will be my first. I saw that you have the Muramasa one, how do you find it? As for the cost, it's only an additional $105 [with 10% off the total price for pre-ordered], and EMS shipping directly from Japan is included [the game will be shipped separately from the US], so it's not too bad of a deal.
    In other news, Kangoshi Momoi shipped from N-Y! I would have pre-ordered directly from Native to save some $$$, but they still don't ship to Canada. I've seen some review picture of her, and she looks as amazing as I'd hoped she would. The chair is so intricately-detailed, it even tilts back and forth! The figure itself looks identical to the prototype too, and the...*ahem*...nether-region is finely-detailed. No SkyTube/Catgirl nonsense here!
    Apologies once more for the late reply. I hope everything is well with you. d(^_^)v

    You and me both... I either don't have time or I have time and a brainfart.

    At least Bridemasa's daki will be reasonable to get price-wise... there's only one daki cover I'm missing and that's the limited version of the Comiket one, which has a sewn-on panty gimmick... it's weird but a little part of me wants to be a completionist... but at the same time X_X Maidmasa daki was costly enough, you know? And that was -without- the matching telephone card/shitajiki (which I would also like, but they're worth a ton on their own).

    Shipping in the US is pretty reasonable I find, it's the international rates that get ridiculous. When I sell figures and goods on MFC I won't sell anything over 2-3lbs or anything with a huge box internationally, because the cost ends up too high. Sometimes people ask and I give them a quote thinking "They aren't even going to respond when they see this" and generally, they don't :p And like... Fakku books are HEAVY. I bought four at the convention and JFC they were weighing me down the most (and I was carrying two bags of nendoroids and other loot).

    Yeah you're right. Shipping books US > CAN is costly, don't even think about JPN > CAN. There IS an option for SAL Printed matter which is like SAL that goes up to 5kg I think for just books, but then you have to wait forever for the treasure D: I wonder what the weight for my Comiket haul is gonna be X_X

    Oh, I didn't hear about that. I might order Sonicomi, but I don't really need a Sonico body pad. The Muramasa one is great! Not that I use it as such, but the cushion contours of the abdomen make for a nice arm resting area. And of course it's just so sexy >u<

    I saw on Twitter that the chair articulates and it made me wonder. Native made that polystone bath that figures like Chie and Sonico can use. I wonder if they'll make another figure that can use that chair? What since it's so detailed and articulate... really, they didn't need to do all that but they did. I didn't open my Momoi yet but I'm positive she's flawless! Also, got Red Racequeenmasa yesterday. BiJ billed me for both at once, OUCH. I derped and had one for AIR and one for SAL. So Red got to me in 6 days flat, Blue is still in transit...

    No need to apologize, we're both busy adults :3 I'm a freezing adult right now. I'm not good with handling the cold >n<
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    vyseoftheskies (2年前) #5753550Happy New Year! I know we haven't talked since before Christmas, I hope you had an amazing time with your plans. Things on my end went well thankfully, it was tiring though. So much family visiting, but fun times!
    I saw that you received Dark Elf. I received her today as well [from Yellow Submarine]. I was a little worried, since I didn't see the poster in the shipping box. When I opened the cardboard box that was housing the figure box itself, that's when the poster slipped out. I was relieved, haha. Sad to see it folded again, but I guess it would be too difficult not to, and it's not as though Yellow Submarine folded it themselves. It came that way from the manufacturer, so they can't be blamed. Yellow Submarine did an impressive job packaging her, and shipped it out in prompt time. It was my first time using them so I was impressed. As for Dark Elf herself...wow. That's all I'll say. Megahouse really outdid themselves, she turned out beautifully! She was expensive, but worth every penny. I hope you're as pleased with her as I am.
    Satan Claus is great. I love her expression, as well as her pulling at her skirt trying to keep covered-up. Satan, that just ain't happening, not with a skirt that short, and we love you for it. As for cheap/small figures, Koto is great for that and they have a decent variety. I hope your friends find something they like!
    I seem to always miss that Bridemasa dakimakura when it becomes available. Granted, even if it became available now I'd have to pass. January is hell on my wallet, what with the recent purchase of Dark Elf as well as Momoi/Amatsukaze [and probably Nico Robin BB Ver.] being released in January. I also purchased an Aqua Blue Vita on Boxing Day, so that's another $170. I've been meaning to purchase one for a while now [I even own some games for it already], I was just waiting for a sale. I finally got one, and on the color I wanted! At least Bridemasa gets re-released on occasion, maybe I'll add her to my collection one of these days...
    So Project-H is finally offering First Class International shipping, huh? Well it took them long enough! At least it means, if any other books are released that interest me, I no longer have to bother you to forward them to me, so \o/ for that! On the other hand, I'm not sure what took them so long to make it available, but I guess it's good that they did. Thanks for letting me know!
    Any interesting new year's resolutions? Mine is to continue to cut back on my impulse purchases [including figures, I know ;_;] and to budget more responsibly. The current Canadian dollar is kind of forcing me to do it, but it's something I should start doing anyway [space is becoming to be an issue]. I've done pretty well these last few months though, resisting the urge to pre-order quite a few items that normally would have had me hit the "Add to Cart" button, such as Marudea. I still want her...badly, but I need to plan for that Bridemasa figure. I know she won't be cheap...
    Anyway, once again Happy New Year and best 2016 wishes unto you.

    Your Christmas sounds like it went smoother than mine. Mine wasn't bad, it was just really busy and I wish I could have gotten more sleep. :P

    Oh God. The same thing happened to me. I took her box out of the box and didn't see the poster and I immedialely started internally sobbing like "Oh FML they didn't send the poster? What if it isn't inside this protective box? Are they going to send me another? I bought the DX version for the poster" etc. Then I didn't see the poster inside the protective box, but somehow it slid out and landed over on the side. I didn't open it but I hear the flip side is uncensored. And here I thought it was blank. Heart eyes! She looks amazing. Just be careful. At least 3 people, myself included, broke her earring off. Her nipple tassels look similarly fragile, and probably harder to glue. Thumbs up for Yellow Submarine from me too. I even love their branded shipping carton, lol.

    If you want Bridemasa daki, there's one on Suruga-ya right now for ¥9500. The nice thing about Suru and daki covers is that they list all the specs, including zipper type, so you know it's legit. I got my Maidmasa daki cover there. January seems ugly, but mainly because the end of December smacked me with 3 big back-to-back tabs. I hope that doesn't happen again this month X_X

    To be honest I feel like even Fakku! engages in those shipping shenanigans. I notice their shipping quotes are super steep if you don't use Media Mail (and if you get say, a shirt with your books, then Media Mail is impossible). It's cheaper to make an order for books and an order for apparel than to bundle everything.

    Interesting resolutions... I guess I should try to think of something. I already started cutting back and reshuffling my collection, and working on my budget... so... okay, maybe this will be the year I finally assemble a GK! How's that? lol, that will be a pricey project in itself, to get all the required materials AND a kit in itself. Sometimes impulse purchasing helps? Well not so much with figures but... I just put in my order for Comiket books. Usually those orders are a combo of artists I know/like and new artists. I didn't really go for anyone new this time around (see aforementioned 3 tabs in a row... plus I'm still working on my Fakku backlog). The upside is discovering new artists. The downside is, if you don't like it... doujinshi can be hard to get rid of unless it's a popular artist/circle/subject. D:

    Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is much kinder to your wallet, and just as kind to you and your plans for the new year ^_^

    Edit: Toranoana's doing another Comiket purchase promo. Such naughty Hisasi: www.toranoana.j...
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    vyseoftheskies (3年前) #5524493I haven't received a notification email from Yellow Submarine regarding her release date. Granted, she's still a few days away from release and [I believe] I entered my CC information on their site when I placed my pre-order, so she'll probably just be shipped out without my needing to do anything. I'm super-excited for her, though. The newest pictures on Moeyo are breath-taking [www.moeyo.com/a...]. O_O
    That's some really interesting news regarding Urotsukidoji. I've heard of it before, but similar to you, I have no knowledge/experience beyond that. It bodes well for the future, though!
    I'm hoping Yuzuruha isn't obscenely-priced either. I love her, but I'm really hoping she doesn't get something crazy like a 14k price-tag. She shouldn't, give Alter's past, but I can't help but feel a bit wary until I see that official price. Hopefully we'll learn something more soon. It's been a while before my last figure pre-order, I'm getting a little antsy. I guess there's BB Ver.2 Nami in a few days, and maybe Maou Beelzebub, but that depends entirely on her price.
    Yeah, getting that dakimakura body shipped is making me procrastinate getting one too. I'll own one eventually, I'm mostly just collecting whatever covers that interest me until I do. Granted my current collection isn't huge by any means, but it will be nice to own more than a few so I can swap in/out certain ones to fit my mood. Maybe we'll get a re-release of Muramasa of her in her wedding outfit. I would be on that so fast! ...Not literally of course, well...maybe a little... :o
    No real plans for me either. I'm mostly just going to stay at home while my family comes to me, haha. I alternate every year, so one year my sister visists me and the other I visist her. It just so happens that this is the year I stay where I am, so no extensive travels for me! Well, I say "extensive", but it's only around a five hour drive but I'd rather not do it if I don't have to, given snow/weather conditions can extend the time by an hour or so depending. Other than that, we're mostly just going to relax/spend time together, and see that new Star Wars movie. We already have tickets for the 26th, and it's been hell on me waiting since I have to see it with her and everyone I know is already watching it for themselves. Thankfully, I've remained spoiler-free so far, so let's hope it continues that way! It sounds like you'll have a nice holiday too, but my condolences to your wallet. Speaking of...
    YES! Early January is going to be HELL on me, especially with the CDN dollar as it is. All of my pre-orders with N-Y are in USD, so it'll cost me quite a bit more once converted over to CDN. Momoi alone will cost me around $236CDN, possibly more. I have her, Amatsukaze, and Nico Robin Ver. BB. to worry about, not to mentioned Dark Elf in a few days. Ouch! February isn't looking much better, but after that it'll quiet down a lot for me [thankfully]. If I can just make it through the first two months...
    And yes, if we don't speak again before Christmas, enjoy yourself and best 2016 wishes unto you!

    I think when I ordered her they asked for my PP info, saying something like it's better and safer for both buyer and seller. I was like, okay, my CC expires this year so I ended up with new exp. date/CVV during that time :p Her face is the best. You can tell by that alone that this is Oda-non's work. Can't wait to see how she looks with my MF Dark Elf.

    Awful price tags. I just got Satan Claus! I showed some pictures of her to my friends and they said they would like a figure for their space but were concerned about price. They asked me how much she was.
    "Don't ask me that." LOL
    Satan Claus ended up being under $120 but that was with EMS shipping to get her in time for Christmas. So she could have been ~$100 if I had more time to receive her. Still. But oh man does she look great <33 I sold my Christmas Sonico as well. I'm working with them to find some cheap, small figures to put in their space :3 Koto, looking at you.

    Bridemasa cover actually pops up from time to time and the price hasn't inflated -so far- so I think you can still get it. Actually it had back-to-back releases. The first round sold fast and they immediately took orders for a second batch, if I remember right.

    I usually spend the holidays at home and my sister and her hubby come over, but this year she wants us to come to them. They don't live far at all, but it still doesn't make sense when you consider a) easier for two to come here than four to go there, and b) they go to see hubby's family afterward, so they'll have a rental car on Christmas. So why not just drive over?! As for Star Wars, people keep asking me about seeing it. I have nothing against Star Wars, but... I haven't finished watching any of the movies either. So it doesn't really make sense to see it IMO... My brother in law is a huge fan though, my Christmas present to him is an exclusive Star Wars POP to add to his near-complete collection. D:

    And I *JUST* this second got an email from Project-H. First Class International is now part of their shipping options. I don't know whether to smile or spit! Took you this long to step your game up and listen to your customers?!

    Every remaining December/January order I have is ¥10-20K a piece. Momoi, scales, and one bundle from AmiAmi (including the limited edition Nitro+ Blasterz which is over 10k by itself). FMW (Fuck My Wallet). I want to go to Nintendo World and look at their Christmas goodies but I know I'll end up buying something I don't need so I keep thinking about my PO list instead >.<

    Though it's been said many times, many ways... Merry Christmas to you~
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    vyseoftheskies (3年前) #5358052I want to say that I'd join you in ordering that Muramasa mousepad IF it could a third re-release [hey, stranger things have happened!], but given the fact that JList would be charing in USD [and at a mark-up], as well as the current state of the CDN dollar [and shipping, in addition to it], I can't see it being feasible for me. That PayPal/pay later option seems really good, though. I had no idea that was an option. Granted, given my current pre-orders it's probably best that I don't add more fuel to that fire [so to speak], so I'll pretend I didn't hear that, haha.
    Yeah, when I say wrapped it was folded around the figure box [kind of like wrapping paper, although not as tight]. Outside of that was the bubble wrap holding everything into place. It was definitely an interesting way to ship the poster and it wasn't damaged, so I can't really complain. If Megahouse does the same thing for Dark Elf, we shouldn't have an issue. Hopefully. Speaking of, I've heard rumors that she's actually releasing at the end of this month? Time to get excited!
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate FAKKU doing what they're doing, and yes, they didn't need to "convince" me. Personally, I've always been waiting for a legitimate/official source of translated h-manga like this, and done with such respect [and uncensored!] with the official creators involved. That's really cool to see. I don't see how anyone could think of it as a negative. If you don't like it, don't pay. Personally, I'll be a long-time subscriber and am interested in seeing whatever changes they have planned. They continue to release full books at a great pace too. My backlog for purchases continues to increase. :/
    I haven't made many pre-orders lately [figure-related], but I'll be grabbing Yuzuruha. I can see it being another Kongiku situation where everyone complains about a certain aspect of her [the over-sized breasts for Kongiku and the spine thing for Yuzuruha] and then, when she's released, everyone regrets it after she turns out amazing and no one can find her 'cause she's sold out everywhere. Either way, I'll have my pre-order locked down, so I'll be safe. :)
    BrideMasa is getting a purchase from me. No and's, if's, or but's [except Muramasa's perfectly-sculpted butt]. Depending on the price, Maou Beelzebub could be a pass. I expected a 14-15k price-tag from Amakuni, not sure why. ~_~
    About the actual dakimakura body pillow...I do not. That probably makes things worse, huh? As you mentioned though, these things can sell out pretty quickly and rise in-value, which is why I collect whatever that really interests me. Unfortunately I don't have one form Muramasa yet, but I have had that one you linked wished for a while now. It's just so...unique, I need it. Shame it was so limited. :(
    I hope you can survive the onslaught of Comiket [or rather, your wallet/purse can]. That Super Sonico calendar looks nice, but I NEED THAT NITROPLUS VN ART BOOK! Why did you tell me of its existence? I wish Nitroplus would do more art books, especially one centered just around Muramasa. You'd think, given her popularity, that they would. Maybe include a nice fold-out poster of BrideMasa? Hey, a man can dream...
    Anyway, I just wanted to close this by wishing yourself [and those close to you] a wonderful holiday season. It's been a good year, but 2016 is already looking to be an incredible year [with Kangoshi Mamoi releasing in early January]. Oh yes, there is much to look forward to...

    Well, the caveats of using that PP method:
    - the interest is dumb high if you don't pay it off
    - if you buy something under $99 I believe that gets the ball rolling on accumulating interest. Or at least, I've read about a lot of people saying "don't use it, they charge you a ton!" and so far they haven't charged me anything, so I'm assuming they forgot that the benefits come from an ongoing promotion and not for every purchase. :p

    Dark Elf is supposed to release on Christmas of all days, so we should be getting the tab for her any day now. Not sure when Yellow Sub sends their invoices. Christmas Eve/Christmas releases are always interesting, go you busybodies in Japan! But from what I've heard over time, Christmas is mainly a couples holiday and holiday celebrations usually involve decoration cake and, strangely enough, KFC.

    Did you see the latest news? They're working out a kickstarter to release Urotsukidoji and all the other works by the author whose name escapes me right now. They're doing it through crowdfunding so that they can work on that without taking resources/derailing the schedule of their current book releases. It made me realize that while I've definitely heard of Urotsukidoji, I never watched it, and I... didn't know there was a manga version. I feel so D:

    Alter has wised up over time in terms of maintaining their preorder numbers, and the end result is less units for sale post-release. This especially goes for anything under the Flare line, so those immediately spike in price. The only exception I've seen lately is that Matsuoka Rin scale, I've seen him in several bargain bins. But I think in time he'll go the route of Ultimate Madoka and Tharja and spike up in price again. I'll preorder Yuzu-chan, hope her price isn't too crazy.

    An actual body pillow is a bit of an investment in itself so I can understand if you don't have one yet. I don't either. I tried looking for a domestic one but they fall short on the measurements. I can get one from Japan but I just have to be prepared for the cost of the pillow and shipping. Something so big and fluffy will likely mean EMS. The limited Muramasa daki crops up from time to time, definitely more often than the infanmous Maidmasa one, it just costs ~¥20K. I saw one for sale recently but I definitely don't have that much to spare right now. Waiting on my paycheck to hit in fact... gotta get a few more holiday gifts for the family!

    Technically there are a few small FMDM based artbooks. They're from older Comikets. I usually don't find out about them until I see them pop up though. I have to sort out the data on them before I can add them to the DB. The new free Nitro+ book is limited to 3 per person so I'm sure someone is going to get 3 and sell 1 or 2 extras. The real issue to me is, how much will it cost? Not sure what value people will put on such a thing. If it's cheap... get it!

    Any special plans for the holiday, or going for the usual? I'll be taking it easy, but my wallet won't... Momoi coming in early January means I'm gonna have to pay for her any day now! D:< But Satan Claus is on her way to me, so there's also that \o/
    In any case, I hope the holiday is shaping up wonderfully for you and yours! :D
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