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    Hi guys,

    again I am going to WF 2019 at Tokyo, Japan, on 28 July 2019. I am offering to try to buy a garage kit you would like to have. I am NOT buying PVCs or anything other than garage kits (=assembly scale model kit casted in resin).

    As some proxies out there have outrageous conditions and fees, I try to offer you a chance to grab a beloved figure without having to pay a) three times the price for what it is offered or b) loosing a significant amount of money when your proxy was not successful in getting the kit. Honestly, I really enjoy the hunt and am glad if some GK lovers can get their kits without supporting scalpers on Yahoo!Japan. The last two times I offered this service in 2016 and 2018 I was able to get 80% of the requested kits, as I am able to enter the venue with a fast pass instead of having to line up outside and entering after the most-wanted items are already sold out.

    Here are my conditions:
    - I need to know: the dealers table number (you can find this usually on social media like Twitter or on the sculptors website or blog) + photo of the (finished) kit + price in Yen (if price info is not released yet, the amount you are willing to pay maximum) - see below for sources to browse kits and dealers information
    - if possible, contact the dealer in advance (one week before the event), asking to reserve one piece until 12 AM for "Diana" (this increases the chance that I actually get a kit before it's sold out)
    - you have to pay a deposit: full price of the kit (Yen price converted to Euro with a rate of 115 Yen=1 Euro) in advance via friends/family payment on Paypal including your full shipping address (name, street, zip, city, country)
    - deadline (to tell me the kit + pay for the kit itself) is 27 July 11 PM Japanese time zone (GMT+9) (find out by yourself when that is in your time zone)
    - if I don't get the kit, I am refunding 100% of the deposit you paid minus 5 Euro per kit - but give me 10 days time after WF to inform you about the outcome and transfer the deposit back (after all, I am there for holiday XD); I am charging this because honestly it's a pain in the ass to get "rid" of the withdrawn cash Yen, especially if it's ¥¥¥¥¥, and I am always loosing on the currency exchange rate
    - if I get the kit, I will tell you within 24 hours; I will decide myself in Japan if I will ship the kit to you from Japan or take it to Germany and ship it to you from there (depends on how much I can fit into my luggage and my time schedule); anyway, you will have to cover shipping+packing cost to you which can only be calculated once I packed and weighted everything (to give you a rough idea, two 1/8 kits usually ship around 2500 Yen (25$) from Japan to the US - I am only charging the actual shipping cost) + a proxy fee of 25% of the Yen price as a charge (minimum is 50 Euro per GK); example: kit price is 15000 yen -> deposit 130 Euro before the event and 50 Euro fee + e.g. 20 Euro shipping cost afterwards
    - why do I charge 50 Euro per kit? well, going to WF is quite expensive (1000 Euro flight, 100 Euro hotel cost, 30 Euro entrance fee) and stressful (you walk 7 hours while carrying around ALL your shopping thropies past the 5,000 vendors, and have to go to a Japanese post office the next day to first buy boxes and packaging material there, pack your nerdy items in front of their shocked eyes and ship it to foreign countries - a shameful experience both for me and the Japanese staff members who are embarrassed to talk in Engrish XD)
    - if you don't pay for shipping/charge, I will keep the kit; I will let you know the shipping cost either around 30th July (shipping from Japan) or 5th August (shipping from Germany); if you are interested in tiny SD kits (the ones which are small and light), PM me to discuss a lower charge since I don't have to carry them around in Tokyo and they do not require to withdraw large sums of money
    - it's up to me to accept or reject a proxy request (e.g. when I want to get a figure myself or when I already have too many requests for popular ones so it doesn't make sense to add more to the list as I won't make it; I also won't buy any pedo-shit kits - but adult items in general are fine)
    - unfortunately I cannot help you in finding out details of kits or help contact the sculptor, but here is useful sites to browse for that kind of stuff:
    do follow sculptors or collectors on Twitter, search for hastags like #ワンフェス #wf2019s, find gk dealers here wf.kaiyodo.net/, check for new work on Myfigurecollection myfigurecollect... and FG-site www.fg-site.net... , fixia.jp/search... and approach them in very easy English with an additional Google translation into Japanese.

    Drop me a PM in time to figure stuff out or reach my via facebook (www.facebook.co...).

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