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OverwatchLooking for a Team!

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  • MekunekoRegular Boarder
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    • 4年前
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    • Finland
    1年前 • 更新 1年前
    If you're looking for a team, just leave a message below. Remember it would be nice to mention the following things:

    • Region
    • Platform PC or your console
    • Your Battletag Of if you'd like a PM first!
    • Something fun! Are you planning to go competitive or just Quick Play? Or perhaps you need help with an event?
    • Do you want to voicechat? Where?

  • snowfeisnack expertRegular Boarder
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    • 3年前
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    • Boise, ID
    1年前 • 更新 1年前
    US PC based support main looking for a partner to duo queue or a team, though I prefer not to 6 queue. :) I play mainly weekends and evenings from ~7pm MST till about 11pm. Currently 3000 SR, would like someone close to diamond or above please.

    Message me here if interested!
  • 2 replies
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