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AZONE HOLICS!Beginner Questions

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    You shouldn't need to wash the clothes, they won't stain or get dirty like a human's. Sometimes very light colors can get dirty, I have to wash one of my girl's white shirts every few months or so (this is mostly dust/etc). I always just put them in a bit of water and a small amount of soap, and thoroughly rinse (gently). If there's a stain, I use a color-friendly stain remover. You can not use any machine with these clothes, you must air dry them. They are so tiny though, you can easily air dry them on a towel hanger or rack.

    For hair, most people recommend to wash with conditioner. Make sure you are careful not to get anything with chemicals on the face and be gentle. For rinsing, gently run the water over her head turned upside down. You can then leave her head to dry in a towel overnight. I personally haven't found the need to wash any of my girl's hair, just light wiping with cloths to remove dust. Azone hair is much higher quality than other dolls (such as Pullip or Barbie).

    Thanks for the advice ^^ I'll try that for my dolls
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