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AZONE HOLICS!Beginner Questions

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    Aw thank you ^^ I'm glad I was able to help out! Good luck on getting her, in my experience proxies are usually ordering even on holidays because they are individuals and running a home business, but I'm sure it depends on the proxy and how large they are.

    They definitely became my favorite company and I tried many over the yeras, I always wanted one growing up but never could afford them back then. Since I got my first though it was just love at first sight and I had to get her a bunch of sisters! I bought a dollfie last year and I love her too, but I think Azones are definitely the best because of their petite size. When you hold them it's just so cute, and their hair is so nice to touch. If you're worried about styling, I would say always avoid dolls with curls like ITEM #20638. Dolls with crimped or wavy hair should be fine ITEM #70086 although straight hair feels the best and is the easiest to manage. Another thing to keep in mind, is that dolls with twintails or other pre-made hairstyles will require some effort if you want to take the ponytail out, because the synthetic hair will sort of "hold" and create creases after having been in the same hairstyle for so long.

    I hope their size doesn't disappoint you, unfortunately I see a lot of first time users upset because they think the 1/6 scale will be the same as like buying a 1/6 figure (12"+). They are 1/6, but they are molded after young girls and with unique proportions so they are smaller dolls at around 9" or so. Personally I love their size!

    For pre-ordering, we get information about the pre-order date approximately one week before pre-orders open from Azone's website. Hobby search puts the dolls up early so that people can make note of the reservation date (the title of the doll will say something like "booking start" and then the date). I would just keep my eye open for official shots on here, when the official shots go up we should have the reservation information ^^ Dolls usually release the same month (end of the month) or the next month but lately the dates have been a bit sporadic so it's hard to tell you. The reason I tell you the first part, is because Azones are very hard to get in on the pre-orders. They typically sell out within an hour or two but if the doll is very popular than even minutes. It's important to know the reservation date if you're interested in a doll.

    Sorry for writing so much :x
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