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    For anyone who would like to host GO's and splits ( we would like to keep this as Trigger only items)

    amiami-Triggerstore-surugaya-mandarake-comiket. etc

    Rules: ( I took rules info from another GO group to help organize this one, I hope that's ok ^^;;)

    1. Any member can create a thread for a split or a GO. When making a listing, please add username, country, if you're willing to ship internationally, and the item you're splitting/store you are hosting from.

    2. For each listing, the host must provide clear instructions/rules that can be detailed & easily understood to the participants. Please keep participants informed of the status of the order.

    3. For group order, always indicate what shop/event you will be ordering from or attending to obtain the items. In the case of an event, provide a list of items that can be ordered at the event as well.

    4. Hosts are obliged to post ALL POSSIBLE COSTS that'll be included in your group order/split. It may be shipping from Japan to the host, customs fees, or packaging costs. This is to insure your participants are fully-aware of what they'll be paying for and that the costs will be divided equally among them.

    5. Hosts are required to show/state a chart, photo, or list of their SHIPPING RATES in their country. This is to let your participants know how much their items will cost when shipped to them.

    6. This group is not allowed to make money off members. We are just helping each other out. Proxy Services for limited/exclusive items are only allowed for those items which are hard to get a hold of.

    7. Participants are highly encouraged to carefully read the host’s rules in the group order/split they are hosting.

    8. Participants are obliged to SUBSCRIBE to the group order/split thread they are taking part in to keep track of the status and updates about the group order/split they joined. This is also to make communication easier for both participant and host.

    9. Participants are free to apply for any slots that they wish to get in the group order/split you are part with. Always be clear about what slots you will take.

    10. Participants are asked to always double check computations and items they asked for when the host sent out invoices. This is to make sure you are fully aware of how much your total would be before sending out your total payment.

    11. If there is any member having trouble with a host or a participant in a certain split or GO, please contact admins/mods.

    12. Please be polite and respectful to each other. :')
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