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☆Intl Studio Trigger Fan Club☆Good Smile Company Poll 05/24/17

What would you like to see Good Smile Company make?

  • 3%Finish Space Patrol Luluco trio nendoroid (Midori and Nova)
  • 3%Space Patrol Luluco scales
  • 17%Finish Little Witch Academia trio nendoroid (Lotte and Sucy)
  • 21%Little Witch Academia scales
  • 7%Little Witch Academia figmas
  • 7%Trigger Girls scales or nendoroids
  • 34%More Kill La Kill scales or nendoroids
  • 3%Inferno Cop nendoroid
  • 3%Kiznaiver scales or nendoroids
  • 0%Love and Violence with Machspeed scales or nendoroids
  • 29 votesVotes are public

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