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  • HeliodoraRegular Boarder
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    • 4年前
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    1年前 • 更新 14天前
    The Buyers forum.

    -Post MFC item number of the item you want to buy
    -If you have a maximum price you're willing to pay then post it
    -Any additional request for the item (1st edition, with bonus item, with box,...)
  • DKWorksRegular Boarder
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    • 14天前
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    I am looking for Date A Live Trading Acrylic Key Rings to complete my collection. They are very hard to find, and my efforts see them sold out in online shops.
    MFC #772330 (Tohka)
    MFC #772334 (Kurumi)
    MFC #772335 (Yamai)
    MFC #772339 (Miku)
    MFC #772344 (Origami)
    MFC #772346 (Nia)
    MFC #772347 (Mukuro)

    I am willing to pay at most $10, each.
    Make sure they're in great condition.

    Good day and good night.
  • CrazyBilkesRegular Boarder
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    • 2年前
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    • Missouri
    Looking to buy this face plate from anniversary Saber Nendoroid


    Please PM me if selling. Thank you!
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