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    4年前 • 更新 4年前
    I recently received a SHF Ride Macher from a good friend of mine ITEM #282871 whioch he bought in Japan.. Problem is, he didn't have the chance to inspect the item when he bought it due to his busy schedule. So when I received it here in the Philippines, I noticed that one of the bike's footrest is missing, as if it was cut off from the item..

    I checked the packaging properly and the footrest wasn't there as I was hoping I could just reattach the footrest..

    what should I do with this? :(

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    Could you contact them?
    I also have a problem with my shf Digimons I received today -_-
    BLOG #31208
    The quality is really bad. I mailed the US bandai website because the German one is down
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