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  • Preorder sent promptly

    I preordered the Yuri Plisetsky Q Posket from Ninoma - I'm happy they would still ship him to me even though I'm outside of the Americas region. He was sent promptly once the release date rolled around and got to me quickly. The shipping box got beaten up pretty badly (somewhat unusual for me, most of my boxes arrive in good condition), but since the figure box was wrapped in bubble wrap it didn't take any damage.
  • Which shipping options for Ninoma ?

    ALr answered by ninoma. thanks for all the help :)
  • Great shop!

    Customer service is great, and they offer to undervalue your packages. Prices are pretty decent and my items arrived safe and sound. Highly recommend them!
  • Recommended!

    A few days ago I got my first order from Ninoma, Nendoroid Kaga, and I'm very positive about this shop. And of course, Nendoroid is 100% original!
    The package was packed very carefully and solidly.
    Excellent service contact! Very quick answer, everything has been thoroughly explained.
    Surely someday I'll order something from Ninoma.
  • Very good seller

    I bought two items on Ninoma shop and I didn't have any problems. Its customer service is very good. Ninoma has a lot of rare items. I think I will do other orders from it.
  • 10 feedbacks
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