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  • Sadly my order didn't work

    I ordered a discounted item and paid right away.

    The next morning I had a cancellation notice - the item was not in stock. I got refunded quickly and got a polite reply for asking why they're offering figures not in stock regarding their system had a kind of mistake, showing wrong status from the many suppliers they have.

    Now it's online again for more than double the price - I don't feel good at this to be honest but what do I know...

    They seem to have a good customer service given the fast answer and politeness.
    thanks you for your kind feedback.
    As stated in our dedicated topic :

    "We have experienced some issues with few orders that were incorrect due to a supplier-side issue.
    Anyways cancellation that may have resulted is our responsibility and we sincerely apologies for the disturbance. "

    Unfortunately your order was part of that batch and indeed resulted in a cancellation.
    There is unfortunately no trick here and we're very concerned with the loss of confidence that was created. We'll do our best next time in order to avoid such disturbance.
  • Good deals, bad shipping

    They took weeks to respond to my emails. I bought an item that they had in stock, but shortly after, they said it wasn't available. I emailed them about it twice over about a two week period. When I finally heard back, they told me there was a warehouse issue and they were trying to fill my order. The package sent out the same day, almost as if my email reminded them to ship it lol. The actual anime figure box came scratched up, but overall, I'm okay with the long wait and slightly damaged box. If customer service is more prompt in future, I will definitely buy again :)
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