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  • Great for prize figures

    Bought a dozen of prize figures and few scales within a year. They all came well protected and shipped soon after the order was processed. Customer service was responsive to my personal inquiries before and after i ordered. Probably one of my to-go store since the items i'm looking for aren't always available on amiami. ><
  • False advertising.

    Bought a couple of items. it said 97% off, payed with paypal, tomorrow morning they refund me and cancel my orders. Refund will come in a couple of days which doesn't work for me. Incompetent and ignorant. AVOID!
  • Ninoma Options and Selection

    + Great selection of old and new figures.
    + Pricing is fair, even on rare or hard to find figures.
    + New reward/point system implemented in 2017

    - Customer service is inconsistent. Sometimes responsive and friendly. Other times I have received no response in over a week.
    - New point system is a joke ($1 for every 100 spent)
    - Very slow to ship products after purchase. No matter which shipping method is selected.
    Dear Fakkufun7,
    thanks you very much for your constructive feedback. It is really appreciated.
    We will consider both downsides that were mentioned above in order to improve our service.
    Kind Regards
  • Preorder sent promptly

    I preordered the Yuri Plisetsky Q Posket from Ninoma - I'm happy they would still ship him to me even though I'm outside of the Americas region. He was sent promptly once the release date rolled around and got to me quickly. The shipping box got beaten up pretty badly (somewhat unusual for me, most of my boxes arrive in good condition), but since the figure box was wrapped in bubble wrap it didn't take any damage.
  • Which shipping options for Ninoma ?

    ALr answered by ninoma. thanks for all the help :)
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