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  • Great proxy shopping site.

    I find myself coming back to ZenMarket over others like Buyee or Hoyoyo. ZenMarket's website is really easy and clean.

    They have been really responsive and its easy transfer funds in and out of the site. They even have a nice trust feature that lets you spend a small sum before having to pay.
  • yakushining your Highness
    Go-to Proxy

    ZenMarket is an amazing proxy. The customer service, easy-to-use website, low fees, many credit/shipping options, warehouse storage, and overall reliability is top notch. I've shipped 10 large packages with them after finding them last year, and I've never looked back.

    They have a large range of shipping options with full transparency on the pricing which is great for people like me who always seem to get hit in the face with random shipping prices in other companies where they're not as upfront about pricing.
    They pack items with great care and I've never once received anything broken even when shipping fragile items. Loads of bubble wrap/packing materials are used to ensure the best care with my items.

    The only gripe I have is that it's a wild card on dealing with Y!JA sellers that apparently "don't deal with proxies" despite buying from separate item listings. I guess it a ll depends on the person who reads your unblock request which is understandable.

    All in all, I love ZenMarket. No doubt the best and easiest to use proxy I've ever used :)
  • My first proxy

    I used a Japanese proxy for the first time this month and chose Zenmarket. It was a pleasant experience from start to end. The shipping time was swift, reasonable shipping price and it was packed nicely - the items came without any hint of damage.

    The website is a little confusing to work with initially, and on certain days, the customer service may take quite some time to communicate back on your questions. It's also a little sad that they don't allow buying items from Mercari because there had been several items I had wanted from there.

    All in all, great proxy for my first buy and I would definitely use them again.
  • Used multiple times

    This is my main proxy I use since they have a 300yen for everything, shits cheap, never failed me, very helpful if an order goes wrong.
  • Very Good Customer Service

    I've only used ZM once. They're very prompt with replies through e-mail ir in their site (I sometimes wake up 2am (3am in JP) just to get an email saying ZM replied to my inquiry). They take good photos of the product you want to order (for a fee). Although, when I got my package, it was protected by a sheet of bubble wrap, and only a few pieces of paper to cover only the top and bottom of the figure box. Their handling fee can really stack up, so I wouldn't recommend this when splurging on different figures/merch.
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