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  • Sythellri the Phoenix
    Just bought Yuzuruha by Alter (Pre-owned)

    Just bought Yuzuruha by Alter (Pre-owned)

    I have to admit that I didn't really have high hopes originally. I was pretty surprised. Yuzuruha, as of 8/2017, is worth about $90-$100 in the secondhand market but Akiba Soul was selling her for $70. Even though the figure condition was A and the box was B, I still thought there was no possible way this figure could be perfect. There had to have been some kind of problem that wasn't mentioned in the description.

    I ended up buying her anyways and I am very satisfied. Never turned out to be nothing wrong and it was my own skepticism messing wit
    Glad to hear that she has found a new home! We understand that figure collecting is expensive so we do our best to keep prices reasonable!
  • Excellent service!

    I ordered a gift Sonico figure for my best friend. She shipped promptly and very securely, and arrived exactly as described. Love this website and visit it often to check for new stock. :)
    Thanks for ordering from us! We're glad that Sonico has a new home now! We just got a bunch of trade-ins so we'll be updating our pre-owned section with 20+ new figures in the coming weeks!
  • Best U.S. based shop!

    Akiba Soul is just what we needed. Reasonable prices, U.S. based pre-ordering, and no concern of bootlegs. Shipping is fast and I always know where my figure is. My merchandise always comes in perfect condition. Martin knows his stuff and any pre-owned figures are sure to be the real deal.
    Thank you for your lovely review! We take our time to review every figure that arrives at our store to make sure they're legit and not a Sader or any other kind of bootleg.
  • Great shop and reasonable prices.

    I bought a couple of pre-owned figures from Akiba Soul and both times they arrived perfectly. Figures was protected well with bubble wrap and paper. The condition of the figures was accurate as well.

    The website is very easy to navigate and they process your order pretty quickly. I've received shipping confirmation and tracking number the same day I ordered. My figures came in within 2-3 days after ordering.

    Overall, very satisfied. Highly recommend checking them out. I know I will.
    Thanks for giving Akiba Soul a shot! We hope we can keep growing bigger and have a bigger selection of pre-owned figures!
  • Great Service

    I bought four figures so far. Two have came in and they are amazing. The Shipping was great and came quickly. The figures itself was beautiful. I will be buying a lot more figures from them!
    Thanks so much for supporting us and giving us a shot!
  • 17 feedbacks
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