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  • Good Seller

    I recently bought this item from J-Figure.
    ITEM #320500

    In short i am happy.
    This shop is good.
    Why is that?

    Its simple.
    The customer support is great.
    Nice and fast responce.
    You can ask anything.
    They will responce and help you out.

    I ordered it from J Figure because of the customer support.
    The price was okay.
    And the item and box was in excelent condition.
    And it came with the Art card.

    They dont shippet the item right away.
    But it was okay.
    The item was well packed.

    The Website could use a bit more infos on the items.
    And maby more pics.
    But for that use other sources or jusk ask them.

    I recommend the shop.
  • Great service

    I left this comment on their page, and didn't realize there was a feedback section, so I'll be reposting it here:

    I bought ITEM #195023 pre-owned from this shop around January 3rd. It took awhile to ship because of holidays and New Years, but arrived very quickly once shipped. I used EMS.

    I asked J-Figure to be extra careful when shipping, and they did not disappoint. The packages were packed very professionally and articulately. The figure is in wonderful condition and looks practically brand-new.

    If anyone is having trouble finding a particular figurine in the market, I highly recommend this shop. They are even willing to take requests from customers.

    Thank you J-Figure! I appreciate your business!
  • Good proxy service

    I used J-Figure to help me bid on a Yahoo JP auction on a very rare Volks figure and proxy it to the United States: ITEM #82614

    This figure is very expensive, The figure was 53000 YEN final bid price and then I had to add on the local Japan shipping, Japan to USA shipping, Paypal fees, and proxy fees. I felt the proxy fees were reasonable compared to other stores. For the service I got from Koichi it was worth it. I wanted to make sure this was all done right so I chose J-Figure since they were very good on communication in my emails in the past.

    Koichi used LINE to communicate with me during the bidding procedure and was very prompt with email replies. We lost the bid on the first item, so we had to wait several weeks until another one. But we won the second item :) Shipping to me, the store owner used a very good quality box and the item was very secured. Overall a very professional proxy experience, A+.
  • Had a shipping Problem but JFigure has been superb in support!

    Previously had a problem with the item being shipped to another country and wasn't able to make contact with them to make the change until AFTER the item has left Japan (I did send them messages).

    UPDATE 9/17/17: Yay! After almost 3 months Return Shipment is finally successful (partly the delay is from my local side of Postal Service) and they're preparing to ship it to my correct address as I write this, even covering the shipping costs. They've been outstanding in following up this issue with me from start to finish. Great shop, great customer support! Definitely recommended.
    When you check out with your PayPal account, it sometimes overwrites shipping address registered there even if you write a different shipping address at our website.
    But we have to apologize for the case as our mistake because you left a message at the order confirmation and we missed it.
    As you know, we are working to get back the parcel from Phillipines and resend it to the address you originally wanted. We agreed to pay the difference of shipping cost.
    Once again, sorry for your inconvenience and we greatly appreciate your help in working on the post office.
  • Jfigure is a good option to buy figure

    -Reply to inquire pretty fast
    -decent shipping rate
    -figure was wrap well to prevent damage
    -legit figure
    -1 week wait for them to ship it
    -website should have a condition of the figure

    overall: i would recommend them even though website does not look that great
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