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Yo. ( ゚▽゚)/

I go by the trade names "the glitchy" and "Macabre Morrow." Call me glitchy or Morrow, whichever suits you.

Fan of Rockman, Vocaloid, and Black Rock Shooter. Resin kits and action figures are my favorite kinds, though I do pick up high quality scale figures here and there if they impress me. I'm also starting to pick up more prize figures because of their cheap price tags, so those might become more prevalent in my collection as time goes on. I greatly enjoy reviewing pretty much anything, so expect to see figure reviews in the future!

I generally take FRs, but don't expect one in return. Sorry, I just really can't keep up with following others' accounts, hope you understand. =\

Questions or reasonable offers can be sent to my Gmail address, theglitchy AT gmail.com

Thanks for looking! See you around! ( ゚▽゚)ノシ

Rules for Reviewing:

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1) I review Scale, Poseable, Prize, Cold Cast, and Model Kits. No circle GKs, giveaways, or contest prizes because of their seriously limited and exclusive nature.
2) Figure can be Standard, Limited, or Exclusive as long as it can be found relatively painlessly.
3) Only figures released within the past year will be reviewed.
4) While I try to keep my reviews objective, some personal bias is going to slip in here and there. Please be aware of that.
5) A low score doesn't necessarily mean I hate a figure, and consequently a high score doesn't make it one of my favorites by default either.

I'm planning a separate series similar to Tomopop's Show&Tell series. The gist is basically instead of doing an in-depth review of a recent figure with scores and criticisms, it will mostly be looking at old figures/figure lines and some of my personal favorites.

I don't do video reviews because recording is a pain, I have no good place to do it, and my voice is difficult to understand. Don't expect to ever see any from me.

Ratings and Verdicts:

Scale: I rate scale figures on five things: Box, Stand, Sculpt, Paint, and Overall Appeal.

Poseable: I rate poseable figures on Box, Sculpt, Accessories, Articulation, and Overall Appeal.


GET: Get this, it's worth full retail price hands-down, whether you're a fan of the series/character or just enjoy figure collecting. Basically, it's a solid figure all around and one of my personal recommendations.

SALE: A decent figure, but not worth full retail price if you aren't familiar with the character or series. People who like the character/series will probably want this.

PASS: Figure is only for the most hardcore of fans of a series or character. May be OK to purchase if you find an inexpensive copy somewhere, but otherwise it really isn't worth it if you're not a fan and sometimes even if you are.

AVOID: Avoid this POS and destroy any copies you find. The manufacturer should be paying you to own this embarrassment of a sculpture.

Recommended Websites:

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For Figures:

Hobby Search (JP): www.1999.co.jp/...
Mandarake (JP): ekizo.mandarake...
Anime-Island (US): www.anime-islan...

For Hobby Tools/Supplies:

Hobby Link Japan (JP): www.hlj.com/ind...
Hobby Search (JP) : www.1999.co.jp/...

Most Useful Website for all Japanese Products:

Yahoo! Japan Auctions: auctions.yahoo....

^ Almost all of my GKs can be traced back to YHJ sellers. I've ordered from all kinds of vendors there and so far every one has been excellent. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. :x

About Group Orders

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From time to time, I'll open group orders, usually for GSC goods that are limited/exclusive/WF only, usually of Vocaloid. For those of you new to the concept of group ordering (don't worry, we were all there once), I'll give a brief explanation of what it is and why you might be interested in participating in them. Basically, a group order is a group of nerds collectors who are all in agreement that a particular item is pretty kick-ass and all want to order the same item, or a particular seller is offering items at good prices that many people want to buy from. Because buying in bulk often tends to be cheaper overall when it comes to international shipping, especially for a site like GSC that offers a flat rate shipping of 2000 yen per order, there is potential for big savings by participating in a group order. To put it in perspective, taking GSC as an example again, their only store often has a flat rate of 2000 yen for shipping, which is grossly expensive for one small item like a nendoroid or a figma, making it expensive for a person to buy only one for themselves. However, if five people split the shipping, that flat 2000 yen that is such a rip-off for one person suddenly becomes only 400 yen per person. While you do have to pay the leader of the group order for the domestic shipping from their house to yours, this is often far less expensive, thus the concept of group ordering took off. The way it works is that, when a new product is put up for order by, for example, GSC again, and there is a decent amount of interest in it, one person, the "Host" of the group, will gather as many people as necessary by the deadline that wish to buy the product being offered. The host's job is to organize everyone's payments, place the order, keep updated on the status of the products, receive and repackage all of the items for individual shipment to people's houses and mail them, and provide any order info requested in case of product defects. For the best savings, living in the same area as the host (such as the east coast, west cost, northern/southern areas in the US). Nowadays, due to the decreased expense of the yen, it's a little less useful than it once was, but you can easily save $10+USD in shipping expenses. It's up to you whether you think the savings are worth participating, or if you're thinking of hosting one, if the amount of work you'll have to do is worth it. I enjoy it, myself, and I've learned a lot from it.

I strive to ship out all packages within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. If you get a defective figure, it's better to contact the company who released it, but if you need any order info or whatnot, just send me a message with your e-mail address and I'll have that forwarded to you.

If you have any questions about a group order you're participating in with me or just want to know the status, feel free to shoot me a message. If you're satisfied with the group order, please leave some feedback in the Comments section if you have time, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks to all those who choose to participate with me, and I hope you keep me in mind when you want to do more group orders in the future~ ^^~




Your inbox is full and I needed to follow up on a message regarding the shipping quote!

Bro, please check your mail :p
theglitchy (4年前) #2659746I apologize for the late reply. I've been lax checking this site lately.
If you're interested in purchasing something of mine, send me offers via PM. Cheers :]

Already sent you PM and maill bro!
Hello there Maro!
I am very interested with your ITEM #89927 and set
Can you sell them to me?

Thanks :)
Hey, I received iBRS today and she looks wonderful! Thank you so much for letting me join the group order again ! :3
theglitchy (6年前) #1192044Hello, and thanks for reading. :]
Yes, I had the same problem with the ball joints becoming stuck in the wrists. What I recommend is a pair of needle-nose pliers. They're really good for prying off stuck pieces, I've found. You should be able to get them at any crafts shop. When you pull the hands out, try to pull from closer to the wrist instead of the ends of the hands too. Yes, the arms can be detached above the elbow by pulling. It takes quite a bit of effort, but they will come loose eventually.

Ah wow, so that happened to you too. Thats nice to know at least. And thanks, I'll definitely go and get some of those pliers then! Thanks so much for replying and for the other advice, its reasons like this that I'm so glad this site exists, haha.
Hi! I just read your review of the Almecha KOS-MOS (it was very good--and very true I'm discovering). See, I just got mine in the mail today and opened her up a couple hours ago. I went to remove her right hand..and it broke. I didnt even pull it hard, but the hand disconnected from the ball joint and now the ball joint is stuck inside the wrist. Can I bother you for any suggestions? Also, how exactly are you suppose to take her hands out? You just pull straight, right? Does the same go for everything else, like her arm right above the elbow? I pulled on that too and it didn't budge so I wasn't sure (wanted to try giving her a sword arm since her hand is broken).
theglitchy (6年前) #1071457Don't worry about it, hope you will consider ordering with me in the future. (´・ω・`)
Okay. :D *shocked this face* O_O;; no not that! Dx
Miku & Rin came in the mail today! You were so nice to talk to and very helpful with my questions! Thanks so much for helping me acquire these two! <3
[hi sorry I can't sent pm in my full ^^;] I wish I still interested in group ordering for an iBRS nendo. But I just can't. :( my hands is tied with somethings to do.. I hope next time of different of new figure with you some day. :) Sorry it's too early for me to pay. ^^; So good luck. :)
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