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I only recently got serious about buying figures so my collection is still very small. The first figure I ever bought was my Rinoa. At the time I had bought her i had no intention of buying more. It wasn't until a few years later that I had decided to start collecting (which was Nov.08)

I'm drawn to figures that tend to be extravagant/flashy or extremely cute. The more details in a figure the more I want it. I'd rather spend a little more for one that is well made than for a few that aren't. Also I'd like to complete as many collections as I can. Unfortunately I'm still a student so I don't make enough money to buy a lot of figures (thus my tiny collection).
My favorite manufacturer is Alter and second is Good Smile Company.

Now a little about myself; I am a very shy person even on the internet so it's very unlikely that I will start a conversation, but it doesn't mean I won't reply if you talk to me. Unless I have nothing to say I will reply as soon as I get your message. I like to draw on some occasions, but nothing serious. I am very into music, mostly Touhou related though, and listen to almost every genre. Other than that if you want to know anything you can simply ask.


Cute collection! Love the wallpapers you put up on your blog, they're really pretty ^^
Merry Christmas! ^^
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Kaichi ☆☆☆
You have the Figma Cycle ç_________________________ç
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wow, you pre-ordered like all the axis powers figs, be proud of yourself! epic collection is epic
Leonia nya~
Nice beginning with Lala ^^ A cute collection
Oh I see ^^" Yeah I don't really do any preordering so it's not really an issue for me but I'm guessing it probably isn't too bad if you preorder early. Actually yesterday I was about to preorder a figure online since they give you a small discount if you do but I decided not to :/
Ah, yeah I'd actually prefer to buy locally too except there aren't any stores near me that sell figures or anything :( So I've basically only picked them up on occasional trips to farther cities or at anime conventions. And figure allocation online? I'm not sure I follow... :/
Nice choice of the Mon-sieur BOME figures ^^ I have the Rin one and almost got the Saber one because it was on sale but the site I was going to get it from was out of stock -__-
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value