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add me on fate/grand order: 845,007,225, send me a message so i know who you are tho


if diarmuid is my beautiful trophy wife, emiya shirou is the hot stud pool boy who i pay by shoving $100 bills down his swim trunks with my teeth

don't even think about talking to me if you like loli/shota crap
sometimes i scream at my own ass



luffyluffy (3年前) #3149439Thank you!!!!!!!! I'm very dedicated to my wonderful green stick boy. No problem! x3 im hoping to start a Gilgamesh collection soon! :3
I love your lancer collection! >w<
luffyluffy (3年前) #2948263Ah, thank you for getting back to me! But actually I just found him on Rakuten a few days ago for really cheap so I ended up ordering him. Thank you for getting back to me though!

Oh okay, no problem! Glad you found him!
Hiii you left a comment on one of my selling lists asking about ITEM #125315. I've been off of this site for a while (obviously) but I just wanted to let you know that yes, I still have him and if you want him, just shoot me an offer. :)
luffyluffy (3年前) #2799140Oh it's no problem! I know how hard it can be to hunt down merchandise like this. Do you like Lancer too? I adore him, hehe

Glad you can understand ^^ I always seem to find things I want a little too late, I guess wallet-kun will be happy lol.

Loooove both Lancers! though I have a soft spot more for Fate/Zero Lancer. I'm sort of new to this hobby but lately I've been buying Lancers/Fate Zero figures- x) those Ichiban Kuji figures of Lancer are so cute. How about you? :)
luffyluffy (3年前) #2799111Don't worry it's not a bother! I ordered them from Amiami a few weeks ago.
Here you go. Preorders are closed now, though.

Thank you so much for the help! It's nice to meet another Fate fan too :3
Well I'm gonna keep my eye on it still and just hope it will come back in stock eventually.
Sorry to randomly bother you >_<' but since your like the one other person to order it, where did you order UBW Fate/Stay night postcard collection of Archer and Lancer?
Thank you in advance, I appreciate any help.
luffyluffy (4年前) #2777466Oh man, you lucky duck! It must be nice to be able to go to Japan freely like that. I'm only 21 tho so I'm sure I'll get there some day ;w; You should definitely take pictures of those two cutouts though! I'd kill for the Kotomine cutout...
I'll definitely check this proxy out as soon as I get a little extra money though! Maybe they can help me get those lil Ichiban Kuji Kireis that have eluded me for far too long.
and I'm sure by the time June and July roll in, your hair will grow back in enough to put up.

Ahah, yeah. It's my third trip, so it'll be good. Shame I'm missing out on the Fate S2 pre-screening by two days. But ah wells. It's actually a birthday trip, so it'll be interesting and fun. Lots to do.

Hahah, I will be! I still have to work out where I'll put them though.

Good luck! I've been trying to restrict more figures because both of my display cases are completely full but it's hard with all the new Fate stuff coming out. ;A;

And yup! Though I'm not too fussed how long it takes either way.
luffyluffy (4年前) #2777439OOHHH, somehow I knew that's what you were talking about. I somehow managed to order the postcard set exactly for this specific one without realizing this was actually from anything. Isn't that incredible?
Do you have any recommendations for proxies for y!j then? Since Fate is clearly going to take all of my money at some point.
On a slightly different topic, I got that scrunchy today!
I stuck it on my Jigen plushie, since he holds all of my hairties anyway. It's really big and it holds your hair really well, which is good because I've got a ton of hair and I need to have it up for work anyway. I wore it there today and got a ton of compliments, ehe.

Hahaha I see. I'm waiting for the clear file since I'll be in Japan in just under a week so I can grab it at Animate Ikebukuro. I'm also going to get the new rubber stamps because fucking hell they're cute and there's special edition ones that showed up too which I love.

The proxy I use is ASH. ashdrs.qi.shops... This is their site. They've been very reliable however they can be a bit expensive especially if you're getting more expensive items c': (such as the comiket Key Animation sets for UBW weeps).

And nice! Mine should be here Tues/Wed. I just cut my hair the other day so I won't be able to use it for a bit unless I want a scrunchie bracelet...

Tbh the main thing I'm looking forwards to is picking up my Archer and Lancer cut outs from my friend. OwO
luffyluffy (4年前) #2777412You're going to have to tell me about this infamous magazine spread, that sounds wonderful. How does Yahoo jpn auctions work anyway? Honestly I SHOULD be saving money so I've only really been poking around on Ebay and Amiami and I recently figured out how to use Mandarake? (I found a Diarmuid for 1000y when he's usually three times that on ebay ehe). So as much as I'd like to have more of the old Lancers, I guess I'm saving up for the new ones he's bound to get when season two starts. I hope.

Oh! Snerk. Here: 41.media.tumblr... It's from November's Pash and it's also got a clearfile and poster now :P

Tbh, y!J is a little confusing, but if you find what you want, and get a proxy to buy for you it's a lot easier since they do all the hard work. You just have to know what you want and how much you want it.

AmiAmi is definitely good for new stuff but also make sure to check GoodSmile etc if it's a GSC fig because they'll often have it for a slightly higher price but with more stuff. Eg. Archer nendo comes with a summoning circle but doesn't have the AmiAmi discount.

As for S2, I'm holding out for more stuff. He's definitely been doing better than what he used it, in terms of merch and S2 is where he really gets to play with the others so hopefully!
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