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I started watching anime about 20 years ago and was interested in Japan ever since. At first my friends and family thought that it’s just a fad and I’ll grow out of it sooner or later but that never happened. When I was in university I started watching 15-20 shows per season, reading VNs and browsing /a/ regularly.

In 2016 I fulfilled my dream and went to Japan for the first time where I spent about 3 weeks visiting every shrine possible during daytime and shopping in Akihabara in the evenings. Going to Comiket 90 was the highlight of my trip. I heard stories and read some online guides but seeing the sea of people waiting at 6AM for a chance to buy doujinshi from their favorite artists showed me how serious can people get when it comes to their hobbies.

The side effect of the whole experience was that I started collecting doujinshi and figures myself and that's how I ended up on MFC.
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