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hello there!

my about section can be found under the spoiler.
for other info, see my info spoiler.

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aboutabout˗ˏˋ☆ ́ˎ˗

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*.☆ hello! i've been collecting goods since roughly 2017, though i only got around to collecting figures in 2018. i mainly collect goods nowadays, and i buy figures less often. i mostly collect scales and occasionally some smaller figures.

*.☆ my main collection focuses are currently genshin impact and madoka magica.

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*.☆ the love of my life is tartaglia from genshin impact. i devote way too much money to his merchandise. otherwise, i am deathly in love with malleus draconia & zack fair. my other beloved is madoka kaname. she's my daughter.

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*.☆ most of my main collections can be found in my lists. the thumbnails of my other goods/figures color-clash too much with my theme, so it's off my profile.

*.☆ my profile is best seen in light mode + PC.

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infoinfo*.☆ I do not accept friend requests, however my PMs are open for contacting purposes. My comments box is closed as I have an easier time responding through PMs.

*.☆ My sales can be found in my ads section, otherwise no other part of my collection is for sale. I only post my sales photos here on MFC.

*.☆ I'm the admin for the Genshin Impact club, feel free to PM me regarding anything to it.

*.☆ I typically respond timely to quotes/PMs, however I may be slow or not reply at all. Thank you for understanding.

*.☆ Thank you for vising!


˚ੈ✩ my lovesmy loveshttps://64.media.tumblr.com/830ede4be8165b0cf82ea8c5d37dc2a3/7f1a8f781afac566-2f/s400x600/e6dde1316ede6da56078f6315e11cb4fb4ee495c.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/9bd96f750c1354f4c3485a6078adace4/1633860f804e7bc4-28/s250x400/3fab8337e0532f80f20a6dd519161270bef0925b.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/100b947613f14bc23e05677c3440ffbc/7f1a8f781afac566-47/s400x600/27cfeec6be5a332a5f97224b76d2ccc8cb653a4e.gifhttps://64.media.tumblr.com/f557faf3871b3102b50e727d87d12d40/7f1a8f781afac566-56/s400x600/132f33c53e22b456aaef9c1b68f10e5b3cc21f62.gif

❝ my stars & skies. ❞

✰.* tartaglia, madoka kaname, zack fair, & malleus draconia. *.✰

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˚ੈ✩ court jester
˚ੈ✩ madoka magica, yuru camp, pandora hearts
˚ੈ✩ genshin impact, ff7, twst, fe3h, KH, skyrim
˚ੈ✩ redheads, pink hair, black/dark hair, long haired men, triple bangs, bows, eyepatches/scars, rings/earrings, long coats, pirates, jesters, tsun men