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Hi everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I bought my first anime/manga figures back in early 2012 and since then I've always wanted to start a small collection of my own (✪㉨✪)
(((But I have a small budget so it'll probably never grow very big sobs)))

- Hatsune Miku
- Ao no Exorcist
- Black Rock Shooter
- Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
- Persona 5
- Steins;Gate
- Darling in the Franxx




Happy Belated Birthday!
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Hey, wanted to send you a PM to ask for some of the figures you're selling but your inbox is full.
Think you could make some room for me?
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hunso6年前#2075131Lmao reproduction of the dishes X'D I heard about that some weeks ago and wow so it is real hahaha It's amazing tho! I just can't imagine that happening in France (pvc cassoulet LOL) Japanese ppl are definitely interesting ppl :] No wonder why they love making merch that much then XD Damn I need to start saving money to go there as soon as possible!
I'm glad to hear that at least for Tokyo it's not the case ^^ Well with all those tourists it's kinda normal that they get used to it lol I guess those things I was talking about are more applicable for smaller cities etc that are less touristic?
And true that attraction they have for France is so weird but oh well as you said, better for us! XD
Aw well when I was younger (11 to 14) I was always on RPG forums and stuff and I participated easily, but now it's another story T0T Idk haha

These things are great! They are very well done and make you hungry just by looking at them. But you know, it DOES happen in Europe too. I'm currently doing an internship in a food service company and at least one of our restaurant in Luxembourg features reproduction too. Of course you don't see that very often in here whereas in Japan it's very very common. You'll see that japanese people do LOTS of other interesting things, you just can't get bored there because it's so different from what we are used to see.
It's not really because of the number of tourists, actually you don't see a lot of them, especially non-asian. Japan is not that common of a destination, after all. However, there are a lots of foreigners working or living in Tokyo, so yeah japanese are used to see them around. I suppose it must be indeed true in less touristic area, but I wonder if such totally remote areas still really exists. Nowadays I think almost everyone in Japan has already see foreigners at least on TV or whatever so you would have to get really lost in the middle of nowhere to get the alien look. Probably.

I used to be quite active in forums when I was younger too, but never in RPG-one, simply discussions one. You can join clubs about the things you like here, you'll probably get answer if you leave a message in the club room, providing the group is still active of course.
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hunso6年前#2074807(Just noticed I forgot to answer your question X'D I don't have a dreamjob yet, but well I'm currently doing the studies to become a translator... I'll see! ^^)
I see! :) So it's a rather wide thing ^^
Wow you managed to live there without knowing kanji!! How is it? I thought it was necessary XD But that's rather reassuring because I was afraid not to be able to understand anything if I ever go to Japan OTL
Oh thanks! ^^ Well I heard that it's not easy when you're not asian (as ethnicy I mean) yourself, or when you're tall, stuff like this lol But I may be wrong it's just stuff I heard! Since I'm not asian and rather tall that's why I'm worrying haha TvT
MyAnimeShelf! I agree, it's not that bad but MFC is better imo too ^^ And I have never heard of Figure Maniax! I searched on google and apparently it's dead... Seems like "Japafigs" is their "continuation" or something. But I'm not that much into forums anymore because everyone always ignore my replies OTL

No really it's not that hard to be in Japan without knowing kanjis, and yet I was integrating myself in japanese life, it's not as if I had always hung with international people or whatever. Japan is a very pictorial country: for instance, very often you have pictures on restaurants' menus or a reproduction of the dishes in a glass cabinet outside the restaurant. To be totally honest thigh, I did know about 50-100 kanjis that I learned while being there and that covered a lot of basic stuff. Simply with that small amount of essential kanjis + katakana and hiragana (that you can learn quite easily, really) you'll be able to understand way enough things to ensure your survival in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of :)
Oh, you were talking about the behavior of japanese people towards strangers. Well in Tokyo it's almost irrelevant. People there are completely used to see foreigners everywhere and they literally don't care. I'm quite tall myself and it's hard to find someone more white than I am, but people didn't stare at me or something. They just don't mind.
It's the same in all heavily touristic area. When you interact with them, they are really friendly towards non-japanese and especially french people, they love us for a lot of unfounded reasons but oh well, just take the love lol. They are also very interested and ask lots of question, unfortunately they very rarely manage foreign language so you will most certainly hit the language barrier very soon. But you won't feel denigrated or looked down, I can guarantee that.
OMG indeed you're right! It seems it was shut down in February. Now your last comment was very sad :( What kind of forums did you used to attend?
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hunso6年前#2073011Wow that sounds cool! What do you do exactly? Economy? I'm not familiar at all this those things sorry OTL I guess you speak Japanese then? :D I'm still in the process of learning it, hopefully one day I'll be able to understand basic stuff and go to Japan for holidays ^^ But I wonder how it is to live in this country, I heard that it's not easy?
Oh right! Then you should read them, imo the story's getting better so it's worth it haha~
Ohh I like how it works, thanks for the link! ^^ And it's really unexpensive, maybe I'll consider buying a month or so to try it if I'm active this summer :) I really like this website, I guess it's the biggest figures/merch community right? I first joined just to have more info on figures/merch but well, I got swallowed by the whole hobby apparently X'D

Oh, really? Well yeah, it's based on economics in the very beginning but you're free to walk away from it thereafter. It's basically a school for all supporting jobs in business: human ressources, accounting, finance, sales, marketing, operations... For your final two years out of the 5 you spend in a business school you can choose to specialize in one of these fields.
I can speak a rather limited japanese, yes. I will be fine when it comes to daily life situations but I'm still helpless as far as business or technical conversations go. I also can't read, I didn't have time for learning kanjis when I'd lived there and I could totally live without them so I suppose I kinda got a bit lazy with my kanji learning. So yeah, my japanese still has room for LOTS of improvement.
You can go on holiday to Japan without being able to speak japanese, you know. Well, at least you'll be fine in Tokyo. No one speaks english, true enough, but lots of stuff are written in our alphabet so you won't be completely lost in transport or things like that.
I wouldn't say it's not easy living in Japan. It's just very different. They are so many things I could tell that I actually don't know where to start, so please feel free to ask questions if you wanna read more on this subject.
I know, right? I usually go with the 3 months option, because $14 every 3 months is basically nothing, especially if you convert that into €.
Yeah, I assume MFC is indeed the biggest one. I know there is another similar website with "shelf" on its name or whatever, but it's not even close to be as attractive as MFC in terms of design. You might have heard about Figure Maniax too, which is a french forum, but I basically knows nothing about it except that it's quite big and they have a radio or something in that extent covering figure news.
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hunso6年前#2071724I study english (literature, civilization and language, next year I'll specialize in translation if I pass this year) ^^ And you?
They're also my fave characters! Especially Shima even if I felt betrayed by the recent events lol I can't wait to know what will happen next! The story's getting interesting haha
I've been wondering, how do you become a Supporter? What is it exactly?
(Et c'est pas faux ça, c'est mieux comme ça je pense aussi ! Ça me gêne pas de parler en anglais de toute façon ^^)
No problem!

Oh, that's cool! What is your dreamjob then? :)
I'm studying international business and management in a business school. I'm currently on my final internship. I'm still unsure about what I wanna do later, but I'm toying with the idea of returning to Japan (I have studied there for one year). We'll see!
It's funny we have the exact same favorite characters! I'm afraid I'm not up-to-date regarding the manga so I don't know which events you are talking about, but that sure makes me want to buy the volumes I don't have yet.
You become a supporter by donating a small amount of money to the website for its maintenance and whatever else is needed. By doing this, you get access to lots of cool features like full profile customization, no ads or the possibility to host as many sales as you like. What I think is really cool though, is the fact that you can totally enjoy Tsuki-board without being a supporter. The things you get for being a supporter are just bonus, there is nothing really essential about it. So you're not forced to do it at all. It's up to you. You may want to read this for more info: about/subscribe...
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hunso6年前#2071473Thank you! ♥
I saw that and replied :D I'm trying to find time and inspiration with university but it's hard TvT
Actually I prefer the manga over the anime! :) And it's my favorite manga~ Have you read it?
(I love your profile, the little hearts/petals are super cute~)
(Ah je sais pas si je dois répondre en français ou anglais du coup X'D Désolée !)

What are you studying ? :)
I actually prefer the manga version as well, the anime wasn't bad I suppose, but a little bit meh.
Who is your favorite character? I really like Shima and Rin, which is uncanny since usually I dislike main characters.

Thank you! They are supposed to be petals, I try changing them each season, so now it's petals for spring. You can have access to similar customization tools if you ever decide to become a supporter.

Pas de problème ! J'essaye de toujours parler en anglais sur ce site pour ne pas faire trop sectaire, car si tout le monde parlait dans sa langue ce serait un joyeux bordel et ce serait aussi beaucoup moins convivial :) Mais tu peux me parler dans la langue que tu souhaites, ça ne me dérange pas. Thanks for the friend request by the way ;-)
Ah bon ? ^^ Je vois pas pourquoi =)
hunso6年前#2071463C'est normal :3
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Welcome to the hobby & MFC :D
I hope you'll enjoy your time here.
I took a look at your deviantart and I like what I saw. I've even left a comment (Eternal57). I hope you'll upload more in the future.

Have you read Ao no Exorcist manga?
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