PM me if you are selling anything in my wishlist :)
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Hello :)

I am from Indonesia but I am currently living in Singapore. Some of my collections are in Indonesia and some in Singapore and that is why I am able to have quite a lot of figures.

This hobby began in 2003 with me collecting Gundam Wing model kits and Saint Seiya model kits. In 2006, I started collecting Final Fantasy Play Arts figures. Due to space constraints, I am only able to get the main male and female characters. And from then on, Final Fantasy-related figurines become the bulk of my collection.

I prefer cool, badass, and realistically designed characters and figurines. That is why I am more inclined towards collecting figurines of male characters as a lot of of female figurines have unrealistic and disproportionate body parts. Out of respect of all the females, I will not support over-sexualisation of females in the form of figurines. Similarly, I also dislike those unrealistic and overly muscular males (Dragonball is the first thing that comes to my mind).

Other than figurines, I am also a huge fan of anime/manga/game artbooks. Perhaps I am bigger fan of these books than of the figurines.



congrats soo happy you got the other half of the Athena Exclamation statue,
gives me hope in finding it too ^^
thanks man for your kind words I got partial refund offer from today and get to keep to keep the statue hopeful glue senpai can fix them what is a saint with out battle scars all though I feel bad for calling the guy a scammer once I get the refund in my account I will take the negative feed back darkrose5年前#3838430That sounds completely broken to me :( I hope you can fight for and get a full refund for it or perhaps a replacement if they still have stock.
saga was broken from both feets camus hand also his hand is missing fingers and his hair is broken only shura that is fine and Athena too darkrose5年前#3829592I just removed mine from the box to display it. I am just wondering which part of your piece is broken and missing? Mine comes in 1 piece and does not need any assembly
well the tape on the box looked removed but my biggest grip he did not put fragile label on it anyway I did submit a request and will take further necessary action if needed. cool so your piece is fine good to know enjoy mandarkrose5年前#3766282:( Is yours unopened? Mine was unopened. I opened and inspected it on the shop itself.
Please contact the shop or open a case with ebay and let me know how everything turns out in the end.
hi watch out man from that ebay shop I just got my Athena Exclamation book-stand it was broken and got missing parts :(
darkrose5年前#2749463I ran out of display space so I have no choice but to 'rotate' the figures to display. The only good thing is about it is that I don't easily get bored of my figures since I am not looking at every single one of them everyday.
And of course the worse problem is storage space >.< Being surrounded by all these boxes is like sleeping in a store room

haha I can understand. Storage of boxes is definitely a big problem.
I am thinking of how to make or install some wall rack to store the boxes.
As it is above eye level should make it not so conspicuous.
The only issue is that I have to drill some wall screws which I am try to avoid.
darkrose5年前#2749250Thanks for the FR :)
Lol I think I am a hoarder. There range of my collection is too wide that it becomes messy to display in real life.
Your pretty girls scales and nendos will look more impressive on display in real life. How I wish I have similar willpower to have a certain theme to my collection.

I am quite sure if you want you sure can find an order to display your collection.
Well that to me is one of the fun parts of the hobby: how to display your collection
My collection started off quite random but gradually I started to fill the gaps to fit certain theme I had in mind.
Now for me the next problem is where to find space to display them...
Your collection is sure impressive!
darkrose5年前#2624904Sure :) If you still are unable to get one by the time I want to sell mine haha
Its the last Zidane I need for my collection and Im searching him for years(
Oh wish anyone sell chrome ff9 Zidane someday. Let me know if you decide to do that one day~
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