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I'm a loser but don't let that stop you from enjoying my massive fails.

ハレムが欲しい。( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

>primarily an otome gamer
>currently in swordboy hell and sports anime hell (mainly KnB, Ace and HQ)
>and then mobage hell (Plays idolish7, Aichuu, Ensemble Stars and Fate/Grand Order - RIP me)
>I have a bad habit of going overboard and buying lots of things for my current interests
>feel free to talk to me here or anywhere else - I'm active on twitter! @yukicchuu



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Happiest of Birthdays! :D!! I hope it was a good one.
Yukicchuu4年前#10155340Happy birthday! ┗=͟͟͞͞( ・∀・)=͟͟͞͞┛ Hope you get lots of love and lots of goods! lmao

Aaaaaaahhhh, thank youuuuu! ^____^ ♥♥♥ I didn't get many presents, but I did get a lot of cash, which is great too! ♥
Yukicchuu4年前#6851011あれ、雨夜んも参加した?w こっちもよろしくねー
うんwwww こちらこそ、よろしくお願いしまーす☆
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Yukicchuu4年前#6520481I bet you got it before I even said anything! I didn't know Shin was a hardcore LLSIF fan LOL. You should say I "opened your eyes" instead ;)

:( Welp the bag sold out before I got paid. Ita bag will have to wait. T_T
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Yukicchuu4年前#6443490AHHhhHHHH most of the stuff is gone though :'( (and they don't ship to Australia------but that won't stop me from getting my goods lmao).
_(:3 get it~ Make your shin itabag!

eeee I ordered it. I'll probably end up putting all my Love Live! stuff on it for now. You're a bad influence <3 LOL
snowfei snack expert
psst! Amnesia stuff on sale :O en.animate-onli...

I was thinking about getting the Shin bag. @__@
Yukicchuu4年前#6372942Oh that sucks, did you manage to get Gotou now? I didn't realise the event ended on Monday....but it doesn't matter cuz I got both Hakata and Gotou =w=". I have all the forgeable rares :'D so all I can get at this point is either my 3rd/4th copy of that sword lmao....The only forgeable sword I'm missing is Jiroutachi....and I got Hotarumaru AGAIN trying to get him....orz...you can have mine ;w;
Wow really?? owo Jiro has invaded my citadel like 6 times already, forcing sake on my tantou's, his brother and the horses and being a happy drunk overall. I wish I could give you one of mine too ;w; He drops quite often for me on map 5-4, so maybe if you fight there long enough you'll meet him? Then again, I've been through the map probably over 200 times now, and I never saw Hotaru... it's a cruel world we live in orz||| It might be just a theory of mine, but I sometimes get the feeling that once you crafted/dropped a sword, a copy becomes easier to drop/make?? I have all droppable swords on map 5-4, with the exception of Jiji (but I want no KBC on my map, so I forget about him), Hotaru and Uguisumaru.

In the end I didn't get either Gotou nor Hakata orz||| Just a lot of broken swords, which I'm now trying to fix. I liked the event a lot, and I'm not that bothered I didn't get either of the swords, but it was frustrating that the server hecked up a lot for me. I may have crappy internet at home, but the server was at fault sometimes too, and I saw that fox bowing down in apology quite a lot this week orz||| It's annoying, cause right before the boss node or halfway the game would heck up, and I'd be forced to wait till my team got rid of their tiredness and all =___= Too bad I couldn't make my Toushiro family reunion complete with this event tho
Yukicchuu4年前#6279080DID U MEAN: OH YESSSSS ?
Lmao yeah, sword hell mhMMM...Thanks! your collection is much bigger tho ƪ(•◡•ƪ) I'm jelly

I never noticed how creepy Midare's eyes are, untill you put them on KAKAKA @w@;;

Speaking of sword boy hell, how's the latest event treating you? For me, I have neither got Gotou nor Hakata TwT;; Boys playing hard to get, it seems orz||| I did get yet another Kousetsu xD He must really like my citadel. I have yet another for the Hotarumaru prayer circle lmao xD
Yukicchuu4年前#6255750XDDD thanks for the FR
I guess you rly enjoyed my
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/mxaxXjY.png

Σ(゜ロ゜;) Oh no it's that pic again...!

And yeah, we're both in sword boy hell and share some interests, so there xD Nice collection~
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Yukicchuu4年前#6090705HAHAHAHA IKR. It was just like, hey, he's kind of interesting, let's throw him into THE MOST CLICHE AND DUMBEST PLOT YOU CAN POSSIBLY HAVE. The entire route could've been avoided if Ikki and the heroine actually spoke to each other but no, let's drag this out many hours only to have him do what he should've done at the start.............................................

AH THE WORST IS he's like "Imma sleep with you, jk no I'm not, ok yeah maybe I will" D:< I'm so so glad it's done with though, I'm working on Kent's route now. uggghh
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