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Hi, thanks for visiting my page! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm just a gamer/anime fan that loves heavy metal, horror, pro wrestling, and pizza. I guess this mess all started with some Sengoku Basara action figures and Katekyou Hitman Reborn! gashas. Then I joined this site and unknowingly sealed my fate. A few dozen hype trains and bargain sales later, here I am. Let's talk figures. o(^▽^)o

My biggest collection focuses atm are gay warlords Sengoku Basara and gay idols Love Live!, but my collection is basically all over the place so w/e. ┐(´ー`)┌ Aside from figures and video games, I also love collecting clear files and rubber straps from my favorite series, and pretty much anything Wario-related. (´▽`ʃƪ) I'm still (slowly) building my Wario collection so if you're selling anything Wario, chances are I'll be interested~

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Karumi Bishie Enthusiast
Wario54 (3個月前) #26540210Happy Birthday!!
Thank you! =D
Wario54 (5個月前) #24715687Aw I can't believe she comes with two sad faceplates, poor Madoka! It would at least be an easy choice for me though lol. Ooh cute! I've been tempted to collect Vocaloid Nendos since they made a good number of them aside from the Cryptonloids (when is Gakupo ever going to get another figure?) but I've resisted for this long haha. I think they are, and most of the mods don't even seem to be on board with the changes. I'm scared to see how the database part will look. ;-; I already hate how you can "like" items instead of favorite them. It doesn't even make sense, I obviously like everything in my collection. >.>

Yeah, but some of them are just so expensive for my budget, ESPECIALLY the non-cryptonloid ones. I like the little icons on the corners to show listed and favorited, though. And I wasnt too fond of the "Like" thing, either. Maybe the database would just look similar to the home?
And speaking of updates, I've been thinking that they should add a "bootleg" button on an owned item. I've picked some bootlegs up by accident, and I'm sure others have, too.
Wario54 (5個月前) #24715732Oh hey! It's no problem, don't worry about it! ^^ How was wonfes for you? Finally Gil got some love!! I was expecting him to get a bit more with all the demand there is but at least he finally got something lol.
Right now I'm just trying to get all of the Vocaloid Hanairogoromo figures and all of the Aqours Nendos. It's crazy how fast the Aqours Nendos are selling out. x_x And I haven't really played any new games aside from Danganronpa. Oh but I finally watched Stranger Things! Hyped for the second season now. How about you?

Wonfest was correct, not the best but not the worst, I really liked all the Fate GO stuff tho! I'm excited for Caster and myethos Gilg mainly as a 1/4 Gilgamesh by FREEing will probably look hella boring unless it's a bunny but I highly doubt it :s . Strangely enough my most anticipated figure this Wonfest was not a Gilg ; (NSFW) ITEM #453909 .. she's so cute and thicc and gaaaaah I love everything about her ;-;

Hm.. I've downsized on my wishlist and am trying to sell off a few things but nothing too major collection wise. Oh man, I hope they make training outfits of aquors. I've decided on collecting 3 best girls from muse and 3 from aquors so I don't end up with the characters I don't like (Alter and training outfits). Already ordered Nico! I should probably get her this week. Do you think GSC will make some Aquors training outfits? The Codes have me a bit worried in that regard >.< . Haven't been playing much nor been watching any new animes really :$ I've gotten a Crunchyroll membership so that may change. Stranger things season 2 looks amazing, the trailer got me so hyped! That weird alien thing and the red apocalypse sky gives me Berserk vibes.
Wario54 (5個月前) #24715713Same, token events used to be my least favorite (playing Junai Lens over and over while tiering for fairy Nozomi was not fun) but I love them now because of the LP multiplier! And choosing the song is definitely a plus too, I hate score matches because the song pools are so limited and the MMR ranking thing is just annoying.
Oh right, is the next Halloween set going to be that one that people voted on? Also did you see that the the worldwide poster girl promos give a UR seal? I just had to sell my Mari as soon as I max leveled and max bonded her.
Wow those are interesting favorites! I feel like most people pick the Eeveelutions and whatnot. I always liked Psyduck and Snorlax!

Yeah, score matches can be frustrating... Unless i'm trying to get the card, I just play until I get enough points for the first love gem. >v<
Yee, the next Aqours Halloween set is the one that won the voting! I'm glad for the one that won because two close friends and I all voted for it. 'v'
Oh yeah, I heard about that! I think i'll keep mine, though, because I had always wanted some sort of Mari UR, even if it's just a promo. ^v^ (I chose Mari too)
Aww, those are good Pokemon! Snorlax was one of my favorites when I was younger, along with Bellossom and Chinchou!
Hey! It's been one hella long time, welp.. You might not remember me actually :x sorry to bother then.
I think it's been like a year? I've been meaning to get back in contact with you for a long time but never got around to it, I'm sorry. You are really nice so i've missed chatting with you x.x the other day on the MFC wonfest discord chat i've actually mistook someone else for you.. rip

How have you been? I don't even remember what we were talking about last time but I do think after this long it would be fine to start anew. lol I'm not the best conversation starter orz . I see you are still collecting, how is your anime/game/collection life going?
Wario54 (5個月前) #24379534I saw that it's been a while since the last Osanpo Rally, maybe they're tweaking the formula to make it more interesting? What would you say your favorite event type is?
All the new Master goals on EN are giving me tons of love gems so maybe I can get enough for another scout in time for Mari! Doing a 30 gem scout for Honk set me back a bit though lol. If I don't get Mari or a UR, I really hope I at least get the Ruby SR. ;-; Are you saving for anything on EN or JP?
Ooh I like easier lol. 301 still sounds really impressive! :o That would definitely be good enough for me haha. Do you have any favorite Pokemon?

Yee 'o'
I think if i had to pick a favorite, I would pick token events! It gives me an opportunity to play a new song whenever i choose (during the event period) and each time i play that song, it helps me rank up quicker without using LP! Which one is your favorite? 'v'
Aww yay! I hope you get good results in your scout! ^v^
In JP, i've been saving for a huge Halloween scouting (I love Halloween!) and in EN, i don't really have any plans, maybe besides Guilty Kiss once it shows up 'o'
I tend to like a lot of ghost and grass types, but I like Pokemon of other types too! My favorite since I was young is Mismagius: pokiidex.com/Co... and my favorite in Alola (not counting starter pokemon) is Shiinotic: cdn.bulbagarden...
Do you have any favorite Pokemon?
Wario54 (5個月前) #24379891Yeah that's it, they looked more like Miku's or Gumi's age when they should look a bit younger. I think Tony Taka's style works best for Luka tbh. Yay Teto, congrats! I don't mind when Nendos don't come with more face plates just because I suck at deciding on which one to use lol, I even had a hard time picking for my Nozomi Nendo and she only came with two too. >.< The bread is super cute! I have her posed with the smug face and the default pose (I'm not creative) but having her hold the bread would be my second choice. XD Raspberry Monster has a lot of good covers too! I really like the Teto one of course. Ooh Spla2n, that's clever. They really work as Amiibos at least! Ahh they changed the blog format too, I didn't have as much of a problem with the homepage but the blogs are something I really have to get used to...

Yeah, the Luka one is my favorites to be honest. Oh geez, haha. I'm not good at decisions in general, it's hard for me to pose my Madoka since she only comes with one happy faceplate lol. Right now I have Teto jamming out with Lily. Yeah, that's true haha. I didn't even notice the blogs last time I checked! Maybe they're planning to change the whole website eventually?
Wario54 (5個月前) #24051514Yes, it makes them doubly expensive! The Tony Taka figures looked nice but having to pay so much for both of them? Hell no. Then again I don't think it's the perfect rendition of them either way, as cute as they are they look a little too tall or something? Not sure how to describe it lol. Anyway I see you got the Teto Nendo, that's awesome! She's easily one of my favorite Nendos, I just love Teto. <3 I can only dream of other Utau Nendos. And did you always have the Raspberryism and Sweet Pumpkin Co-des? They're both super cute, plus Raspberry Monster is a great song. Ooh okay, I should really play Splatoon sometime haha. I'm actually surprised it doesn't have more figures, it's insanely popular and the character designs seem like they'd translate well into Nendos or something. Exactly, still don't think it's quite as bad as some people were saying (like a drunk design student did it, etc.) but there are a few things that could be tweaked.

Exactly what I thought! They looked really mature compared to their usual selves, it just felt off. And yeah, she's fun to play around with and make her "bug" the other nendos with her bread haha! I was expecting two extra face plates though, but its fine that she only came with one. She's been one of my dream figures and its a miracle i got her for so cheap. And yeah , actually! I got them in about April. Raspberry*Monster was one of my favorite songs at the time so I was super hyped when I got it haha. That's what I think of all the time, but they do have Inkling action figures, they're just not Good smile or Sea O' Colors. I just hope they collaborate with Goodsmile sometime soon now that Spla2n is out, or maybe even make Hime and Iida amiibos (which is inevitable.) Yeah, they might change it back but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.
Wario54 (5個月前) #24051504What do you think of the new event types on JP? I heard a lot of people find Osanpo Rally boring but idk about the co-op one. It seems like it'd be fun but also kind of stressful haha. Also I wasn't expecting the Aqours angel set to be coming so soon for some reason ahh, I think I'll only have enough for 4 scouts by the time Mari comes along. >.<
Do you think Sun and Moon are an okay place to start? I know a lot of the earlier Pokemon but it seems like there's a million of them at this point lol. Did you ever try to collect all of them? And congrats on your Litten luck. XD

I think both are alright, but i'm not the best judge because i haven't tried either of them that much. >v<
Aww...Oh yeah, it is soon! I'll have to figure out whether i want to scout in it or not! 'o'
Yee, i think it's pretty good for someone starting out! The characters are fun, the story is pretty interesting, and there are a few features that make things easier like the game showing you what moves of yours are super effective against an opponent Pokemon! Some things i'd warn you about though is that the events leading up to getting your starter Pokemon and after beating the champion can be quite long and there may be a few difficult battles, but I think overall the game is one of the easier ones when compared to games from other generations. 'v'
I don't have every Pokemon but i've filled the Alolan Pokedex because the Alolan Pokedex only has 301 Pokemon! (301 versus somewhere between 700 and 800 XD) The rest can be found later on by trading with people/older games. And thanks ^v^
Wario54 (6個月前) #23746548That's pretty lucky that it's 2 of your top 3! Umi loves me which is great because she's one of my top 3, but I really wish Nozomi would love me too lol. Nozomi is so shy. >.<
Aw, it looks like you made up for your account loss with a lot of great URs though! I had Marine Umi on my side account that I eventually just stopped playing. It was cool but also kind of frustrating, since I'd rather have her on my main haha.
Ooh nice! I was planning on using all my SSR stickers on Cafe Maid Umi but she's not a UR I absolutely need to have idolized so I think I'll wait too.
Have you played Sun and Moon? I was thinking about finally getting started on Pokemon with one of those two but idk. I also really like how one of the starters, Rowlet, looks a lot like Kotori.

Aww, i'm glad Umi likes you! Gosh, Nozomi doesn't come easily for either of us. 'o'
Yee, I like the URs I have in my accounts ^v^
Okay! When it comes to stickers, it's up to you what you do with them. 'v'
Yes, I have Pokemon Sun! Aww, Rowlet's a good one...though, for me, I picked Litten because I love cats, and I was lucky enough to get a girl one! (There's a 1 in 8 chance of getting a girl starter)
Pokemon Sun/Moon is a nice game! At least, i liked it ^v^