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«I know how to manage a space program. I've played Kerbal.»
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Vilseriol! I'm a casual Figma- I mean, FIGURE collector who started with Figma Yukiko and my collection has snowballed from there.

Most of my collection- I'm ashamed to admit it- consists of Figma. They're one of the best looking figures out there, in my opinion. Their shading, coloring, worksmanship, and the way the figure feels in my hand, makes it my favorite brand for articulated figures. Though I just wish the brand was cheaper, or at the very least, came with lot more accessories. It's a pipe dream, but I'd pay for a $75 Figma of Laura S. Arseid with her greatsword, an effect part for her sword, a Mishy plushie, Dogi strap, 4 faceplates, an alternate flowing hair part, an Arcus unit, complete with Vermillion Dominatrix quartz set up ;) a Grail Locket, a Seasonal Hotpot, a boxed lunch, and a giant comic blurb with the word, "MISS", on it. Now at least that's worth it right? or am I just asking for too much? haha

Though I'd enjoy a humble Figma of Ritona in her elite guard outfit, along with her trademark glass saber, a spell circle, an invisibility wall and shards of flying obsidian for effect parts. Complete with a stern facial expression, an angrily worried expression and relaxed face for around $45. Again, am I asking for too much?

I like scales but they require quite a bit of space, which is something I need more of. Plus, I like to play with my figures. A lot of them don't stay in one pose for long

I'm a Legend of Heroes fan :) I started with the Gagharv trilogy, though the only game that I finished was Prophecy of the Moonlit Witch. Sad to say, the gameplay of the trilogy felt dated but I enjoyed Moonlit's characters and story.

I've played and finished the Liberl and Erebonian arc. Now to wait for Crosbell and Calvard. If there are any others like me, please don't talk to me about LoH. Dont. The wait for these games is real and I don't want a repeat of Trails in the Sky 2 where it took 4 years, with no confirmation if we were ever going to get the sequel. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to theorize about it, I don't want to debate about it, I don't even want to think about it. Cold Steel 3 and 4, you two just can't be localized soon enough. And the funny part? By the time we get them, there's probably already 2 games in the next arc and a spin-off game in Japan. No, but seriously, I'd like to meet and chat with members of the fanbase.

Aside from that, I also have a pet Bombay cat, I enjoy airsofting, and, don't laugh, gardening. Yes. Gardening. Vegetables are good for you!
Currently watching: Reruns of Westworld, Avatar: TLA, Game of Thrones to remember the sex sc- er, story! And Initial D.
Currently reading: Diary of a Wimpy Kid and A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Reaper Man..
Currently playing: Starcraft 2, Hard Corps: Uprising, and a plethora of visual novels and adventure games from my youth, such as Grim Fandango, Muv-Luv and steins;gate, to name a few.
Green and yellow eyes, green and purple hair, pouty lips, sneakers, skin tight knee length skirts, form fitting jeans, tight slacks with button down blouse, polearm, fencing sword, ribbons, black cats, and exposed shoulders.
The sigh of relief my clients make after a long rep. I know that feeling haha
Sony a6000 and my Galaxy S6. This thing can shoot up to 16 megapixels!
An old, beat up Compaq tower that houses a GTX 960, a power supply that can power it, fans that keep it nice and cool, 16 gigs of ram, 1 terabyte internal drive, partioned 500gb external drive, and all held together by an Intel i7 processor.



Yeah I'm not a huge fan of the new art style that Hero went with but they still look ok.
Hobby Search has a full colored image of both.
tomocchi Superneko
Scratch the cookie and I'm all over the ice cream! Lol
I need ice cream daily in summer or I die because of the heat. xD

I like black clothes, so that's why I prefer Sora's KH2 stuff, lol.
What are you saying?? My eyes! x_x jk

I only started playing CoM, but it wasn't for me. The whole card thing annoyed me after a bit. I think I got stuck at some boss or something, I don't even remember. Otherwise I played them all. Most not to the end, but I did play them! xD 1 and 2 I finished at least. And Ventus route in BBS too. All others I got like to the last third of the game and then life happened and I never finished them.

My last work week was okay, now I'm in vacation mood, and I'm feeling so much better already. Just playing videogames and doing nothing else, lol. Well, taking pictures of figures too, and watching YT videos and other stuff. Eating the whole time too. xD

Hope you're having a good week yourself. o/
Thank you! I had a great day :D And of course I'll always feel like 23, haha.

I wish! I didn't get anything near exciting as that, but at least I got BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. That'll shorten the wait for Persona Arena a bit.

Poor Akechi xD Maybe he'll be free for a week like Marie and Adachi were though.
Muahahaaa....I'm like a bad positivity-infectious-disease!!! Oh wait, that doesn't sound so great..... :-P
LOL...pointless shmointless!! :D Either way, I just wanted to check in on you!! :D Hope you doing well and you have a wonderful day!
Hoy!!!! Just checking on ya!! Been quiet for a bit....doing good? :D
Hey friend, yes im doing good, and you?
just trying out all the re-ment before i start the review with all these rainy days we finaly have.
Lol yeahhh the good ol devils lettuce MJ XD I mean I didnt even think of the beer thing though! And we have a crazy amount of brewery's here!

I wish you luck finding your dream home too!! And yes, my whole family is like that haha. I always wanted to host people, and exchange students. So if you ever do come this way, we must visit!

I have been so slammed at work, I havent been able to do new photos :( I am hoping sometime this weekend I can do something really quick! Do you have any plans for upcoming projects?
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


Anticipated video games (in no particular order)

1. Aegis Rim

2. Fault: Milestone side;below (I'm serious! That's the name!)

3. Fault: Silence the Pedant

4. Resident Evil 2 REmake

5. Doom Eternal

6. The Elder Scrolls VI

7. Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4

8. Metroid Prime 4

9. Devil May Cry 5

10. Valkyria Chronicles 4

11. Code of Princess EX+

12. Soul Calibur 6