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I'm Tyjos, I've been on MFC for a long time and I have collected figures for most of my life and lately it's winding down to a point to where it's time to get finished with collecting Anime figures by the end of 2017.

-August 2018 the Anime collection has been shrinking steadily since I am happier with fewer Anime figures since it feels better to have a few of them and since I'm not ordering them as much as I used too and focusing more on Model Kits I'm a happier collector.

-As of Early September 2018 starting to return to getting some figures but it will take a while to get back to collecting a lot of Anime figures, finished with cleaning out figures and will be restoring some of the older figure collections that were gotten rid of back in 2012.

-Starting to return to getting some figures at the end of August 2018, beginning to rebuild an old collection of figures from the Shining series and that will the focus of my collecting over the next few months.

Been working on taking a break from Anime and focusing entirely on Comics and Vintage Gi Joe and slowly easing back to collecting a few things I used too years ago but everything is done in a way that it's relaxed and makes it's enjoyable to collect this time around.

The Collection is slowly being polished off to where the favorites remain and it's been an ongoing process to keep the collection under control.

So what do I collect that's Anime related?

HGUC Mobile Suit Gundam Model Kits- These are fun and easy to assemble and that's part of why I keep getting a lot of these is due to the fact it keeps me busy and occupied for a few hours assembling a kit of something I like.

At the moment Mobile Suit Gundam is the last remaining Anime series that has kept my interest over the past 18-20 years of collecting Anime so I am content to continue collecting and spend time working on Models.

Still focused on the Shining series figures and will be spending a lot of time going back over that series since I love the artwork and the fantasy element of that series since Catgirls and Elves are a weakness of mine and any series with those in it will draw my attention.


What Anime series do I like?

While I like Anime my main interest is in Video Game related characters and that's how I got sucked into Anime.

I started off with Anime watching Mobile Suit Gundam,went from watching Gundam to playing the Games that were available at the time in the early 2000's for PS2 and that helped to make me a Mobile Suit Gundam fan

Muv Luv is a series that I came to like and enjoy due to the Artwork designs and when Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse came out that has me looking forward to any new Muv Luv related merchandise that might get my interest but there hasn't been that many figures released since then so my interest in Muv Luv has dropped but it hasn't gone away.

Xenosaga is one of my favorite RPG Games and the character designs are among my favorites. I did enjoy the Xenosaga Anime series but it would have been nice to have more to that and over the years Xenosaga still remains my top favorite JRPG series ITEM #3227 is my favorite figure in my entire collection along with ITEM #332 ITEM #333 and ITEM #6180


Macross has been an off and on Favorite of mine for years and I was sucked into the Macross series thanks to Macross Plus and Macross Frontier, those series are still among my favorites of Mecha Anime and are rewatched often.


Frontier still remains my favorite Macross series after all these years.

My preferred type of Anime is Scifi/Mecha related and there haven't been a lot of those released lately and that's part of the reason why I'm taking a rest from Anime since there hasn't been a lot to keep me interested.

I did briefly fall into the trap of getting sucked into the Fate/Grand Order series but that was a passing interest I still like the Artwork from those series and Fate/Extella was a fun and entertaining game I'm not that big of a Fate series fan and prefer to stick to the series I like.

What do I do when I'm not focusing on Anime?

These days I'm rewatching a lot of Star Trek, Stargate, and other Scifi series like Andromeda and Babylon 5. Lately been rewatching Earth Final Conflict and it's been fun to rewatch these old series and interact with other scifi fans on Twitter since I'm more active on Twitter and my main focus there is Scifi


I am more of a Trekkie than an Anime fan these days so my focus has shifted towards Star Trek over the past few months and I'm not as active as an Anime fan as I used to be due to that.

I'm also a big fan of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis so I'm watching more of those series as of late and watching Star Trek most of the week. -And Macgyver too, so I am always watching one series or another-


I need to get back to work on taking photos www.flickr.com/... outside of Aircraft and various things around here but I haven't gotten back to that yet so I'm still working on trying to get back to doing that. Here are some photos I have taken over the past year or more and I use a Camera that has a long optical zoom lens to take photos of Aircraft and the Moon.




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