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FYI, my entire collection is actually for sale. Don't want to list everything at once since what I already have listed is too much to manage and keep refreshing. Anything listed and not marked as unavailable is for sale. Anything else in my collection is as well, just message me if you're interested in something not listed for sale.

Hmm, at the peek I had around 3200 figures so I almost sold half. It only took a few years, almost at the half way mark.


Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
I was adding pictures to the CLUB #935 of ITEM #3227 and came across your pictures, I wanted both to congratulate and give my thanks for than amazing work. I own the figure and I know how pretty and detailed her feet are, and you did an amazing work to display that, I love the close up, detail shots of her feet from every angle and the lightning is just perfect.

Thank you!
FakePsychotropic6個月前#105907734Why are you selling your whole collection? 3k items is so deep into a hobby idk if I could justify crawling out at that point

Need the space. Takes up a lot of space. The figmas/Nendos filled up a room alone.
Why are you selling your whole collection? 3k items is so deep into a hobby idk if I could justify crawling out at that point
Woah, such an exceptional collection and a stacked account
They are very trustworthy and you can tell how experienced they are as a seller. Shipped off my nendoroids in super protective packaging and ships fast! Would definitely buy from again! :)
Top tier seller. Flawless purchase experience and would definitely buy from them any time. Cannot understate how great they are.
Very trustworthy seller!

-great communication
-fast shipping
-great prices
-item as described
-great packaging

Don't hesitate to buy; one of the best sellers here on mfc:)
Bought two Nendoroids from this seller and it all went perfectly good! They packaged my items so they would arrive safely and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. Would highly recommend buying from this seller ^^
sent you a message regarding a couple of your sale figures!
10/10 Seller! By far the best experience with a seller I've had on here by far! Super kind, and literally shipped my figure the same day I payed!! Also, the packaging was extremely well done! Figure came in looking great and very safe! Thank you so much! More than likely will be buying from here again! :D