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Shiro is a Kitsune-Miko, or rather a fox-priestess, currently guardian of the Chogaku-ji temple, near Nara.
For some years she has protected the ancient Yamanobe-no-Michi path and, after, this young Youkai has started to live (on the insistence of her human friends) at the temple, protecting in from the little evil spirits that haunted the ancient area.

Shiro has a gentle personality and is very diligent, she loves being with the animals of the zone, actually her best frineds.

Shiro likes:
to clean the courtyard of the temple, enjoying the spring morning breeze;
to observe the autumn leaves leaning on the water surface of the lake at the temple;
to listen the sound of the rain in the raining days;
to enjoy the endless sunsets that dye the sky melancholy red;
to read and be delighted by the modern products of her country, like mangas, animes and videogames. She is a very curious girl and is attracted by these brand new entertainments.

Shiro does not like:
to stay near abrupt people that do not know what it is kindness;
to approach people that never smile and are always angry;
to see animals being mistreated;
to be teased for her naivety;
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