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Beautiful Ladies17

Oboro Muramasa - Kongiku - 1/8 (Alter)Oboro Muramasa - Yuzuruha - 1/8 (Alter)Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Kasumigaoka Utaha - 1/8 - Kimono Ver. (Aniplex)Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Sawamura Spencer Eriri - 1/8 - Kimono ver. (Aniplex)Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Kato Megumi - 1/8 - Kimono Ver. (Aniplex)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Hanairogoromo (Stronger)Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Saber - 1/7 - Haregi ver. (Aniplex, Stronger)Gekijouban Fate/stay Night Heaven's Feel - Matou Sakura - 1/7 - Wafuku ver. (Aniplex, Stronger)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Harvest Moon Ver. (Good Smile Company)Utau - Kasane Teto - 1/7 - Yoshiwara Lament Ver. (Good Smile Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Chokabuki Kuruwa Kotoba Awase Kagami Ver. (Good Smile Company)Fate/Grand Order - Mash Kyrielight - 1/7 - Grand New Year (Aniplex)Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/7 - Kimono Dress Ver. (Alter)Fate/Grand Order - Miyamoto Musashi - 1/7 - Saber (Phat Company)Gekijouban Fate/stay Night Heaven's Feel - Saber Alter - KD Colle - 1/7 - Kimono Ver. (Kadokawa, Revolve)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - F:Nex - Oiran Douchuu (FuRyu)


Play Arts Kai13

Metal Gear Solid - Solid Snake - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Metal Gear Solid - Liquid Snake - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)DC Universe - Batman - Play Arts Kai - Variant Play Arts Kai - Timeless Sparta (Square Enix)Final Fantasy VII Remake - Barret Wallace - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Sephiroth - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)X-Men - Wolverine - Play Arts Kai - Variant Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Deadpool - Play Arts Kai - Variant Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)The Infinity Gauntlet - Dr. Strange - Play Arts Kai - Variant Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Final Fantasy VII Remake - Cloud Strife - Play Arts Kai - Limited Color ver. (Square Enix)Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Cait Sith - Cid Highwind - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Vincent Valentine - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Aerith Gainsborough - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)


Bloempje Hunting my grails
Ja die Rem is prachtig !! Maar te duur voor mij hoor... ik vind de prijzen tegenwoordig met de dag gekker worden....
Bloempje Hunting my grails
Lol, ik was vergeten dat je ook NL was XD

Wel gek dat ze het niet gelijk veranderd hebben bij jou dan. Toen ik het bestelde waren de verzendkosten minder maar toen ik het betalingsverzoek kreeg was het gelijk 5000 yen. Vreemd. Hopelijk komt het goed :)
OMG I wish I could afford those things!!!! There are quite a few other Maul statues I want as well. (Sooo expensiiiive!!! ;__;) Thank you for sharing these with me, perhaps I'll get them someday... <3333
Hi! Thanks for the heads up! Glad to hear they made it safely and together. I hope they were worth the wait!
Hi, thanks for sharing :)
I already saw that one but sadly had to pass. I'm not making enough money currently to be able to get all the figures^^"" Plus by now preorders are already closed almost everywhere....
I'll try to get my hands on her second hand someday probably, although I already feel like crying just thinking about the aftermarket prices XDD
I preordered another one though that's from sideshowtoys www.sideshowtoy... . Looking forward to that one as well^^
Bloempje Hunting my grails

Ik heb echt geen idee, sorry! Nooit van gehoord ook....

Als je wil weten hoeveel je moet bijbetalen eventueel kan je kijken op invoer calculator.
Ik denk dat dat beeld onder beelden valt idd, met die prijs kan het geen speelgoed zijn hahah, al zijn figures ook gelabeld als toys maar goed.

Ik kan je helaas niet helpen. Miss een blog maken?
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I got your art prints last week! They came in two separate tubes that are like taped heavily together but I will sort that out in June for you and we can sort out shipping to you then.
Heya! Sorry about that, I cleared some space.
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this BLOG #39739 ! Your collection is beautiful and inspiring and I'll definitely take your words to heart, many thanks for the advice.
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Pinokkio2年前#30901357I like your profile, it looks awesome!

Thanks man, it's a work in progress.
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