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Would be nice if you actually shipped items instead of fobbing customers off.
all you do is post FAKE in-stock links to generate clicks on your site. garbage website, garbage business, take your money elsewhere
Nin Nin shipped these items to me in 2021 so far, they have problems with Amazon France shipping at the moment but they can send with EMS if you ask them, they will refund you the money you paid more for Amazon France and EMS is still an option in this time with covid. They dont reply fast but they have about 500-1000 tickets every day because of the big shipping delay which isnt their fault, because the Amazon France shipping is delayed world wide because of the pandemic. I wrote Nin Nin at Facebook and Mikael answered me that they will work harder to reply on tickets faster and that i dont have to worry, he told me that they dont have so many employee for the customer service and thats why they answer so slow, but they will work on this problem and will getting better. Its still my Nr 1 shop, they shipped the items after my buyer protection expired and i can understand the circumstances which they have because of shipping delay wordwide.

Eh, they’re better than animeNPC. Nin-nin game will sometimes take months to ship my order and then when I write a ticket to their customer service they just say “our system did not pick up your order”. But the package still arrives eventually. Whereas AnimeNPC ignores your complaints and just scams you lol
I don’t know what everyone else is talking about but legit I ordered several figures from them and got them in TWO DAYS from Japan when I purchase two week shipping they kindly upgraded for me For free. I was really happy. Never bad experiences
I should have read the warnings. Do not buy from them. I’m ordering with another vendor then cancelling my order with them. A month later, nothing. They are still throwing announcements up for Snow Miku 2.0 when their site says they have none.

Don’t fall for their crap.
tacotouchdown1個月前#93154407Don't buy from these people they say they have something in-stock, but don't in reality. now I have to submit a "support ticket" on something that should have just been a instant refund here I am 2 weeks later writing a review and still waiting on my money. Stay away! indeed, they're shit , if someone has to buy always use Paypal.. I'm about to dispute 500$ items because they're shit ,they barely respond too
Don't buy from these people they say they have something in-stock, but don't in reality. now I have to submit a "support ticket" on something that should have just been a instant refund here I am 2 weeks later writing a review and still waiting on my money. Stay away!
Despite the bad reviews I could find on the net about them, I decided to give them a try for a PO I couldn't find anywhere else.
Well, it ended as a big mistake, PO was out at the end of november and my order is still stated as "Preparation in progress" two months latter. After asking twice by mail and only getting an apology mail about covid delays, I had to escalate that to Paypal and got my refund today.
Never order something on their site.
What I can say for sure is that this store is not a scam, BUT they have a bad customer service, half answer your questions when you're lucky, otherwise you won't get any anwser.
After months of battling with them, finally they sent a figure their logistics system had failed to put in my monthly shipment for the past 4 months. Just received my december package, with it, and surprisingly with an item that was supposed to be sent in February, but they put it early (I guess as a way to appologise or something).

Their monthly "My Private Warehouse" system is a scam though, in the sense that you won't "save big on shipping costs" as they pretend, at least for preorders. Just try it yourself, put some items in your cart, you'll have some cheap shipping options. Choose "my private warehouse" instead, wait for the month of release to come, and you'll get shipping options twice the price of what you expected..
For this reason, I switched to ami-ami for my POs, and will only use Nin-Nin for rare items only they have in stock (and will only use direct shipping choice, no MPW).

And related to that last point, their biggest advantage is that they don't close POs after preorder deadline, and you can often still preorder a few days before release if you're lucky, and at cheap preorder price! They saved me once or twice thanks to that.