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Hiatus until exams are over im dying sorry for not replying pp
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Hellow My name isn't nadeko but please refer to me as such uwu. My figure collection rules are as follows : Must be seiso
Age:22 been watching anime since 2008 ish. Started collecting july 2021ish. I'm norwegian. Will accept random friends if and only if you say hi first


More elaborate figure rules

Oke so maybe there was more rules.

1.Must be seiso,(Cries in taiga bunny)

2.must not be demonic looking, horns wings etc( cries in any albedo figure), if i can convince you they are just animal horns it's ok.
3. magic looking effects are ng (cries in tohsaka figure
5. Withcy looking is ng (cries in majo no tabi and defeating slimes 100 years)
4.must not have sus sounding title displayed on box in english.(babylon absolute demonic front is ng but zettai majuu sensen is oke)

5. Can not be from bl or gl or sus poses with same sex characters. I have weeb brothers they will know and they're a bit.. ya know (cries waterfalls)

6.No religious symbols.(cries in the alen d'grayman figure)

Even though i have now moved out my parents approve of my collection and i would like it to stay that way.

6.No figma, no prize unless no other figures of that character availables.

7 Mans over tiddis (Dis dificult)

7.nendroids must be characters who fit the nendoroid. Eg umaru, bakarina, bnha. (For

Other figures


Another little mermaid by myethos

Ye xiu kings avatar by goodsmile

Ganyu by apex (the gk in my list is a placeholder)

Girls frontline mauser kar 98k
I dont usually collect girls frontline but i want it because mauser was a gun frequently used furing ww2 and my grandpa used one


Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3
thank youussss nadeko!! (´•ω•`♥)
Yanfeis my favorite dps besides eula and Hutao shes perfect! Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it!!
why thank u❤️
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Thank you! ^^
Thank you! ^^
True, there are quite a few of them. As a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes novels I usually give a try to the adaptations I come across and I was kinda getting tired of that same old story. I first read YnM precisely because I like the idea of a story focused on Moriarty, I found that refreshing. Though, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do but here I am haha. Same here, I read the manga sure but I like the anime adaptation as well.
Thank you! That's really kind if you:) It's a bit busy as I said, but cosy. Please feel free to visit whenever you like ;)
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Glad you like it~
Glad to hear! I had some misunderstanding in the past so I was just making sure. Ohhh I see you're a person of culture as well, that's nice! I feel the series doesn't get the recognition it deserves.
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