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Hi there!!!

My name is Mindy. I love animals (especially cats), anime, and of course figure collecting. Yay. I work in tech support, and I occasionally pick up a few hours at a local icecream shop.

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MindySue (1個月前) #24615804Your collection is adorable <3

Oh my Gosh, i just saw your comment. Sorry!! But Thank you!!
MindySue (25天前) #25169520Thanks for the friend request <3 I'm also a huge fan of Miku, I love your collection <3
Thanks for accepting! You have an awesome collection yourself!
01個月前 (1個月前)gingimatzgingimatz
MindySue (1個月前) #24615804Your collection is adorable <3

Thank you very much! Yours too!
Thank you xD sorry i never show much times on my side ha ha
MindySue (2個月前) #22730677Happy birthday!! :))) Adorable collection, omg I am jealous!!
MindySue (2個月前) #22730604Happy birthday :) Hope you had a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 Thanks!




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