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Hello! Nice to meet you~ I'm Mel!
Collecting is a great hobby of mine and it pleases me to make new friends with the same interests, so I'm glad MFC exists! It also helps a lot with the database of course! (^v^)
I'm a huge fan of BL and I spend a great amount of time reading mangas! My utmost favorite is ViewFinder, while my favorite BLVN is DRAMAtical Murder I'm obsessed with Aoba lol.
I also have an old passion for Tennis no Ouji-sama and Atobe will always be my husbando and most loved character ever~~~ It makes me very happy to see the fandom awake again with the release of the game TeniRabi!! which I'm addicted to
I must also mention how much I love Yuuri!!! on ICE and how I wish to see more of it!!
Lately, I have been studying like crazy for a super hard test, which also requires me to learn Spanish and French, so feel free to talk to me on those languages as well!
That's only a little bit of me, so get to know me more on my social media or just send me a message here! (^_^)/

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I recently noticed that haha so the only one I'm following right now is qvfamma, where I found megumi to tsugumi, but I'll look for more too. Poor Megumi thinks he's a sugar daddy lmao
Oh thank you!!<3 I spend way more time there than here tbh, I'm mostly here to update changes in my collection xD
she is! I found it in spanish too! a friend told me about it, so now I'm on chap 2 of V2 lol, I'm so getting the CD <33 Haha you're probably more caught up than me xD oh hey I saw your Twitter on your profile and followed you, hope that's ok! ^^
Haha I feel you, it takes some getting use to it, but now Utou is my favorite seme! along with Maya of course xD
megumi to tsugumi is a must!!!
it's not fully translated yet, but it's adorable <3 you've probably read Kashikomarimashita, Destiny by now? Tadaima, Okaeri if you want something sweet and pure. Have you seen pendulum or remnant? these are a little tricky because they are 'furry', I wasn't sure about them at first but Daath is love. I recommend starting with Pendulum ^^
To be honest when I first saw him I expected a completely different twink voice but he opened his mouth to have this super seme sexy voice and boy I was not disappointed.

Yeah the poster looks really cool overall I like the direction the show is going!
same! there are many that are getting translated but so little time available lol. Viewfinder was my first one! still one of my faves too, besides HS I also love kuruboku beta, ameiro paradox, saezuru, omae no koi wa ore no mono, yoidore koi o sezu and coyote, and probably more xD I haven't read your last, but I'll put them on my 'to read list'!
I know! it's so hard when they keep coming out with good content and goods <33 what are your favorite mangas?
Muitíssimo obrigado. E nem sei se mereço tanto :D

Friend request aceito. Alias, é uma honra.

Yeah I agree season 2 made things more interesting!! Especially Aaravos, like besides being pretty and all he is very mysterious and interesting I'm dying to know more about him and his past
Ooh yeah his voice is something else („ಡωಡ„)

(also I hope Runaan will be okayy)
thank you!! c:

and omg you watch the dragon prince too? yeah I'm a sucker for Aaravos he's so pretty xD
Hi! thank you!! you got a great collection too <33
of course I don't! it's always nice to meet more BL fans :D