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First things first, I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my mom for being such a Degenerate. Now then...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606378.jpeg (Literal THICC Connoisseur) Disclaimer: Bio not to be taken seriously and is all a joke. Said bio also contains cringe so please read at your own discretion.

I am a Man of Culture and I bring a message that every cultured man, woman, and child (hopefully not) on this board can understand. "All Anime Women are queens!" Well not really, but the majority of them are and I know what some would think upon hearing such a bold declaration. "Simp!!!"

While true, the passage in the Holy Thighible directly behind the passage of "all anime woman are queens", reads as; "Thou shall not simp, but if thou must simp then simp responsibly" and responsibly I shall for as a Man of Culture; I do have standards.

Loli's and Tsundere's... gonna be a nah from me and if you are an advocate of such things than I must regrettably inform you that you have trash taste. That's ok though for I also have trash taste as well as every fellow Weeb around the world. You are not alone, though God (and your parents) may look upon you with judgement for your degenerate lewd fantasies, rest assured that I as a fellow Cultured Individual stand right beside you. All are welcome and like a wise man once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Meaning that even in a trash pile one can still find a hidden gem even if said trash pile contains Loli's and Tsundere's.

Loli Lovers: Hestia from "Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon" is technically classified as a Loli so let me simply say "bravo!"

Tsundere Appreciators: You have the classic bob-cut icon Android 18 from DBZ proudly holding up your banner. A job well done and congratulations.

Every Anime Queen has something to appreciate about them, but as a Man of Culture and Disciple of the Holy Thighible; I mostly subscribe to one train of logic. That being The THICC. THICC Thighs, Big Bonkahonkadongaroos, and Curves, but not ridiculously so as too much THICC (Gasp) can be a bad thing for this cultured man.

I started my journey in collecting back in June 21, 2020 when I ordered a SKYTUBE Togetsu Matsuri version 2 figure on sale without knowing exactly what I was getting into. Upon opening the box, imagine my surprise at the sheer debauchery contained within. While initially mortified and kind of embarrassed, that moment gave birth to the dawning of a new age. The age of THICC! After that I continued amassing a collection of mostly Cast-Off THICC Queens and have found some amazing artists such as Kekemotsu and Misaki Kurehito, but one artist stands above them all.

Mataro! Who is daddy... I-I mean god, yeah. If the Man of Culture was a believer in the divine than Mataro is he who once said "Let there be THICC" and thus THICC there was. Though I do simp responsibly and don't aim for every single one of his works... or rather HER works as its come to my attention that “Mataro the God” may actually be “Mataro the Goddess”. Does this mean best girl was with us all along?

I also plan to write articles if I ever find the inner strength or motivation to do it, but I ain’t gonna lie... it’s hard chief. Articles on what? Good question, I thought reviews at first, but those are a dime-a-dozen. Whatever I end up writing, you know it will be THICC regardless of its content.

Now I am also a man of class (and culture) so I don't typically display my Cast-Off figures (Gasp) Cast-Off. A queen should remain dignified after all, but the option being there to do that, it feels nice ya know? Like you gotta tease me? We both know what's under there. I bet you shower naked too you slu- Queen! I meant queen, yeah so any super duper lewd figures that can't be covered up creatively are gonna be a pass from me. The hardest choices require the strongest wills after all.

So with all that said, I leave with one final message.



Really? I had no idea! I mean, Kingdom Hearts 3 took ten years as well and it didn't get any hate. Maybe the FF community is just more hardcore XD I honestly couldn't find any flaws in the game. I mean, it sucks about the DLC's, but the main story was really fun and well made imo! I don't really understand why development was slow, though. They had 300+ members working on the game! FFVII only had 100-150 on it and it came out at the right time... Eh it's whatever. I didn't get into FFXV until a year after it released so idrc. I like the game and that's all that matters XD

Oh woah that looks sick! It just got announced? Ok that makes more sence now XD That'll be a fun one! The MC looks kinda like Adult Noctis XD

I haven't played the Yakuza games yet, but I have them downloaded. I'll start them as soon as I finish Replicant! Funniest thing is I started wanting to get into Yakuza because of the stinking Dame Da Ne. And I genuinely like it! It's a good song even if people only know it because of memes XD
Oh yeah I forgot they added a new ending for the Replicant remake! Well, now I wanna play it even more to find out what ending D is, yet at the same time, I don't wanna find out because I'm worried it's gonna break me haha

Oh you're right! That's really cool how they added that in! Well, I mean it's sad, because, ya know, but it's still cool XD

Wait, they were gonna do an episode for Lunafreya, Aranea, and Noctis?! How come they stopped production on those? I would have played those real fast! That Ardyn episode was good, so I'm bummed they never did anything with the others...

I actually haven't played FF16 yet! It's still pretty new, and I look forward to playing it when I have a chance to!
Ah man seriously? THEY CAN GET SADDER? I didn't even know that was possible... I mean the killed View spoilerHide spoilerEmil! My favorite character just DED. Sure there were other characters that not only died, but you had to kill like View spoilerHide spoilerDevola and Popola. Fortunately, I did get all the weapons I could as young Nier, thanks to some guides. Now I don't have to restart the whole game at least XD Actually,I think I am missing most of the Phoenix weapons XD I have the dagger, but that's about it. Good to know I can still get the weapons I need still!

Heck yeah. Dude I love Prompto so much XD Oh yeah! Everytime I found some sort of ingredient it would cut to Ignis going "That's it! I've come up with a new recipe!" XD Honestly, it's one of the best things about the game XD It did get a little annoying after a little bit, but it's one of the most nostalgic things about FFXV now! Can't beat Prompto's "Fanfare" he hummed every time we won a battle though XD Oh yeah agreed. He was weak for sure. It's the same for a lot of video game antagonists I've noticed. WHen I was playing NieR yesterday, I was fighting Devola and Popola as well as the Shadowlord himself, and wished it was a little harder. Even without Weiss, ya know, when he died, it was still easy! Idk, maybe I should have made the difficulty hard instead of normal. That shade hog thing when I was running up the stairs was hard though XD

I say Freya because her name is actually Lunafreya, but they say Freya more often than not. It works both ways XD I always got scared when I was playing FFXV because of Cidney XD She was a little revealing, and idrc if she's revealing, but OH BOY MY BROTHERS DO. And my mom walked in when you have to fight Shiva. That was hard to explain. Aranea is freaking hot, though. I love her. IDk though. I think Freya might be my best girl. She's just so likable. Same with Cidney. I like her a lot too. F in the chat for Prompto getting rejected...

Hinata is best girl for me, and I hated Sakura in both the main series, but in Boruto, she's just more likeable, ya know? Dude Tsunade is second best girl imo. My list goes Hinata, Tsunade, Tenten, Ino, Konan, Temari, then Sakura.

The show sucks really bad, yeah, but I gotta agree with you about the memes XD I really like the ones where it's like showing episode -- in Naruto, then it shows the same episode in Boruto. That's when you see just how sad Boruto is XD Sasuke is my third favorite character. Don't get me wrong, he sick and I love him, but I like Gaara and Kakashi more. My lost for Naruto guys goes: Gaara, Kakashi, Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto, Sai, then Jiraiya. I feel for Jiraiya, like you said. Never got all that THICC...
Oh fr? I hate it when that happens! It's the same with Sakura from Naruto. She sucked throughout the whole of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, but she ended up being better in Boruto?! It sucks because I genuinely like Saukra in Boruto, but the shows sucks... Oh he plays the MC? I have to get this game now XD 70 hours in huh? Sounds long, but it's whatever XD As long as the story's good, I'm good! I wish you luck with that boss fight, though! I hope you like the ending :D

Hey I'll take it XD Personally, Prompto is my favorite character , followed by Noctis, Ignis, then Gladio. Dude Prompto is such an idiot and I'm all for it XD I really like Ignis though, because he reminds me of Kakyoin from JoJo's. He kinda is the mature, cool headed character that has the MC's back no matter what, while also View spoilerHide spoilerbeing blind XD That dang campfire scene had me BALING. Their friendship is easily one of my favorites in any, well, anything XD Oh man that fight with Ardyn was GOD-TIER. As you said, teleporting was sick, the music really added a special impact to it! Not to mention, the dialogue going on within the fight was freaking awesome. As much as I hate Ardyn, he was a good, well written antagonist. That ending scene after the fight, though, with the freaking throne?! Seeing Freya and Noctis sitting next to each other in the after life was just- PERFECTION. I'm gonna cry just writing about it XD Final Fantasy XV was actually the first video game I've ever actually cried to. It was just so good :') Like you said, I do wish it was a harder fight, but I do think it had an impact! Not like the Sepheroth fight in FFVII Remake, but more like the true ending in NieR Automata. Kinda sad, yet happy. Idk, that's just what I think about it XD Congrats on the platinum trophy! I played Final Fantasy before I did all the quests and played it just for the story, but I'd like to go back and do it all again someday! Speaking of story, I actually beat ending A in NieR Replicant yesterday! So it said ending B was gonna be Kaine's story, so I was wondering if I can still collect weapons I missed as Nier? I think I have 26 out of 33. Also, ending A was literally the most heart-wrenching thing I've ever had to do ;-;
Well dang that sucks... As hot as she is, she just sounds like trouble. I absolutely hate it when someone acts standoff-ish. I know this is about to cause a whole war with Fate fans, but I actually don't like Mordred because of this. Mordred is a little, much imo. The max I can handle when it comes to standoff-ish are characters like Kaine or A2 Any more than that and it's a no go for me XD I looked up Kisara from Arise and honestly, she may be hotter than Shionne XD Idk, I just like armor XD

I knew the guy who played Brother Nier played Noctis as well, but he plays someone in Arise?! Dude his voice sounds like it was sent from heaven to bless the ears of anyone who hears it XD He also played as Eve in NieR Automata! And I played Final Fantasy XV. Twice, I think. That was before they removed it from gamepass, though ;-; Easily one of my favorite games for sure. I actually had a ton of Square Enix reward points leftover, and I bought the 5 postcard set! I also got a Final Fantasy VII lanyard and a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 pin! Oh and before I forget: What do you think of Prompto?
Oh yeah it totally is, I was just kinda explaining it a little XD

Already got her XD It's not that I don't like her, actually I love her. she's just my least favorite of the 3. Speaking of: my Nier Nendoroid came in today! Dude, I know you aren't into Nendoroids, but he's freaking sick. WEISS CAN SHOOT A DARK SPEAR. Idk it's just awesome XD And to answer your question: Yes. Twas slightly sexist sounding XDD

Oh it's different? I'll look up a video rq and see what the deal is. Sucks she's like that though. Honestly, I know you're an avid tsundere hater, but I do like tsundere. To a certain extent. I'm good with like Taiga, Asuka, and Mai-san, for an example. The way you described her, though, she sounds like a cringe type tsundere. Along with all the hate articles and everything, it makes sense. But please tell me, does she at least have SOME Ara Ara energy?
Ah thought so. Dude the way he looks at Nier every time he's next to him makes my heart melt a little,, but yeah he's too child-like. I mean, he's been in a manor where time doesn't move, and from the hints from the lab, it looks like he's a couple hundred years old at least XD That's the reason Emil was so small, he just never aged. Hence the reason why everything grows dark when you enter his manor!

Oh man it kinda ruins Kiane's image?? Well that makes me not wanna find anything out now XD I'm sure I will though, because I like to stay fully informed about the series... Oh and speaking of Kaine, they just released her Nendoroid! It's like 1 in the morning here, though, so I gotta order it tomorrow XD

Oh yeah I totally get that. That's the way my NieR Reincarnation party is! Everyones a high level with high-level weapons, but I'm always 1-shot! (With Emil, at least XD) With games that aren't turn-based, though, I have to say you're doing better than most! When I do something like that, I always stick to long-range attacks. Close range, and I can't do anything but block and dodge XD Gotta look at her design now XD

HOLY CRAP SHE'S HOT. No wonder you main her! That and sniper rifles are pretty sick
This man casually whipping out his Thighble. What a God.
Yeah it sucked BAD... I had some of the rarest event medals and everything ;-;

Ah yes, that "Dress" is quite an amazing touch XD Her personality definitely makes it hard to play when my brothers are around, that's for sure XD I've already noticed hints about Emil View spoilerHide spoilerit's hinting that he's gay, right? The thing at the wedding, saying he wishes he was Fyra, and then hesitating when he said he wanted a bride after Nier said it, right? I haven't noticed anything for Kaine yet, though. I'll try to keep an eye out for them.

Dang! How do you manage to kill them when there're almost 10 levels above you? I mean, I did that in NieR Automata, so I guess it's not to crazy, but LEVEL 65 WHEN YOU'RE 37? That's just a little crazy XD Smart choice to get out of there XD It does feel more fulfilling when you do the sidequests, though. Makes you feel like a good person, even if only virtual XD

Heck yeah! :D
Yeah, but I'm not sure when it came out in the states. I just noticed it in the app store like a month ago and freaked out XD I'm a pretty hardcore mobile gamer. I used to have Kingdom Hearts Union X, and I was level 301, but I had to delete it due to some sort of issue. I can't remember what it was now though XD Aside from that, I also have BanG Dream!, and the first Danganronpa game as well as NieR Reincarnation (obviously XD) Fr... missing 2B made me crazy sad XD Unpopular opinion rq: Kaine is actually my least favorite of the 3 XD I like Emil, Nier, then Kaine. Kaine is definitely an amazing character tho, and I love her XD

Seriously. I gasped and my Grandma grabs me and asked if I was ok XD I mean, I was using a blender, so it makes sense XD

Oh you do get your data back? Ok little less woried, but I'll try to do it in order.

Oh dang! Yeah I'm the same way, I feel like people rush the game when they get the time low like that. Just like you, though, I like to explore EVERYTHING. I do all the side-quests, if they aren't to crazy, and I try to find every weapon and hidden secret and everything like that XD

Out of the games you showed me, I like Project Eve as well. Lost Souls look sick af though. Eve just makes it better though XD Dude not only is she hot, she looks like shes got a personality like A2 or Kaine, tough, yet sweet, and I'm honestly here for it XD
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