J-FigureJ-Figure Specialize in pre-owned figures. Guarantee good conditions.

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Are you still selling your INORI?
I bought the Kongiku one item #397481 around 4 months ago which happened to be brand new in its sealed box.Price was well.
Nice and easy order.
Relatively fast.
I bought a nendoroid more pajama set from them. Despite the high aftermarket prices for this set, the price I got was still good. They shipped my items very quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
01年前skylinedoskylinedo 's point missed?read 2x
Bought my item #130984 from them. Very good use of packing techniques/materials. Either you guys have been working in shipping for a long time or you have a professional packer. Excellent communication. TY
wulfpleiades (1年前) #10563844Hello~ sorry for the late feedback, Nana arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Thank you!

Was the item you bought from them New or Pre-Owned?




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