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Index200017年前#1376334Usually I can not recognize the character as DD.Meantime,Azone dolls are easier to take care so I prefer the latter.Dolls are pretty but expensive.In fact my 1/3 Azone doll(nanoha) is not expensive at all because I bought it from my friend as a low price.Besides,I really love Mio's DD and azone haven't published her 1/3 doll.Thus,I prefer Mio's DD and other azone dolls.
I agree with you on the first point, a DD character is harder to recognize, mainly you can recognize them by clothes most easily. Azone dolls are easier to take care of indeed. I like some characters more as Azone and I like some more as DD. For example DD vs Azone Saber, then Saber has a easy win, but currently is also like 4 or 5 times the price of the Azone. Actually Azone dolls have a better value for the price though, I just like DD faces a lot, mostly because of the eyes and the DD bodies seem to show less joints. 1/3 dolls definitely are expensive, at the moment I'm still saving up for one and don't own a 1/3 doll yet.
Azone Nahoha is definitely worth it for the price of a 1/3 doll. It still costs around 40000-50000 Yen today.
I have Mio as a Azone 1/6 doll, which is really nice too, but it's still a dream for me to get DD Mio one day. Some DD character dolls are so outstanding.
Index200017年前#1373812My pleasure.Azone dolls and Nendoroids are my favorite.Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too!
I really like Azone and Dollfie Dream dolls, but they're expensive.
Nendoroids or Figma for me, can't really choose which one is my favorite.
At the moment I'm trying to save up money for a Dollfie Dream, but it's difficult.
What do you think of Dollfie Dreams? Do you prefer a anime look on dolls or realistic/anime like on Dollfie Dream dolls?
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
Nice collection! I also really like your Azone dolls.
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.