" Can you hear them? Those are butterflies in my stomach. "
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Another birthday has come. I hope you've been well this year.
Aww nothing's happening in here :( But it appears that it's your birthday, so I hope it's a happy one! Stay well!
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
Have a verrrrrry happy Birthday! (ノ^_^)ノ
Hello! I see you are a member of the club 'Shota Lovers'. Since the only admin of the club was terminated, I created a new one called Shota ♥ Love. Feel free to join and help spread the word around being it's very new!
Got Marisa today! Thanks! :)
FuyukaOF COURSE<33333
Inazuma Eleven is the best show evar! ; - ;
And Sengoku Basara has Yukimura. ;D THE HOTTEST GUY THERE<3 /at least to me. XD

And I think the Inazuma Keychains I own are really good and cool. :3 <3
One of them (My favorite one... Kidou) starting ripping a little since I have it on my phone and I drop it everywhere... so I took it off. D;
And I agree with you. There needs to be more Inazuma merch. :c

Sorry for the late reply D:

Yes, Inazuma Eleven is my fav anime, too <3
As for Sengoku Basara...my fav guy is Mori, even if he is cold-hearted xD' I think Yukimura is cute :3

I'm considering buying a Taiyou strap, he's such a cute and nice character imo c:
Have you started watching I11 Chrono Stone yet? o: I haven't but I'm still curious xD'
FuyukaHmmm. I guess you're right! 8D
If I stay a while in college, I'll see if I like it or not before moving to Japan to study there. (Hopefully they'll offer an abroad program!)

And I want to study Art. I just love it so much~

Ha yeah. Hopefully everything works out like you hope it will. Be open minded though; you never know what's out here till you look for it. I hoe you have a great time at school :) Gotta show me some of your art sometime!
bomhat because I'm batman
FuyukaI love your artwork! * o *
It'd be pretty cool if you could post a step-by-step tutorial/video on how you draw~

You are amazing!

aw thanks so much!
and if you're interested in drawing I think its best if you just keep practicing. I don't really think i can explain how to draw ^^;
FuyukaI'll be sure to do just that! But I was thinking of just studying one year college here and then transferring to a Japanese college. I really do wish to move there and start my career there. But I'm just stuck on whether I should do it or not!
Hmm. That seems like a tough decision. I'd give it a year like you said and see if you want to do that later. Who knows where you'll be in a year. College is such a different environment that your mindset change change drastically over a year. Either way, good luck! What do you want to study?
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