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She/her/Bi/30+ Scandinavian/Norwegian





I am a repetitive monster… Because I’m about to apologize again for…

IM SOOOOO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY! I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I was out of state for family shenanigans for over a month and I just got back! Finally have the time to just… Live again lol

Since we last chatted, I hope you still haven’t had any bad figure surprises! May any of the inevitable delays work in your favor!

And you’ve only been collecting since 2021? Well, I think you’ve built quite the collection and just two short years ^__^ for me… I think it’s been since 2020? It’s a blur… Since the beginning of Covid and all lol sometimes I wish I got into the hobby earlier, since a majority of my grails are in years past TT_TT

AND HELL YES favoring male figures! I agree 1000%, that the market is still relatively small… But I’ve noticed more and more females have gotten into collecting, especially overseas! Here’s hoping that Japanese companies catch on, and realize we’re ready and willing to spend money on pretty boy plastic lol!

AAAAAWEW You’re so sweet, I don’t deserve your praise ; - ; I feel like the honor is mine, thank you so much once again for not only your support watching my videos but conversing with me as well! <3

I had another browse through your collection… And kind of squealed when I saw you had a Wei Wuxian from MDZS PAPA parade! I love him so much, I just got into the novel and I’m on volume four! I was also really happy to see you had Noctis from FF 15! I don’t care what people say… I fucking love that game and cried when I was finally able to play the game XD

Ooooooh so you want to get into Resins Eh?! A part of me wants to stop you… Since it’s an inevitable money pit, but at the same time… I’m too obsessed with them lol if you ever need any help please let me know! While I’m still relatively new in the world of Resins….. I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about different manufacturers and their reputation/quality. I’ve also noticed the most resource for help is Facebook groups!

Is there a particular Resin that’s caught your eye? :D
OMMMMMG I am so damn sorry for the late reply! I usually rely on MFC notify me whenever I get a new comment but for some reason… It hasn’t been doing that?! I just discovered your comment now TT3TT

It’s three weeks later, but I hope you’ve been doing well during that time? Hoping the figure gods have been kind to you with no bad surprises?!

But thank you so so much for your support and watching my video as well as going out of your way to leave such a sweet comment <3 i’m pretty shy myself, so the effort is truly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed!

I love your collection! I outwardly squealed seeing all these beautiful male figures! I recognized free and black butler… And some others that I’m not familiar with, but I’m having a lot of fun discovering! ^__^
Happy Birthday! \ (>w<) /
Ah, thank you for saying so!
I really love your collection as well, you have amazing taste in anime figures (:
And thank you so much for the friend request!
I really appreciate it! ^u^
Hey there, thanks for the friend request! :>
I love your collection!
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