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I'm just a simple and shy person with a mind too hard to understand.
I always loved to have collections, not only because of the pleasure of have those beautiful things, but because all of them had a memory, a feeling, a story about my life.
There's a piece of my heart in all the members of my collection.



Thank you very much :D sailormars4年前#6826239I love your JoJo pictures! :)
I love your JoJo pictures! :)
Thank you so much! It's nice to meet another Jojo fan too! <3
I saw your collection and it's really beautiful!solluxcaptor5年前#3473532Always nice to meet another Jojo fan here, your reviews are always wonderful and I enjoy reading them!
Always nice to meet another Jojo fan here, your reviews are always wonderful and I enjoy reading them!
how much were you able to snatch the elusive shadow dio for?
Waw.. You are like kakyoin too, uh? I like him also :)
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CarolNice5年前#2809393Oh, it's true, SAS line has a great paint work and I really enjoy the articulations! The bad thing is: they have this problem with the extras faces. And there are so many figures! You really need focus to not spent your all money in the wrong way. I decided to buy the first three parts figures but I ended completing Stardust Crusaders first, Pillar Men figures are very expensive today! I'm very happy that Phantom Blood is finally getting figures!
I was thinking in buy the japanese mangas, but now with Jojolium I don't know if I should get it.
Haha, it's the cruel coincidence of life!

I really wish they'd provide an extra head that's not a shouting face, there's so much more to these characters that's restricted to exclusives. So so many that I want...and to add to that problem, many of them are hard to find for decent prices, especially the Part 4 SAS. =_= Plus, I'd like to get Stone Free and Crazy Diamond to match my Jolyne and Josuke, but they're not easy to come by, and they're sniped quickly off Mandarake.

Truly! But yeah, I can understand the hesitation with the Japanese manga. Shipping can get really ridiculous since paper is so heavy; it's a shame that it evens out with expensive domestic releases. :/
CarolNice5年前#2798984One day I want to have the Jojo mangas too! And thank you, SAS is very difficult to buy because there are too many, but it's a great line.
Yeah, I think I like the SAS more than figmas (and I love figmas!) due to their finely painted details and posability. They could use more face variation outside of shouting faces and WF exclusives, but they're a great line! I'd like to collect all the part 4 and 6 (and maybe some from the other parts) SAS someday, but I'm sticking to my favorite Jojo protagonists for now. ^^

I definitely recommend getting the manga since the artwork is much nicer up close IMO! Btw, were you looking to get translated versions or Japanese tankobans? I mostly have them in English aside from a few volumes in Japanese. The part 3 manga was the only available Jojo arc in English for a while until recently; some volumes went for ridiculous prices when they went out-of-print, so I was partly relying on used book websites and eBay...and then it was reprinted in English last year, and I kicked myself for not waiting a little longer, haha.
CarolNice5年前#2797175Hello! Thanks for accept me! You have a beautiful jojo collection!
You're welcome! ^^ And thank you, I'm gradually building it. Yours is pretty nice too, especially all the SAS's!
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