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I have been an avid collector of anime figures for just a little over 4 years now. I’ve been slowly adding to my collection, looking for my favorite characters or figures that help round out my displays.

I’m always interested in hearing how others display their collection and choose the figures to add to it. I’m always open to some pointers on how best to display a collection and just enjoy talking about the hobby and anime in general. I pretty much stick to the 1/7th or 1/8th scale figures myself. I haven’t gotten into the Nendroid or Figma series yet.

I enjoy video games and anime. I love the RPG Genre and character action games. Give me any game with a deep story and I’ll be hooked. The top games for me on this current gen of systems has been Persona 5, Witcher 3, Nier Automata and most recently Blue Reflection. I enjoy watching pretty much any genre of anime outside of anything that is heavy on the gore. Same goes for my games. Guess I just don’t have the constitution for it.

I used to be a pretty avid sports player, outdoorsman and weightlifter until a string of serious injuries has left me partially disabled over the last 4yrs or so but I hope to one day be able to get back into some of it.


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