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People tend to call me Awa-chan (or just Awa) on the internet thanks to my Tumblr username, so feel free to call me that! I understand that my username can be hard to spell/pronounce, so feel free to call me by a nickname :)

I've had a fascination with figures for a long time, but only in the past year have I decided to start taking it more seriously.

I just graduated from college, so I don't have much money to sink into the hobby yet, but I hope once I start making enough money that I can slowly save my way to a nice scaled figure. For now I am gathering information and researching different ways to display figures and such.

If you have any tips for a newbie figure collector like me, feel free to have a chat with me! I love looking at others' collections for inspiration.

Other than taking on this expensive hobby of figure collecting, I am also already involved in another expensive hobby: cosplay. I also attend anime and comic conventions when I can, but I most frequently attend Otakuthon in Montreal (been attending for almost five years now!)

You can find me on Tumblr and MyAnimeList

A little bit more about my world of anime/manga:
My first true "introduction" into anime/manga was when I discovered and read the Imadoki! manga series in the local public library as a young teen. From there I fell in love with Naruto and followed it all the way until it finished not that long ago. In high school my friends got me into Fairy Tail, which I still follow today. In my freshman year of college I found Attack on Titan, which is now another favourite. I grew up on Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Digimon and collected the cards and merch for all three.

Other than that, I am very random with the manga/anime I like. However, the darker manga such as Black Butler, Death Note, Pandora Hearts, and other dark anime/manga never fail to interest me. I am normally not very fond of reverse harems. Feel free to suggest manga/anime series to add to my list. You can see my lists of anime/manga on my MyAnimeList account.

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Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!
Areodus (1年前) #6708620A chat section would indeed be nice! I suppose people on here normally have other ways of chatting such as Facebook groups or Tumblr. I know I am in an anime figure Facebook group where people often chat. I was surprised when I first joined this site that there was no instant message/chat system in place. At least we have a comment section :)

Yes communicating via comments is a nice way to go about chatting as well. Makes me think of the good old old old days of letter writing lmao.

= )

Areodus (1年前) #6684999Thanks for sharing how you organize your figures though! I figured it's a very personal thing as to how to organize and collect figures, but I was curious how you did it :) Personally, I don't think I'd be able to organize by anime because I normally only like a figure or two from the same anime, so I'll probably just use themes. I guess the best way to get inspiration for themes is to look at others' I go to do research!
I'm not bothering you with this long conversation, am I? It's nice to have someone to talk to on here who has been collecting for a bit XD

No no no absolutely no bother to me. I love the chit chat on the site. I kinda wish they had a chat feature. But I mentioned this a few times and I do not think it will ever happen. Like I said in my comment it's all a matter of opinion. Everyone can choose how they are willing to display their collection. There is no right or wrong.

= )

Areodus (1年前) #6661182Oh wow, thanks for the advice! I'm glad you told me that cause I actually never thought of having a certain theme in my collection. You're right that I was just going by what pulled at me, and looking at my wishlist now it's kinda all over haha. Good thing I haven't put a ton of money into the hobby yet.
To help clarify, what type of examples of themes/niches do people use? Like, is it sometimes by anime, scale, colour, or appearance (like, all black haired characters)? I imagine it can be anything as long as there's unity.

You have to understand that that question can be answered so manys by so many different people. Each person will thrust their views and opinions on it. Now me I am straight forward kinda guy. I place emphesis on collections by anime then by theme.

I have sereral animes I worrk with the biggest one is To Love Ru. Not sure why but its the one I have the most figurines of. Rosario + Vampire, Samurai Brides, Sekirei, Zero no Tsukaima are a few of the other series that I have dabbles in Some are complete others are just the ones( figurines )I like. What ever halls under the series umbrella stays with that series even if you could cross it into a theme like Maid's, umbrella or Yukata theme. To me this is a no no. The exception to the rule is if you had 2 of the same item then you could place it in both the anime and the theme showcase.

But like I said this is a matter of personal preference. Not everyone will agree with my way of separating by theme.

= )

Areodus (1年前) #6567564Oooo, a nice figure! I like it when they paint the hair like that, like, how it has a gradient that fades into a different colour/tone at the ends. But, like you said, live and learn! Hearing all these stories from others helps teach me to be sure to ask/research about figures before buying. Sadly, I'm an impulse buyer (though who isn't when it comes to figures?) so I have to be careful. I can't wait to buy my first scaled figure though! The biggest issue would be deciding which one to get: so many beautiful figures to choose from... Thankfully I have plenty of time to decide since it'll be a while before I can afford it haha.

Being an impulse buyer can be a good thing but from my experience in which direction I wanted to take my collection it was not the best thing for me. I bought anything I liked but now 3 years later I find myself with items that I just do not really care about. Yeah when I bought them I was happy but the novelty of the anime that they came from is gone. So my love for the characters is also faded thus I have figurines that are in the show case but I could not care less about.

Just remember to really think about a figurine before buying it. The one Cardinal rule for me now is how will this embellish my collection? If I can see the figurine will easily fit on of the themes I have going on the I consider it as a great acquisition and buy it. I guess what I am trying to say is that finding you niche your preferred collecting genre is very important as that was you collection is not being pulled in 50 different ways. When this happens ( very diverse collection) your emotions tug at you for every genre that you are collecting and your purse will always be empty. Took me almost 6 months to figure that one out yet the damage was done. 15 figurines are now resting on the bottom of my Detolf.

= )





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