«Making sweet sweet love with Holo.»
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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Saber - 1/6 - Holiday Ver. (Good Smile Company)Zero no Tsukaima - Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Shining Tears - Blanc Neige - 1/7 - Bikini Ver. (Max Factory)Demonbane - Al Azif - 1/8 (Max Factory)Shining Tears - Mao - 1/7 (Max Factory)Shining Tears - Ranah Elwyn Sylphis - 1/7 (Max Factory)Xenosaga - KOS-MOS - 1/8 (Alter)To Heart 2 Another Days - Nanako - 4-Leaves - 1/5 - Nekomimi School Swimsuit ver. (Kotobukiya)Sengoku Rance - Sill Plain - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)To Aru Majutsu no Index - Index Librorum Prohibitorum - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica - Corticarte Apa Lagranges - 1/7 (Orchid Seed)Canaan - Alphard - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Da Capo - Asakura Nemu - 1/8 (Good Smile Company Circus)Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)Black ★ Rock Shooter - Figma - SP-012 (Max Factory)To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Misaka Mikoto - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)K-ON! - Tainaka Ritsu - 1/8 (Alter)Shining Wind - Kureha Touka - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Max Factory)Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de - Buddy - 1/8 (Alter)Vocaloid - Lily - 1/8 (Phat Company)Bakemonogatari - Kanbaru Suruga - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Guilty Gear XX Λ Core - Dizzy - 1/8 (Alter)To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Misaka Mikoto - Beach Queens - 1/10 - Swimsuit Ver. (Wave)Strike Witches - Strike Witches 2 - Erica Hartmann - 1/8 (Alter)

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Shining Force: Feather - Alfin - 1/8 - Umbrio Ver. (Kotobukiya)Shining Wind - Ranah Elwyn Sylphis - 1/6 - Goddess of Forest ver. (Kotobukiya)Shining Wind - Xecty Ein - 1/6 - Goddess of the Wind ver. (Kotobukiya)To Heart 2 - Maaryan - Skytube - 1/7 - Take Off ver. (Alphamax)Strike Witches - Strike Witches 2 - Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - 1/8 (Alter)To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Misaka Mikoto (Taito)To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Shirai Kuroko - Sleepwear ver.  (Taito)Nisemonogatari - Araragi Tsukihi - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)


For many years I was a fan of anime, in fact I was a fan of it before I even knew what anime was. Starting with series like Fables of the Green Forest when I was 4-5 years old, and then finally learning about anime 8-10 years later as the Internet became more of a household service and I became curious about the shows I'd been watching on TV. Through this I stumbled upon anime figures but it would be many years before I finally purchased one.

Twenty years after watching my first anime, and ten years after discovering anime figures I finally found a compelling enough reason to take the dive. Horo, from Spice & Wolf. In May 2008 I purchased TAKI Corporations Horo figure. This was the first time I'd seen a 3D representation of an anime character I actually had an affinity for. She wasn't the first figure I owned, a friend had previously purchased this McFarlane Toys Hakubi Ryoko figure for me in the past, and I'd bought this figure of Yuzuki from Chobits as a joke for a couple dollars. But TAKI Corporations Horo was the first figure I'd truly purchased with the intent of appreciating it for the artform it was.

Unfortunately TAKI Corporations Horo was a very poor example of the artform. But that wasn't the only problem, the figure creeped me out. Being the first time I'd seen a character I liked in 3D and done poorly, it suffered from the uncanney valley effect. I was massively disappointed with the figure, they'd ruined Horo's appearance. In fact, I was so disappointed I started my website to provide photos and review figures, but mostly to complain about TAKI Corporations Horo initially. Fortunately over time not only has this figure grown on me, but I've purchased far worse examples of Horo since. (Wait, why is that fortunate?!)

After the terrible TAKI figure I purchased Alpha x Omega's C.C. figure which was a lovely figure and was well produced. My faith restored in the hobby I rushed out to purchase yet another Horo figure, this time by Cospa. At the time I liked this version of Horo better than TAKI's, but after having the unsettling realization that she looked like a masker (anime cosplayer with an anime mask) she has forever remained worse than TAKI's Horo despite otherwise being a reasonable facsimile of Horo. (But not the worst!)

Despite the hobby appearing incredibly hit or miss at this point for me, and worse the reason I started purchasing, Horo, was not living up to my expectations, I did not give up. Finally my 5th figure purchase and my 3rd Horo I'd hit on gold, Kotobukiya's Horo. Horo finally looked like Horo, finally looked cute, she was gorgeous, as Horo should be, and I was ecstatic. This was the tipping point for me, since then I've purchased many many figures and sold a bunch as well. Eventually however it had to end or at least slow down.

The beginning of the end happened in early 2013, when I started my transition to Dollfie Dreams. In early 2013 I became curious about building a custom Horo Dollfie as I'd seen a respectable example by Daniel Ting. After causing a bit of a fuss on the Dollfie Dream forums I was invited out to a local Dollfie Dream meetup, where they catered to my tastes and I was won over immediately. By August version 1.0 was complete and I started travelling around with her. By November I purchased Kuonji Alice and started bringing her along with me as well.

I haven't stopped collecting figures entirely, but I have certainly slowed down from my peak of 1/week to just 8 in all of 2014, and only 1 so far this year. There are many figures out there I'm interested in, but given the inflation in costs and the poor exchange rates they're more expensive than ever. And after buying some Dollfies, figures just aren't worth their current expense by comparison.

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