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    Jan 09, 2013
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    Jan 06, 2013 - Jan 12, 2013

About this picture

At the end of last year I introduced my room BLOG #5854. I then went an bought detolfs and expedit for a new display PICTURE #596794. What you see now is the end result.

I am not completely happy with the way things are arranged, am getting more risers to better display things. I also underestimated how many figures I had so sadly a lot of them are still in my old cases PICTURE #592231.

But for now I thought I would show off the fruits of my effort over the past few weeks ^_^

留言88 comments

Beautiful.. *__*
like hitagi gsc and tubas cat version .. :D
very perfect ! id' really wanttoknow , how do u make the figures on the back stand taller than the upfront ? i mean, with what ? can i know that "stand" that being stomped by the figures from the back ? sorry for my language btw >.<
Awesome collection :)
I hope one day mine gets as cool as this :)
Oh god your collection is awmsome, both fig and display case is great XD
You make good use of your risers as well.
The "brigde" risers take a lot more space than these: static.mijnwebw...
You could consider those next time you buy risers :)
Love the riser and the lighting system you have going on.

absolutly great
Adding this to my fave because this is my ideal display set-up :)
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
SierraNHaynes7年前#1431366Oh God, one day I will have the money to afford such lovely shelving as well as the space. Just have to hang in for another 3 or so years till I graduate and get a job ;w;Don't worry you'll get there ^_^ I wouldn't have been able to afford all this if I was still in uni!
Oh God, one day I will have the money to afford such lovely shelving as well as the space. Just have to hang in for another 3 or so years till I graduate and get a job ;w;
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