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    Jan 12, 2019

About this picture

First attempt at night time outdoors photography (astrophotography) with a scale figure. This is a blend of 4 shots - 2 exposures/shots of the foreground, one evening sky, and one night sky. Each shot were post processed individually in Lightroom before being exported to Photoshop to be composited as one single image. Kaori is standing on a small chunk of artificial rock I made (made of a block of PVC), with holes punched to insert her foot pegs into. The artificial rock was painted to look like the rocks on the beach.

I don't get many chances like these because the climate and weather of my country is generally bad all year. Currently the galactic center of the milky way is not visible until spring, so I went for the belt of Orion.

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very nice pic! congratz
OMFG this is so outstanding <3
O M F G~
That is UNREAL! Thanks for sharing this beautiful scene + Kaori in the pic just makes it even better.
Amazing and wonderful pic !! Very good job !!! I love it !! *o*
Breathtaking photo!
NICE !!! <3<3
This is so gorgeous!
Such a wonderful photo! You always make such beautiful ones and I'm always looking forward to see what you are going to do next :) Splendid and does Kaori great justice