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    Apr 25, 2018
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About this picture

Outdoors, shot with an ultrawide lens in a construction site in my hometown in late evening. The BMW i8 is a 1/8 scale remote control car.

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Amazing photo !
negativezero Making Room
So perfect
EXkurogane2年前#33179312Thanks! I do intend to add more variety to my works, which is why the unconventional move of going ultrawide in lens selection. Stuff like this, you spend less (building dioramas cost money), though it's still tough in the sense i had to scout for outdoor locations, observe weather forecasts (wasn't good lately), and more. Weather hasn't been good for months that I had no opportunity to go out and shoot the night sky because there is too much cloud cover.

I do believe when everything click, location, weather, ambience and everything, the satisfaction we got from shooting outdoors is one of the best feeling we could get as photographer. Thats really my honest personal opinion.
And also, the worse weather we have, the greater the satisfaction when we actually found the perfect weather we are looking for. So keep going and just enjoy the trips!
Your projects always inspire and blow my mind, be it a detailed setup or an outdoor shot. Keep it up!
Love this picture. Perfection.
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
This looks straight magical. You have "The Eye".
If you intend to make prints of this one, I'll definitely buy from you!!!!
What a pitspoes ^w^
EXkurogane2年前#33162779Thank you everyone!
LOL, just so you know, i have another two sabers in my photography project road map for the year ahead (depending on how badly the preorders are delayed), both are in 4th quarter of the year, though one of them is Nero.
Personally, for characters, i like Tohsaka Rin more than Saber. It's not like im hoarding saber figures; i simply have a tendency to order figures based on their photogenic value.
Some pricey figures, no matter how exclusive, majestic, huge and detailed they are, if the pose itself is no good for my style of photography then it won't be a priority for me to get one. It's like having a supermodel with excellent looks that do not know how to pose for photos. After all, i have a limited budget, gotta order my stuff wisely.

HAHAA....no worries. It's NOTHING do you with your pics, they are great as always....It's all me. I just have grown to despise Saber....there are simply too many figures of her so for someone who wasn't a HUGE fan to begin with (and I didn't despise her at all initially though), I just have no love left for any of her figures now...too many, lol. I still can appreciate some bad ass photography though, even if she's in it...LOL, so please continue!!! I would just LOVE it a lot more if she weren't....hahaaa.

It's the same for me with the Miku Vocaloid chic....at some point I'm just like how many F'ing figures of these hookas do we need?!!!! Make me someone we DON'T have 100+ figures of already.

Again...please ignore me...LOL, I get triggered on the # of figures for these two ladies pretty easily (esp for Saber since technically there are several diff Fate chars that's made but are pretty much the same since they look identical to me, so it only makes it worse....LOL).

...and just some fun facts:

On MFC there are 146 Saber figures in the Pre-Painted category (if I looked up Jean and some of her other Fate twins, god only knows what that count would be) and 64 in the "action doll" category. For Hastune Miku there are 108 in the "action doll" category and 165 in the Pre-Painted category (given like 20 of those look like cars, so let's say 145-ish). This of course is not inclusive of "trade" figures. Knowing there very few to none of some of my fav anime chars then seeing new and upcoming figures of these ladies continuously pop up just triggers me. I get that they sell really damn good obviously...so I get it, I really do....but that still doesn't make me happy about it. LOL!!

Anyway, sorry didn't mean to go off course on your post here, as most importantly... DAMN GOOD PIC!!! LOL!! Please keep up the great work! :D